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BAU 2015 Press Conference Athens, Greece October 22, 2014.

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1 BAU 2015 Press Conference Athens, Greece October 22, 2014

2 2 Our timetable for the next 45 minutes: Video of BAU 2013 Profile / Positioning Key results from BAU 2013 Exhibition layout / Key themes / Target groups Special shows Forums program Highlights in the supporting program

3 3 BAU 2015 – The future of building

4 4 BAU 2015 Profile / Positioning

5 5 5 Profile of BAU 2015 World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems Dates: January 19 – 24, 2015 Opening times: Mon. – Fri.: 9:30 – 18:00, Sat.: 9:30 – 17:00 approx. 180,000 m² of space (gross) (full capacity at Messe München: all 17 exhibition halls plus the ICM) more than 2,000 exhibitors (of which provisionally around 30% come from outside Germany) more than 230,000 trade visitors

6 6 Quality Brands Exhibitor presentations Trade visitors Innovation Integration of current themes Innovations driver (R&D) International Europe, Middle East, Asia, North Africa Solutions Cross-functional (materials, trades) for commercial, residential and interiors BAU 2015 World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems BAU emphasizes the B2B character of the event

7 7 Key results of BAU 2013

8 8 Source: DWH (Datawarehouse) Messe München BAU 2013 2,060 exhibitors (of which 572 were from 41 different countries outside Germany) All available space in the halls taken up (180,000 m²) + open-air site (approx. 2,000 m²) BAU 2013 attracts highest ever proportion of exhibitors from abroad 1,780 1,913 2,043 1,920 2,058 2,060 Germany

9 9 190,865 Source: Visitor registration BAU 2013 BAU 2013: 26% of visitors are from outside Germany Number of visitors from abroad rises to record level at BAU 2013: to over 60,000! 209,048 212,037 238,230 232,901

10 10 Source: Visitor registration BAU 2013 Top 15 visitor countries at BAU 2013 (excl. Germany) Visitors come to BAU from all over the world: over 9,000 of them from outside Europe!

11 11 BAU 2015 Layout / Key themes / Target groups

12 12

13 13 Top exhibitor countries at BAU 2015 (excl. Germany) (acc. placements as of August 2014) Source: DWH (Datawarehouse) Messe München BAU 2015

14 EXHIBITORS FROM GREECE AT BAU 2015 Alumil S.A.192 qm Aluminco S.A.100 qm G.Karamanlidis 88 qm Intermetal S.A.71,5 qm Glasscon S.A.54 qm PCA51 qm ISOMAT S.A.50 qm Alchimica S.A.37,5 qm Markos Bolaris & Co.36 qm Maris Polymers S.A.32 qm Makedoniki-Panidis S.A.32 qm Helm Hellas S.A.30 qm Tetoros H.&Co.25 qm Pagouni S.A.25 qm ACE-HELLAS S.A.21 qm Domochemical S.A.20 qm Vertical S.A. Vlavianos S.A. (Co – Exhibitor) VISITORS FROM GREECE YearNumber of Visitors 2009879 20111381 2013857 EXHIBITORS FROM GREECE YearNumber of Exhibitors 20094 20115 201310

15 15 Three key themes set the tone at BAU 2015

16 16 The building trades and building firms are still the largest group of visitors to BAU. Architects, engineers and suppliers are increasing in number. Building and fitting-out trades/ other skilled trades Architects/ Architectural practices/ Building engineers/ Planning offices Building materials trade/Other suppliers Housing and real-estate sector Research, education and training Source: BAU 2013 Visitor registration – Basis: Trade visitors in employment, rounding differences possible

17 17 No other trade show attracts as many architects and engineers from around the world as BAU in Munich + 7% + 38% Source: Visitor surveys BAU 2005 to 2013 – TNS Infratest; Rounding differences possible + 31% + 26% + 144%

18 18 BAU wins Architects’ Darling® Award: Voted the most popular trade fair for the second time in a row The award is based on Germany´s biggest survey of architects in 2013. In total around 2,000 architects and planners selected their favorites from over 200 manufacturers and brands in the construction industry. The coveted Phoenix Statue, made of solid bronze, was awarded in 24 categories, and for the second time, the "favorite trade fair" was among them. Photos: © Roman Thomas Fotografie

19 19 Special shows

20 20 ResearchWorkShop – A glimpse of the future Energy- and resource-efficiency, with "Building envelope 2.0" Technologies for cities of the future, with "Intelligent Urbanization" Prefabrication and building quality, with the "3D printed house" Specialist building information, further education and in-service training, with "Knowledge-transfer" The Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance is taking part in BAU 2015 as part of the overarching “intelligent urbanization” initiative of Messe München The 17 research institutions in the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance are showcasing sustainable innovations and developments

21 21 Eco Design – for Man + Environment (Hall C4) Protecting the environment and resources – Improving comfort and security New materials and products for windows and window profiles Product and material cycles without waste ("cradle-to-cradle" principle) "Green" building materials from organic sources Bioactive products and surfaces (that clean air and water) Use of renewable energy in the building envelope (PV modules/LED film) Improving energy-efficiency and increasing use of solar energy Intelligent (“smarthome”) and automatic building components (doors, gates, windows) New-style facades and glass constructions (pressure-released insulating glass) In cooperation with:

22 22 Building for Life: “Demography goes green” (Hall A4) Model home with multifunctional rooms Living and working under one roof Design that is comfortable and universal, in combination with energy-efficient, future-oriented solutions Guided tours for trade visitors on specific themes In cooperation with:

23 23 “Textile Architecture”: Innovative building with foils Innovative architecture with textiles and foils Light, resistant, unique Innovative manufacturers, processors, engineers and designers present high- spec. materials In cooperation with:

24 24 Forums program

25 25 In cooperation with Bauwelt and DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift Lectures and discussions with international star architects and engineers Day 1: Urban life 2030: Living and working in the city of the future Day 2: BIM – Building Information Modeling Day 3: High-rises Day 4: Intelligent Urbanization Day 5: The Next Big Thing Day 6: Emerging Stars in Emerging Markets In cooperation with Forum Hall C2: “The Future of Building”

26 26 In cooperation with the architectural journals AIT and XIA Speakers and panel discussions by leading international architects and consultants Day 1: Natural – timber-framed buildings in new dimensions Day 2: Social – Engaging users in the design process Day 3: Temporary – Flexible materials Day 4: Transformation – New uses for old buildings Day 5: Illuminated – New lighting concepts in architecture Day 6: Hybrid – Multiple occupation in a 24-hour building Forum Hall A4, Part 1: Architect and Industry in Dialog

27 27 In cooperation with DETAIL research Presentation of results from interdisciplinary trend and product research for the construction industry. Day 1: Urban sustainability Day 2: Beyond globalization Day 3: Lasting building quality Day 4: Climatic strategies Day 5: Digital architecture production Day 6: Open source architecture Forum Hall A4, Part 2: DETAIL research – Building the Future

28 28 Forum Hall B0: From Vision to Reality The big themes in the construction industry, seen from different perspectives Day 1: Sustainability through innovative building systems Day 2: Resource efficiency – Using and re-using building materials Day 3: The road to clean energy – A practical guide (morning) Property Industry Day (afternoon) Day 4: Sustainability through quality and advanced materials Day 5: Safety and comfort hand in hand (morning) Universities Day (afternoon) Day 6: Energy-efficient urban districts

29 29 Highlights in the supporting program

30 30 Archi-World Academy: Internships in top architectural practices A successful initiative continues World’s biggest competition for the next generation of architects Focus on future-oriented projects The best 12 entrants win internships in the practices of leading architects from around the world Daniel Libeskind is Vice-President of the jury Award ceremony on January 21, 2015 at BAU, attended by jury members

31 31 Friday, January 23, 2015, 19:00 - 24:00 Again approx. 40 buildings, more than 10 tours and around 20,000 participants BAU reaches out to the City of Munich For visitors to BAU and architecture fans in and around Munich In cooperation with: Now for the third time: The “Long Night of Architecture” at BAU 2015

32 32 7 good reasons to visit BAU Unique presence of market leaders and brands All the key trades, products, materials – in one location World’s largest trade fair for architects and engineers Innovations from manufacturers on a two-year cycle at BAU The future of building in forums and special shows Dialog among all those involved in designing, building and planning Magnetic Munich – a world-class city with a warm welcome!

33 Looking forward to seeing you! BAU 215 January 19 – 24 Munich

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