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And Then There Were None

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1 And Then There Were None

2 Dialogue Journal Instructions
Each student has been assigned his/her own journal. Students will be required to write in the same journal each time a prompt is assigned. Each student has been assigned a student number for each journal. Make sure you write in the proper place each day. When dialogue journals have been assigned, there will be a specific prompt to write about. The first student writing needs to respond to the prompt. Every student afterward can either respond to the prompt, or reply/comment to what was written by the student above. To receive full credit each day (10 points), students will need to fill up the space provided. Points will be given accordingly thereafter. Students MAY NOT reveal who they are. If a student reveals who they are, they will no longer be able to participate in the dialogue journals, and they will not have the option to make up the points/assignment. You will lose 10 points every journal assignment going forward. Students need to be respectful of other student’s writing. Cutting words, negative remarks, or any other form of negativity will NOT BE TOLERATED. Students caught using any form of negativity will lose ALL of their points and not be permitted to participate with the dialogue journals.

3 Journal #1: Chapter 2 Choose a character that most interests you.
Who would it be? Why do they interest you?

4 Journal #2: Chapter 6 Do you think Anthony Marston and Mrs. Rogers’ deaths were suicides? Why or why not? If you don’t think they were, who is the killer?

5 Journal #3: Chapter 10 What ways does Agatha Christie write a good murder mystery, if any? What ways does Agatha Christie write a weak murder mystery, if any?

6 Journal #4: chapter 13 If you could choose to become an ally with any character, which character would it be? Why?

7 Journal #5: Chapter 15 How do you think the killer determines who will be killed next? Is there an order, or does he/she just kill them at random? If you believe there is an order, why does he/she choose someone over another person?

8 Journal #6: Final Letter
Do you think that Wargrave acts justly? Why or why not? Do you think people should be able to take matters into their own hands if the law’s hands are tied?

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