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Galileo Procurement Contract for Network Management Facilities

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1 Galileo Procurement Contract for Network Management Facilities
Press Conference at the MCESR Starting. Consider whether you want to start of finish your presentation with one of the brand films.

2 The GALILEO Program The GALILEO Program
Europe’s global navigation satellite system Interoperable with GPS and GLONASS The In-Orbit Validation Phase (IOV Phase C/D/E1) up to 2009 Design and implement specific elements of the Program (space & ground) Manufacture, assemble & verify the performance of the space and ground elements The Full Operational Configuration Phase (FOC Phase) as of 2009 Finalise the design and implement the complete space and ground systems In that frame – The Ground Mission Segment (GMS) of Galileo Manages the services on Galileo and creates the different messages transmitted by the Galileo satellites Galileo Network Management Facility (GNMF) The functional module of GMS in charge of monitoring the performance of the ground network infrastructure linking the various terrestrial entities of the Galileo System

3 The Luxembourg Contribution
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg subscribed to the GALILEO program during Q1, 2005 anticipating the adhesion of the Grand-Duchy to ESA Such subscription offers opportunities for Luxembourg based companies to participate in the build-up of the European GALILEO satellite system NOKIA Siemens Networks S.A. , HITEC Luxembourg S.A. and M-PLIFY S.A. decided to team up by pooling their skills and resources in the field of network systems and software development. The three ICT companies are already cooperating in various projects.

4 The GALILEO System

5 Project Award & Scope NOKIA Siemens Networks Luxembourg as prime together with HITEC Luxembourg and M-PLIFY have been selected for the provision of Network Management Facilities to Galileo Industries in the frame of the In-Orbit Validation (IOV) Phase Delivery of an overall Network Monitoring & Control System Development and Integration of a Network Critical Command Processing Component Integration of a Messaging System of Alerts Development of an archiving & log data analysis solution

6 Project Information Deliverables
Ensuring the management of the network equipment (Monitoring and control in coordination with the Galileo Asset Control Facility (GACF) ) Monitoring of services, in particular synthesize WAN monitoring data in order to support the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the global ground/space telecom network contractor Time Schedule Kick off Development Start Test Start Acceptance Customer Thalès Alenia Space Anvers, under overall management of European Satellite Navigation Industries (ESNI), formerly Galileo Industries (GAIN) Luxembourg Consortium NOKIA Siemens Networks S.A. (PRIME) Overall coordination and project management Systems Integration Delivery of a Monitor & Control System HITEC Luxembourg S.A. Development of a Network Critical Command Processing Component, a highly dependable software module which checks and validates network control commands issued by GNMF that are considered to be 'critical', i.e. that risk damaging or degrading the overall network state, if wrongly executed. M-PLIFY S.A. Integration adaptation and development of a messaging system and an archiving & log data analysis solution

7 NOKIA Siemens Networks S.A.
Nico BINSFELD Customer Team Head & Country Director

8 Nokia Siemens Networks S.A. in Luxembourg….
Multinational, Multicultural team of 51 colleagues About 30 million € turnover planned for 2007 Number 1 in Fixed Networks (EPT and Alternative Carriers) Number 1 in Mobile Networks (EPT, VOX, 2G and 3G) First UMTS call in Luxembourg in 2002 First NanoGSM network in Luxembourg in 2005 First WiMAX trials in Luxembourg in Q3/2006 First HSDPA trials in Luxembourg in Q1/2007 Number 1 in CATV Services (with partner Eltrona) Most extensive digital TV offering available (111 TV Programmes) Organizations across the globe are expected to fulfill increasingly strict environmental legislation and take voluntary initiatives in protecting the environment. We at Nokia Siemens Networks aim to achieve more than meeting the mandatory requirements. We go a step further and turn environmental performance into a value adding asset for our customers’ businesses, an asset that enables them to attain considerable financial benefits and be known as environmental leaders in the market. Consumers, commerce and governments are seeking new ways to create a sustainable future, minimize negative environmental impact while maintaining opportunities for economic welfare and growth. We believe that advanced communication technology can play a significant role here and help the society to function more efficiently. That is why environmental performance is an integral part of our solutions, products, services and business operations. Through better system and product design, closer control of production processes and greater re-use and recycling of materials, we can help reduce the use of natural resources and energy. Life-cycle approach Nokia Siemens Networks comprehensive method for achieving environmental goals as well as assessing environmental impact is based on lifecycle thinking covering the entire product lifecycle. This approach, encompassing four key areas, which covers products from materials, design and production to usage of products, disassembly and recycling. Design for Environment (DfE) takes environmental efficiency into account from the early stages of designing the product so that environmental impact is minimized over the entire lifecycle. Supplier network management aims to reduce the environmental impact of our suppliers and their activities. Environmental management of our own operations manage the environmental impact of own activities at our production sites and facilities. End-of-life practices reduce environmental impact by recovering materials and energy and disposing substances properly at the end of equipment service life. All the above mentioned key areas are essential parts of our Environmental Management System, which describes the overall environmental management processes in the company. Customer benefits Our environmental innovation drives real business benefits by enabling operators and service providers to use their network’s environmental performance to improve competitiveness, profitability and differentiation on their market. We make this possible in a wide range of ways, including: Optimization of the number of base station sites and antenna masts Reductions in the footprint, weight and size of products for more environmentally sustainable transport Less drive-testing by taking advantage of statistical databases Increase in remote network planning, optimization, management and maintenance Implementation of airflow cooling instead of air conditioning Reduction of power consumption during low traffic, for example night-time Optimization of the battery back-up time Reducing the number of parts and materials for easier and more cost efficient assembly and disassembly Environmental approach also makes it possible for operator customers to Differentiate in the market Enhance brand and corporate responsibility image Increase customer loyalty Attract new potential customers Environmental benefits Lower power consumption, lower visual impact (e.g. smaller base station sites), less material usage and less waste etc. have direct benefits for the environment. Taking environmentally sustainable approach is also financially rewarding, not just good for the environment. This means that environment should be topic in strategy discussions in any company in today’s world.

9 A full portfolio to meet customer needs
Services for operators Operations & Business Support Systems IP Networking & Transport Service Core & Applications Multi-access Cellular, Broadband Fixed & Wireless One of the corner stones of our company’s success is based on our unique portfolio strength – there’s no one company in this industry who can claim such a breadth and scope of portfolio – Planned product portfolio key messages (REMEMBER TO STRESS THAT THIS IS A PLAN!!!) Overall portfolio: Nokia Siemens Networks will be ready to serve customers with a best-in-class portfolio that comprehensively covers both the mobile and fixed markets. It will be underpinned by a strong presence in the growing services market, a very powerful global R&D team, and a huge global installed base About the process : The proposed product portfolio plans are the result of the combined input of experts from Nokia and Siemens incorporate prior customer feedback key considerations include an unwavering focus on the customer and the companies’ large installed bases + a strong drive to harmonize platforms to ensure cost-efficiency in ever-toughening markets Examples - Highlights of the proposed plan include Continued development of GSM/EDGE radio and WCDMA/HSPA BTS without change, acknowledging the large installed bases of both Nokia and Siemens, plus the migration to a common Radio Network Controller (RNC) that will support both installed bases. A single, lead solution for solutions including: IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), mobile and fixed softswitches, Media Gateways (MGW), Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC), Intelligent Networks (IN), Packet Core, Mobile TV (DVB-H), and Converged Charging. Migration to a common microwave transport solution and a single IP DSLAM solution, while continuing all other IP Transport and Broadband Access products without change. One umbrella solution for managing convergent and multi-vendor networks with a fault, performance and configuration management portfolio based on the Nokia NetAct platform.

10 Yves ELSEN Managing Partner & CEO
HITEC Luxembourg S.A. Yves ELSEN Managing Partner & CEO

11 HITEC Luxembourg S.A. Company Profile
Luxembourg based Company, incepted on 1st February 1986 100% Luxembourg Private Shareholding International Workforce of 34 multidisciplinary Professionals, 75% University Degree, Multilingual Concept Developer and Solutions Provider in a variety of leading Technological Fields Management and Coordination of strategic network and research projects Serving Private as well as Public Sector Clients at a National and International Level EN-ISO9001:2000 certification

12 HITEC Luxembourg S.A. Product Lines & Customers
Industrial Applications Consulting and Engineering Satellite Communications - Ground Segment Software Engineering & ICT Development General Customer specific SW development Outsourcing of SW development Application Examples WIFI hotspot payment system Credit Card transaction control Monitoring and Control systems Meteo-Station for power management of multiple satellite antenna deicing Equipment control software Key SW Engineering & ICT Development Customers and Partners

13 Hubert Schumacher Co-Founder & CEO
M-PLIFY S.A. Hubert Schumacher Co-Founder & CEO

14 M-PLIFY S.A. - Company Profile
Luxembourg based private company founded in 2000, Shareholders: 82,2% private, 17,8% CD-PME Competencies and solutions: Luxembourg’s government crisis communication solution is based on M-PLIFY’s AlarmTILT technology Connectivity & Software as a Service Incident and alert management services Crisis communication services Notification and reminder services Distributed data collection services BC EMERGENCY

15 M-PLIFY S.A. – Customer references
Public Sector Private Sector Telecom entity of the Government IT department of the Government National energy supplier Capital City Telecom regulator Elderly homes management company Electronic payment Food industry Food industry Air cargo Bank Automotive Telecom Pharmaceutical Retail

16 Questions?

17 Contacts NOKIA Siemens Networks SA L – 1017 Luxembourg Press Contact Nico Binsfeld Tel.: HITEC Luxembourg S.A L Luxembourg Press Contact: Yves ELSEN Tel.: M-PLIFY S.A. L – 1931 Luxembourg Hubert Schumacher Tel.:

18 ANNEX Deliverables

19 NOKIA Siemens Networks S.A. - Deliverables
SIEMENS CROSS INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SCRIMS) Multi-service, multi-functional, multivendor management system Specific interfaces and adaptations into the Galileo Mission Data Dissemination network Overall Project Management Overall Quality Assurance Coordination of Activation, Integration and Validation Activities Provision of development, demonstration and test-platform

20 HITEC Luxembourg - Deliverables
Network Critical Command Processing Component (NCCP) Highly dependable software module which checks and validates network control commands issued by GNMF that are considered to be 'critical', i.e. that risk damaging or degrading the overall network state if, wrongly executed. Commands detected as critical are validated towards the overall network state. Those being harmful for the network are blocked. Assure that the command has not been modified on its way to the final destination NCCP is a critical component fulfilling highest security and quality requirements

21 M-PLIFY - Deliverables
Messaging Integration into the overall Network Management Facility of a alert handling and messaging module able to transmit alerts concerning the network state to human or machine destinations. This module will be based on the AlarmTILT COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solution, suitably adapted and reviewed to satisfy the quality requirements demanded for Galileo software solutions Archiving Integration into the overall Network Management Facility of a module able to manage and analyze log files with performance and traffic data. These files are generated by the Network Elements connected to the worldwide Galileo telecom network and operators must be able to generate statistics, plot graphs and do trend analysis to make sure that the network performs within its required bounds.

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