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END OF COURSE (EOC) Fall 2014. ENG I - Monday 12/1 BIO - Tuesday 12/2 ENG II - Wednesday 12/3 ALG I - Thursday 12/4 (tentative) Make up test – Friday.

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1 END OF COURSE (EOC) Fall 2014

2 ENG I - Monday 12/1 BIO - Tuesday 12/2 ENG II - Wednesday 12/3 ALG I - Thursday 12/4 (tentative) Make up test – Friday 12/5

3 Before the Test Things you need to do. Things you need to know.

4  Get a good night’s sleep  Eat a healthy breakfast each morning  No drama  Get to school on time  It’s EXTREMELY important that you are here & feeling well on testing day!  Come ready to “work hard” the entire testing time.  Check out several books PRIOR to testing. You cannot bring your Kindle to read if you are testing. Things you need to “DO”

5  Please dress in layers. The 2 nd floor rooms are cold. We are unable to adjust the temperature.  Pillows & blankets  You will need to “fight” for every question  In order to graduate, you “MUST” pass or you will continue to retake the test until you pass  You will need to monitor and manage your time because the test is timed.  Breaks use your time in the 4 or 5 hour time limit  The clock only stops if you have a major medical need  Be sure that you have bubbled by the 15 minute warning. Things you need to “KNOW”

6  There are only certain things your teacher can say on the day of the test.  Accommodations will be available for your use. Pick up what you need when instructed by your teacher.  If you miss both English tests, you can only make up one test on Friday.  Be sure that you work toward making as high a grade as possible. Things you need to “KNOW”

7  You can check for your name and room number on the “testing” posters in the hall.  Posters are ready for viewing in the hall (near the library)  There will be NO changes to testing rooms!  If you “think” you should be testing and your name is NOT there, see Ms. Wadie.  If you “think” you should not be testing and your name is there, see Ms. Wadie Testing Rooms

8  There will be NO block lunch for the ENTIRE week of testing. Block Lunch

9 Day of the Test Schedule Goals Lunch What we provide

10  8:15-8:45 – attendance, cell phones, lunch order; live feed announcement by Mrs. Flores  8:45 - 9:00 – testing begins with teacher directions  2 hrs of testing on Tues/Thur & 2.5 hrs on Mon/Wed  30 min – lunch/restroom  2 hrs of testing on Tues/Thur & 2.5 on Mon/Wed TESTERS: Tentative Schedule of the Day

11  Cost $2.55  Sandwich (ham/turkey)  Chips  Cookie  Fruit  Carton of milk (NO choice of milk) NO change will be returned to students. Parents CANNOT bring lunch to be delivered to you. You may bring your own lunch and/or drink (There will be no microwave or refrigeration for lunches brought from home.) OK drinks: water, Gatorade, fruit juice NOT OK drinks: energy drinks, soda What’s for Lunch? P 11:39


13  Bottle of water (Bring your own or you can get this one in the hallway)  Earplugs  STAAR pencil w/smiley face  Lunch, but you may bring your own if you want  Testing Accommodations (next slide) What WE Provide

14 Your teacher will have these available and will give you an opportunity to pick them up.  Highlighters  Post its  Scratch paper (colored & blank paper)  Color overlays  Index card - Place marker/Straight Edge  Preferential seating (If you need to sit in a place where you won’t be distracted, let your teacher know.) Testing Accommodations P 11:43

15 During the test Strategies & Highlights Other tips J

16  Test Taking Strategies  3 passes  Tally chart  Highlight key words  Deconstruct questions, visuals, and prompts  Use resources  Colored paper  Overlays  Straight edge  Eliminate answer choices Testing Strategies

17  Be mindful of distracting noises (closing doors, tapping, constant movement, etc.) Let your teacher know if there is a problem – even if your teacher is the one distracting you.  No talking in any format during the entire testing time for the entire school.  Drink water  Think of your happy place  Stretch (quietly, without distracting others)  Keep your answer document clean – no highlighter marks, stray pencil marks, erase completely, no rips, no creases Testing Tips

18  Use your tools: Color overlays, index cards, highlighters, post-it notes  Use the formats you learned in your English class  Use the dictionary/thesaurus PLEASE  Be sure to actually answer the essay prompt. It will begin "Write an essay…" or "Write a story…" “ASK THE TEACHER TO READ THE PROMPT OUT LOUD” Testing Tips – ENGLISH

19  Put your answer document aside “if” you are bubbling last  At the “30 minutes left mark”, you should be bubbling.  At the 10 minutes left mark, you should be finalizing and checking your bubbling.  When you are ready to bubble…  Bubble carefully  Check your bubbles  2 finger check  No highlighters when bubbling Bubbling

20  All EOC tests are “reading” test. You need to read carefully.  You can tear out the math chart and graph paper AND you can write on them.  Use your test taking skills as you have been taught in class  3 pass strategy is vital – Do what you know 1 st, unsure 2 nd, don’t know 3 rd.  Calculators can be used for math and science tests. No sharing, playing, or help from your teacher.  Keep your earplugs. There are NO extras  If you are sick, please see an administrator BEFORE starting your test. Once you break the seal, you have to make-up your tests.  Watch your time. When it’s OVER, it’s OVER! VERY Important Tips

21 And MOST Importantly… P 11:55

22 After the test What happens now?

23  Sleep  Read a book or school appropriate magazine. NO electronic devices ( NO sharing or trading).  NO talking even if everyone if your entire class is done  You may still go to the restroom  DO NOT write on anything after the test  Your teacher will let you know if we will be attending 4 th period. Testers are tentatively scheduled to go the 4 th period on Tues/Thur. Testers will NOT go to 4 th period on Mon/Wed. After the Test

24 NON-TESTERS What you need to know?


26  Your best behavior is expected during testing. (Severity with your punishment if not)  We will have NOT have Block Lunch  Check your charts or the posters to locate your relocated classes.  Your teacher will know which lunch you will have. It may be different from your normal lunch.  Follow your regular schedule including attending your off-campus classes. Things you need to “REMEMBER”

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