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Citations: There’s An App for That! Jane Kessler Mary Van Ullen June 12, 2014.

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1 Citations: There’s An App for That! Jane Kessler Mary Van Ullen June 12, 2014

2 Why Citation Apps?

3 Citation Technology Solutions  Citation management programs that support hundreds of styles (EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero).  Simpler, web-based citation tools that typically support a few styles (BibMe, StyleWizard, KnightSite, EasyBib, NoodleTools).  Database citation formatting features. Many research databases allow users to export formatted citations (EBSCO, ProQuest, LexisNexis).

4 Mobile Technology  Wireless technology is in our libraries.  There’s an app for everything, why not citations?  Are they any good?  Can we make recommendations?

5 Citation Apps  Format citations on the fly, using the device’s camera, speech-to-text or manual input.  Some work with a website to generate bibliographies.  May support a variety of citation formats or may be for a single format.  Many are currently limited to books.  Most require you to email the citations once you’ve created them.

6 The Challenges  So many devices, so little time and money  Thank you to SUNYLA for supporting our research  Different operating systems, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.  Difficulty finding apps on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Appstore  Variety of citation styles

7 Smartphone OS Market Share Forecasts Smartphone OS2013 Market Share2017 Market Share Android75.3%68.3% iOS16.9%17.9% Windows Phone3.9%10.2% Blackberry OS2.7%1.7% Other1.2%1.9% Total Telecom+, Oct2013

8 The Devices NameTypeOperating System iPad 2 TabletiOS iPhone 5 PhoneiOS LG Optimus Elite PhoneAndroid 2.3.7 Samsung Galaxy TabletAndroid 4.1.1 Nexus TabletAndroid 4.4.2 The Devices

9 The Apps, Styles and Devices AppCostStylesDevices Citations2go $1.99 Pro version APAGalaxy, Nexus, Optimus CiteThis Free APA, MLA Galaxy, Nexus, Optimus Easybib Free APA, MLA iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus i-Cite Free APAiPad, iPhone Optimus iSource $4.99 each version APA, MLA iPad, iPhone QuickCiteit $1.03 Android, $0.99 iOS APA, MLA iPhone, Optimus

10 Methodology  Selected 5 books  Entered data by preferred method:  Barcode scanning  ISBN searching  Manual entry, text-to-speech if possible  Collected citations in APA and MLA where possible  Analyzed errors

11 The Stinker

12 Citations2go  Books, websites, articles, AV  APA only, free version did not work well  Can scan barcode or enter ISBN to search for books  No iOS version

13  Optimus phone, scanned barcode.  Citation generated without checking Publisher is Author box: Neesley, C. (2009). Tasteofhome cookies.. Greendale: Taste of Home Books  With checking Publisher is Author box: Home, T.O. (2009). Tasteofhome cookies.. Greendale: Taste of Home Books

14 CiteThis  Scanner worked on Optimus phone, but not on Nexus or Galaxy tablets  One specific citation would cause the app to crash on all devices, whether scanned or ISBN searched  Only worked for 10 digit ISBNs  Manual input provided no tips for correct entry  Can switch styles once citations created, but it won’t correct for the differences in capitalization, etc.

15 CiteThis  Initial screen offers article search (author surname or article title)  Never retrieved searched articles

16 Barcode Scan

17 iCite  APA only  Books, websites, journal articles, media, many source types  WorldCat searching, formatting, and emailing all problematic

18 iSource  Separate apps for each style  Many source types  Additional “resource packs” available as in- app purchases to cover less common source types  No scanning, no searching, manual entry only  In-text citations  No guidance for data entry  We want our money back!

19 QuickCiteIt  iPhone and Optimus, APA and MLA  Only mode of entry is scanning  Scan repeatedly before the book was located  Instantaneous emailing of citation from the app

20  They said they were sorry, what more do you want?

21 QuickCiteIt (2002). Creditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities Targeting the Objectives of the Rio Conventions 1998/2000 Volume 2002 Issue 1. OECD Publishing.

22 EasyBib Website(  Web service that provides citation, note taking, and research tools that are easy-to-use and educational.  Free accounts are limited to MLA 7.  Can generate citations and store bibliographies for 59 types of sources.  Looks up books by ISBN, title, etc., and journal articles by title, doi.  MyBibPro (paid version) does APA & Chicago, formats in-text citations and allows citation downloads from research databases. ($20/yr)

23 EasyBib App  Available for iPhone/iPad or Android devices  Scan, Search Title  Free  Formats book citations in MLA, APA, Chicago  Interactive with EasyBib website

24 Add, delete citations Change styles on the fly Email all selected citations at once

25 E-mailed APA citations Tasteofhome cookies. (2009). Greendale, WI: Taste of Home Books. Save to EasyBibSave to EasyBib Baifang. (1994). Chinese brain twisters: Fast, fun puzzles that help children develop quick minds. New York: Wiley & Sons. Save to EasyBibSave to EasyBib Kean, S. (2010). The disappearing spoon: And other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements. New York: Little, Brown and. Save to EasyBibSave to EasyBib Kidder, T. (2004). Mountains beyond mountains. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks. Save to EasyBibSave to EasyBib EasyBib is the most popular bibliography composing service on the Web. We have provided your bibliography below. Check EasyBib out at, and please tell your friends! Sent from my iPad

26 Results – Errors by category Category of errorNumber of errors% of total errors Capitalization4110.3% Date20.5% Italics/Underlining7919.8% Name5413.6% Publisher10125.4% Punctuation369.0% Syntax8421.1% Defies categorization 10.3% Total398100%

27 Results- Errors per style StyleErrorsErrors per citation APA2493.1 MLA1492.7 Total3982.9

28 Results – Errors by App AppErrorsCitationsError rate citations2go18151.2 Cite This146304.9 EasyBib78402.0 iCite27102.7 iSource40202.0 Quick Cite89204.5 Total3981352.9

29 Conclusion  All had problems, none work perfectly  You don’t get what you pay for  Easybib best, would recommend  We think there is great potential for these to be improved:  Accuracy  Scanning and automatic entry of journal articles and websites  Updating our guide to citation generators – nerators nerators

30 Now there’s no excuse

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