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Perceptions Game What does the word Perception mean anyway????

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2 Perceptions Game

3 What does the word Perception mean anyway????

4 Children from all over the world said these things. Which country do you think these children are describing?

5 Group Armadillo Boys from Kenya said: They eat frogs and snakes There are no pickpockets There are no black people Guns come from there

6 Group Buffalo Girls from Kenya said: Their policeman wear red and black uniforms They live in flats There are many factories There are lots of Churches & Hospitals

7 Group Crocodile Greek Boys said: There are lots of old things They have a nice climate There are many shops It has a large population The people speak a beautiful language

8 Group Dragon Fly Greek Girls said: They have big Forests They have large roads They have beautiful coins They have very tall mountains

9 What country do you all think these children were talking about? Armadillo Buffalo Crocodile Dragon Fly

10 The country is…… England

11 What are your perceptions of Africa and its People? Armadillo Crocodile Dragon Fly Buffalo

12 Where am I going?

13 My Perceptions are……

14 Your Perceptions When I come back from Malawi I will be able to answer all your questions with pictures, examples and stories – and tell you if your perceptions were right! Now let’s watch a short exercise from Go-Givers which will give us all fresh ideas!


16 How To Use This Lesson Go-Givers ’ PowerPoints are designed to inform and support critical thinking and discussion. They can be used in their entirety. However, please feel free to save this lesson to your computer and edit, omit or add content as appropriate for your pupils. Please remember: Always show the PowerPoint in ‘slide show’ view. Links and animations will only work when in this mode. The green dot in the bottom right hand corner of the slide indicates when the slide animation is compete. The Learning Activities are intended for use in conjunction with the PowerPoints and are linked at the end.

17 Hello! I’m Teefa and my mum comes from Nigeria, a country in Africa. In this lesson we will be learning about Africa.

18 What words come into your head when you think of Africa?


20 Often when people think of Africa, they think of wild animals like elephants, lions and giraffe … …like in The Lion King and Madagascar.

21 They might also think of people living in poverty… … and charities like Comic Relief.

22 It is true that there is a lot of poverty in Africa, and there are some big animals but that’s not the whole story! Let me take you on a tour of Africa and share some secrets with you!

23 Sometimes the pictures we see of people in Africa make us think everyone looks either like this … or like this … But all of these people live in Africa too!

24 People often think that everyone who lives in Africa lives in a mud hut! Or maybe in a house made from grass… or in a shack like this one… But you can also see houses like these in Africa too!

25 Did you know there are 54 different countries in Africa with around 2,000 ethnic groups - each with their own language! HelloLanguageCountry Salaam aleikumArabicMorocco Dumela mma/rra (to woman/man) SetswanaBotswana JamboSwahiliKenya Bah-ohYorubaNigeria MoniChichewaMalawi

26 Did you know there are snow covered mountains and hot sandy deserts, beautiful beaches and lush green forests, modern cities and magnificent old buildings?

27 Now let me introduce you to someone who is not just famous in Africa but admired by the whole world… Can you guess who it is?

28 Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in South Africa where laws limited the rights of black people. When he grew up, Nelson Mandela became their voice. He was sent to prison by the white South African government and spent twenty-seven years on a lonely island. After his release from prison, Nelson Mandela became South Africa's first black president. He is respected around the world for his wisdom and kindness. No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

29 Didier Drogba, plays football for Chelsea. Born in the Ivory Coast. Andy Akinwolere, Blue Peter presenter. Born in Nigeria. Alek Wek, model. Born in Sudan. Here are some other famous people you might know who were born in Africa. Do you know their names?

30 Teefa’s Teasers. Why do you think that lots of people only imagine poverty and wild animals when they think about Africa? If you came from an African country how would you feel about the images we see in the media?

31 What do you think this lady is looking at? Click to complete the picture!

32 What do you think is happening in this picture? Click to find out!

33 Glossary poverty - poor ethnic group – people who come from the same place and share the same customs. images – pictures, cartoons and photographs media – the way we get news eg. newspapers, TV, the internet, radio

34 Activities to complete this lesson include : Rate this lesson Click on the image above to view and/or download learning activities. video clips on life in Kenya how to play the game ‘Oware’ discussion notes

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