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AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM in the FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA Pacific Aviation Directors Workshop Westin Resort, Tumon Guam, USA March 13-15, 2012.

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1 AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM in the FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA Pacific Aviation Directors Workshop Westin Resort, Tumon Guam, USA March 13-15, 2012 Presented by: MASSY HALBERT Assistant Secretary for Civil Aviation FSM Dept. of Transportation, Communications & Infrastructure

2 Presentation Outline : AIP-related Issues on Project ImplementationBenefits of the AIPEfforts to Improve Civil Aviation in FSMStatus of AIP Projects

3 Apron Reconstruction, Completed in December 2009 Yap International Airport: Terminal Building Rehabilitation, Completed in September 2007

4 Yap International Airport: Runway Shoulders, Turnaround and Seal Coating, Completed in November 2011 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF), Completed in February 2010

5 Chuuk International Airport: Airfield Pavement Sealing and Markings, Completed in January 2010 Airfield Lighting and Security Fencing, Completed in June 2010

6 Chuuk International Airport: Airfield Service Road, Completed on February 29, 2012 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF), Completed in March 2012

7 Pohnpei International Airport: Runway Rehabilitation Phase 1 Runway 9-27 Overlay, Emergency Generator Building and ARFF Building Emergency Generator Building Completed on March 2011 Runway Overlay, Completed on March 2011

8 Pohnpei International Airport: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF) (Present Accomplishment: 95%) Scheduled for completion on March 31, 2012 New RWY9 Turnaround and Taxiway Overlay, Phase 2 Completed on July 15, 2011

9 Pohnpei International Airport: Runway Rehabilitation Project, Phase 3 (Apron Rehabilitation, Perimeter Road, Security Fence and ARFF Access Road) Under Design Negotiation

10 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF), Completed on September 29, 2009 Kosrae International Airport: Airfield Lighting and Security Fencing, Completed on December 16, 2010

11 Kosrae International Airport: Runway Overlay and Airfield Improvements (Present Accomplishment: 62%) Scheduled for completion in January 2013 Relocation of Emergency Generator Building Scheduled for completion in July 2012

12 ARFF Vehicles 2 Oshkosh Striker firefighting trucks at each FSM Airport  1,500 gallon water capacity and 210 gallon foam capacity.  Equipped with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera, lateral acceleration indicator, central tire inflation system that enhances stability, and electric joystick controlled roof and bumper turrets.  Has both structural and pre-connect type foam and water hand lines.  Has air-to-ground radio, ground radios, and a public address system.  Cab is designed for fire fighters’ comfort and convenience and can seat up to 5, provides an obstructed forward, upward and lateral visibility, has a wrap around, cockpit style instrument panel with backlit gauges and controls.  Can accelerate from 0 to 50 mph in 25 seconds; the top speed is 70 mph.

13 FUTURE PROJECTS (Depends on continuing resolution and FAA Grant releases)  Airfield Perimeter Service Road  Runway Drainage Improvement  Improvement of Runway Safety Area  Runway Extension  VIP Room  Yap International Airport  Runway Overlay  Runway Extension  Chuuk International Airport  Kosrae International Airport  Rehabilitation of Terminal  Runway Extension  Four (4) FSM Airports  Airport GIS Survey, Phase 2 (draft contract is under process)  Improvement of Outer-Island Airstrips (Upcoming slides)

14 AIP-Related Issues JICA-assisted Runway Extension Project Pohnpei International Airport Original runway length:6,000 ft. Runway extension:866 ft. Total runway length:6,866 ft. Status: 1.Substantially completed in August 2011. 2.Not yet accepted by the FSM Government to date. 3. Remaining works: a. Pavement markings b. Relocation of PAPI/REILs c. Flight check

15 Chronology of Events The CM (consortium of Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. and Japan Airport Consultants, Inc.) reported soft soil at the unpaved runway threshold area. FSMDTC&I wrote to CM, JICA and PPA that it is concerned with the lack of settlement period accorded with the area with heavy silt concentration. FSMDTC&I suggested not to proceed with the paving works on the runway until the issue is resolved. However, the CM proceeded with the asphalt paving works as scheduled. On March 24, 2011, FSMDTC&I was alerted by PPA of a massive crack on the extended portion of the runway. Other cracks at various locations were also discovered. Preliminary measurements were at 100ft long and as wide as 3 inches. The major crack started from the pavement towards the new end in the unpaved landfill areas. January 2011 - March 2011 -

16 Chronology of Events CM committed to repair the cracks and proposed to finish the pavement and return after one year to evaluate any damages and repair as necessary. FSMTC&I disagreed on this proposal considering that the cracks have extended to 35 meters and became wider. To accelerate settlement, a compaction method using a vibratory hammer was initiated by the CM at the settlement and silt areas. Repair works for the cracks were undertaken. Meetings were held on July 6, 2011 and July 19, 2011 where the consultants presented their analysis of the monitoring settlement and emphasized that they will finish the project by end of August 2011. June 2011 - July 2011 -

17 Chronology of Events Prior to project completion, FSM’s positions were as follows: 1.Based on soil investigation reports provided by the consultants, FSM is not convinced with their prediction that future settlement will be very negligible and will be at acceptable limits. 2.FSM will get a second opinion from an independent geotechnical expert on the results of the settlement monitoring presented by the consultants. 3.FSM will not allow application of markings and relocation of PAPI and REIL until assured that there would be no more future settlement and cracks. 4.Consultant should look into the possibility of transferring the funds for the markings to PPA or to any responsible entity, if the scope is to be excluded from the contract. Upon completion of the project in August 2011, the CM agreed to allow two more months for settlement monitoring and determine the most appropriate procedure to be undertaken afterwards. August 2011 -

18 Settlement Monitoring Settlement monitoring is being continuously undertaken twice every month starting August 15, 2011 until end of the defects liability period in August 15, 2012. Numerous monitoring points are strategically located on the runway and blast pad area (52 points), perimeter road (25 points), fence foundation (25 points) and REIL foundation (8 points); or a total of 110 points. To date, 13 settlement monitoring surveys have been conducted after the project completion in August 2011. Based on the measured settlement data, future settlement is being predicted using Hyperbolic Method. SETTLEMENT MONITORING POINTS

19 Updates on PNI Runway Extension Results of the latest settlement monitoring survey conducted on February 29, 2012 were as follows: 1.Very negligible settlement (1 to 2mm) was observed during the one- month period from January 31, 2012. 2.Settlement had no significant effects on the runway extension area. 3.There are no cracks observed on the pavement area. 4.The following are the maximum cumulative settlement from August 15, 2011 to February 29, 2012 on the areas being monitored:  Runway pavement: 22mm  Blast pad area: 36mm  Perimeter road: 24mm  Fence foundation: 42mm 5.It can now be declared that the runway extension area have completely settled and no further significant settlements will occur. Therefore, the PAPI and REILs can now be relocated, pavement markings can be applied and the flight check can be done.

20 Latest Runway 9-27 Photos

21 This is how Runway 9-27 should look like after completion

22 AIP-Related Issues Damage at Okat Bridge Kosrae State To Airport Okat Bridge is the only land-based link to and from the airport, seaport and fuel depot in Kosrae.

23 Chronology of Events -A portion of Okat Bridge caved in, resulting in a hole measuring 3.5ft by 4.5ft. on the main deck. -The CM directed the contractor not to run any of its heavy trucks, loaded or unloaded, across the bridge and stop all milling operations on the runway. -Kosrae State Government issued a Declaration of State of Emergency prohibiting all dump trucks and heavy equipment from crossing the bridge. -The CM rescinded its directives to the contractor. -The contractor’s Structural Engineer issued recommendations on the load restrictions and temporary repair works on the bridge. -Kosrae State Government issued a decree amending the State of Emergency. The amendment was based on the recommendations of the contractor’s Structural Engineer. November 02, 2011 November 03, 2011 November 04, 2011 November 05, 2011

24 Temporary Repairs on Okat Bridge

25  Work with United Airlines to improve the current service  Improve Caroline Islands Air  Improve outer island airstrips  Buy China-made aircrafts  Find alternative airlines to service the FSM States  Capacity building  Audit corrective actions Improving Civil Aviation in FSM

26 Work with United Airlines to Improve Current Service A working group between FSM and United Airlines management and officials was established to meet twice annually to discuss issues and concerns pertaining to United Airlines’ services. There had been four meetings held by the technical working group.

27  Increase and improve aircraft fleet and workforce  Expand CIA’s routes to include Guam and Hawaii, Republic of Palau and Republic of Marshall Islands  Code-share or partnering in an alliance  Hiring of experts in aviation to market the airline Improve Caroline Islands Air

28 Improve Outer Island Airstrips Width: 75ft. Length: 3,000ft.  PMA suspended its flights to Woleai due to potholes and severe cracks on the runway.  The runway does not have proper drainage system. Width: 75ft. Length: 3,000ft.  Woleai, Yap State (closed)  Fais, Yap State  The runway needs to be resurfaced.  Other portions need to be repaved due to severe cracks

29 Width: 75ft. Length: 3,000ft. Improve Outer Island Airstrips  Ulithi, Yap State  Houk, Chuuk State  Some portions of the runway need to be resurfaced. Width: 50ft. Length: 1,350ft  Runway needs to be resurfaced.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft.

30 Width: 50ft. Length: 1,350ft  Perimeter fence is necessary for safety purposes.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft. Improve Outer Island Airstrips Width: 75ft. Length: 1,200ft.  Ta, Chuuk State  Onoun, Chuuk State  Runway needs to be resurfaced.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft.

31 Width: 100ft. Length: 1,200ft Improve Outer Island Airstrips  Mokil, Pohnpei State  Pingelap, Pohnpei State  Portions of runway need to be resurfaced.  Seawall needs to be improved.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft. Width: 100ft. Length: 1,200ft  Portions of runway need to be repaved; seawall needs to be immediately restored.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft.

32 Improve Outer Island Airstrips  Sapwuafik, Pohnpei State Width: 75ft. Length: 1,200ft  A new runway needs to be constructed on or near land.  Runway needs resurfacing due to severe cracks, and riprap to protect its edges from strong current.  Runway needs to be extended to 3,000ft.

33 Buy China–Made Y12 Aircrafts  Bid out operations of aircrafts, with Government retaining ownership  Certify aircrafts, operations and crew in order to be able to service Guam and Honolulu  Routes should include the outer-islands (Kosrae, Pingelap, Mokil, Pohnpei, Sapwuafik, Kapinga, Ta, Houk, Weno, Fais, etc.)  Connect Kosrae with Enewetak in RMI  Connect Yap with Palau  Reinstate schedules dropped by United Airlines especially in Kosrae and Yap  Improve strategic outer island airstrips to accommodate aircrafts  Build hangars/offices in Yap and Pohnpei

34 Harbin Y12E AircraftHarbin Y12F Aircraft

35 220 850 168 96 200 298 365 300 160 POHNPEI Pingelap 56 45 300 398 200 154 106 Sapwuafik Ta Woleai Pulusuk Fais Ulithi Mokil KOSRAE CHUUK Enewetak, RMI ROP YAP PROPOSED ROUTES Caroline Island Air (CIA) Notes:  Distances are in nautical miles.  CIA’s proposed inter-state/inter-atoll flight connections as far east as Enewetak in RMI to far west in Palau.  CIA’s proposed routes need the new Y-12 aircrafts; outer island airstrips need to be extended to 3,000ft.

36 Find alternative airlines to service the FSM States  Explore airlines flying to Palau to be extended to Yap and the rest of the FSM States  Solicit airlines from the Asian market like JAL, ANA, or Air China to service the FSM  Solicit airlines from the US like Delta or Hawaiian to service the FSM  Solicit regional airlines like Air Pacific, Freedom Air, Our Airline to service the FSM  Hire a consultant to develop FSM airline feasibility study, e.g. Pohnpei State Airline.

37 Capacity Building  Singapore Aviation Academy - Aviation security and safety trainings - Leadership dialogues  ICAO-sponsored Trainings  FSM-sponsored Trainings - Aviation Law - Aviation Security  TSA-sponsored Trainings

38 Recommendations Presented to the States and National Leadership Conference (SNLC) Funding to allow task force to visit airlines in Asia/Pacific and North America/invite airline executives to visit FSM for dialogue Hiring of a consultant to develop FSM airline feasibility study plan; ala Pohnpei State’s airline feasibility plan Funding to extend strategic outer island airstrips to allow service of Y-12 aircrafts Micronesian Countries investing in an established airline (Our Airline) to service the region Encouraging States to also engage in discussions with airlines Procurement of Y-12 Aircrafts

39 BENEFITS of the AIP in FSM  Contributes substantial economic benefits to FSM from tax collection  Provides employment opportunities to FSM citizens  Provides training to FSM inspectors and engineers  Provides FSM airports with new facilities and equipment compliant to ICAO and FAA requirements  Upgrades FSM airport infrastructure at a very minimal cost to the FSM government


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