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Ishmael review by Sean Cavanagh “with man gone, is there hope for gorilla?” “with gorilla gone, is there hope for man?” What occurs?: when the pupil and.

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1 Ishmael review by Sean Cavanagh “with man gone, is there hope for gorilla?” “with gorilla gone, is there hope for man?” What occurs?: when the pupil and Ishmael first meet, there are two posters. 1 that says “with man gone, is there hope for gorilla”, and the other reads “with gorilla gone, is there hope for man”. The pupil had trouble understanding what this meant. These two phrases constantly are relevant throughout the story, because it depicts the future of the planet. Later on, near the end of the book, Ishmael dies and it is then up to the pupil to decide the outcome of the question, “with gorilla gone, is there hope for man?”. Since Ishmael dies, the pupil needs to take what he has learned and apply it to his life, and once he does that, he must begin teaching what he has learned.

2 Ishmael review by Sean Cavanagh The significance to the story: the two quotes question the future of the pupil, the human race, and the world. It gives the pupil and the reader a motivation to decide the outcome of the question. Quote #1: “what do I do?” asks the pupil. Ishmael replies, “what you do is to teach a hundred what I've taught you, and inspire each of them to teach a hundred. That’s how its always done”. This quote is very important because the pupil has always had trouble understanding what Ishmael is talking about, but now that Ishmael has explained what he is to do now, the pupil has a plan for the future and can begin trying to save the world. Quote #2:when the pupil saw the poster which questioned the hope for man if gorilla is gone, he “demanded that they explain themselves, that they cease being ambiguous. Did they imply that hope for gorilla lay in the extinction of the human race or in its survival? It could be read either way.” this quote is very important because although he is confused and doesn’t understand the poster, it shows he has initiative to begin learning. This is very promising to Ishmael because it is very difficult to teach someone who doesn’t want to learn.

3 THE STORY OF CAIN AND ABEL.. By Atlanta Abel was the favored son and Cain was jealous of him. Cain killed his brother and then God cursed him. The borders of where they lived were being broken “What was happening was Cain was killing Abel.” Meaning “The leavers were being killed off so more land could be put under cultivation.” Takers(Cain) wanted to exterminate Abel(leavers) to get ahead…Evolve

4 Ishmael Beginning, Middle, and End Nick Chappie

5 In the beginning about “ten or fifteen billion years ago” there was empty space. The Big Bang occurred and life had been created. Species started to evolve over a couple billions of years. After a few billions of years “finally man appeared”. In the beginning the world was made for man. In the middle there were to groups created. These groups are called “Takers & Leavers”. The Leavers are from old cultures and the Takers take ideas from old cultures. In the end we learn that man is flawed. Throughout time man has needed prophets and religions to guide them.

6 Beginning- the world was created and made for man to rule and conquer the world Middle- Wanted to turn the world into a paradise End- unable to make the world a paradise because man is flawed “Its because there is something fundamentally wrong with humans, something that works against paradise.”(83) -People are stupid and greedy which causes things to work against what they want done because of their attitude, and it eventually stops them from what getting what they want.

7 Prophets- they are here to help straighten out our life and tell us how to live our lives, because if they didn’t they believe we wouldn’t know how to live our lives. “you know how to split atoms, how to send explorers to the moon, how to splice genes, but you don’t know how people out to live.”(87) -There is no certain knowledge on how to live your life, you just have to consult with the thoughts in your head, there is no way to figure out the correct way to live your life, where as in others things are easy to figure out.

8 Significance The world was created for man, whom wanted to create paradise but since humans are flawed they are unable to obtain paradise. So in order to live correctly they have been taught to look up to the prophets to teach them how they are suppose to live their lives. Kim Hooven


10 Takes place half a billion years ago. Anthropologist was on the earth looking for any one to interview. He comes across a creature. They start talking about the creatures creation myth. After a billion years or so life appeared on earth. So bottom line is the jellyfish story is telling how life came about. The significance of the story is saying how things began to grow into life.

11 “For many millions o f centuries the life of the world was merely microorganisms floating helplessly.” -I picked this quote b/c it showing how we started out or what we started out like. “little by little more complex forms appeared: single-celled creatures, slimes, algae, polyps, and so on.” - I also pick this quote b/c I thought it was interest how we were microorganisms and became all these other things.


13 SAM Adam and Eve Summary: The gods create Adam, he is allowed to eat from the tree of life not the tree of knowledge. The gods then create Eve, her and Adam eat from the tree of knowledge. “Now here is a creature so like us that he almost be one of our company” “You know very well this tree only nourishes the gods”

14 World was Created for Man Cain and Abel

15 Worl was made for man The takers regard the world as a sort of human life support system. As a machine designed to produce and sustain human life. “Of the world was made for us, then it belongs to us and we can do what we damn well please with it. “The Pinnacle was reached in man. Man is the climax of the whole comic drama creation.” The significance in these 2 quotes shows the power that man has and that they are the climax of the world and meant to rule it.

16 Cain and Abel Cain Killing Abel shows the takers killing the leavers and agriculture spreading. “It only begins to make sense when you realize that it originated among the enemies of your cultural.” “The mark was given to Cain as a warning to others.” The significance shows the mark that was left on Cain and the realization of the spread of agriculture revolution from our ancestors.

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