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FitEyes, LLC Overview AAO – Nov 11/12, 2011. Agenda -Overview of FitEyes -What Makes Unique -FitEyes Core Team -Future Potential -History.

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1 FitEyes, LLC Overview AAO – Nov 11/12, 2011

2 Agenda -Overview of FitEyes -What Makes Unique -FitEyes Core Team -Future Potential -History (Reichert) -Reichert Partnership Opportunities All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC2

3 -Started in 2006 -Today the largest and fastest growing eye pressure research community and glaucoma support group in the world -Pioneers in new evolving field of self-tonometry and patient-driven research -Have made powerful findings (e.g., white coat ocular hypertension) and presently preparing more breakthrough contributions to the field of ophthalmology -Examples – medication efficacy, stress factors, diurnal variation, alcohol and IOP -Recognized and lauded by influential researchers in ophthalmology All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC3 Overview

4 Not Your Regular Support Group : -Highly collaborative and motivated research community proactively working towards solutions and improvement Domain Expertise and Understanding : -FitEyes team is considered by Dr. Robert Ritch, the world’s leading glaucoma specialist, to be the “worldwide top domain experts on self tonometry” -High levels of engagement from leading members of medical community and patients The FitEyes Platform : Content - Depth and breadth of material related to IOP and glaucoma are best in class Data - Largest IOP database in the world and growing exponentially Tools - Backend analytics; proprietary and unequalled patient recordkeeping tools; mobile / smartphone platform for tracking medication compliance and more; web-based presentation tools Deep Relationship with its Members : -Interactive blogs -Active email listserver (discussion group) -Interactive conference sessions and webcasts -Personal support system for one-to-one coaching and training All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC4 What makes FitEyes Unique?

5 David Shields Former Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Inventor. Holds 12 patents Founder of FitEyes Chief researcher and scientist at FitEyes Considered to be the world’s top domain expert in self-tonometry Jay Srinivasan Former Executive Director at Dell Inc. for past 13 years Headed Dell’s Global Service Divisions and built out 3 large business units MBA from Wharton Business School, 1996 Now managing Operations at FitEyes on a full-time basis Viktoryia Hrodz The newest member of the leadership team Holds an MBA from Darden Business School Has extensive entrepreneurial and management experience All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC5 FitEyes Core Team

6 Dr. Rob Ritch, MD Shelley and Steven Einhorn Distinguished Chair in Ophthalmology; Surgeon Director and Chief of Glaucoma Services at NYEE Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology Member of more than 35 scientific and medical societies Co-authored 9 textbooks and over 1500 scientific and medical papers Dr. Eleanor Faye, MD Medical Director, Lighthouse International MD from Stanford School of Medicine Emeritus Ophthalmic Surgeon with New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center Has been widely published and considered world leader in low vision field Dr. Graham Lee, MD Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Queensland Specialization - Advanced management of primary and complex glaucoma Mark Stretch Owner of Reputed Software Company (Citywest Business Solutions Inc) in Sydney, Australia Currently serving as Honorary Chief Software Advisor for FitEyes Jerold Ehrlich Senior Counsel at Epstein Becker and Greene; General Counsel at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Yale Law School Graduate Currently serves as Honorary Legal Advisor to FitEyes All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC6 FitEyes Advisory Team

7 All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC7 Future Plans Membership growth 10-fold in next 2 years Expansion of our unique ability to conduct scientific research utilizing our worldwide community of tonometer owners who are networked to our centralized database Continue growing our team of full-time paid staff members Site redesign with heavy investment in content (including multimedia) and research – Interactive communication tools – eCommerce – launching in December 2012

8 All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC8 History Fiteyes pioneered the modern era of home monitoring with Reichert tonometers Fiteyes has had a win-win relationship with Reichert for a number of years FitEyes started promoting the Reichert AT555 for self-tonometry in 2006. Fiteyes published a Top 50 research paper in 2009 that prominently featured Reichert tonometers. This paper turned the tide for home monitoring. FitEyes community members have been using the AT555, R7, and 7CR (and ORA) since at least 2006 with great results Over 150 (and growing) published articles on mentioning Reichert tonometers FitEyes was one of the first, if not the very first, Reichert distributor to strongly embrace the 7CR in early 2010 FitEyes facilitated selling several hundreds of Reichert tonometers around the world; including a very high mix of top-of-the line units

9 All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC9 WGC 2009 Research Paper Excerpts - Ranked # 27 Most-read Paper

10 All rights reserved, FitEyes LLC10 Reichert Partnership Opportunities Shared purpose – FitEyes and Reichert share the common goal of promoting self-tonometry and creating/growing this new worldwide market. Reichert included in FitEyes-published scientific research Prominent editorial support for new models (e.g. 7CR) Webinars, education, product reviews, lively discussions Support: user-to-user support that a manufacturer cannot easily match; dedicated Reichert forum Device Approval : FitEyes has the capability to execute the necessary studies for Reichert. In return, Reichert can grant FitEyes exclusive rights for the home market. Sales Channel: FitEyes would be the largest and most successful sales channel for Reichert tonometers

11 Human Factor Study – Items for discussion Number of participants or user feedback : not specified in report Is there a more recent home device approval framework? FitEyes could execute, or help drive many areas of the process: ( sections 5.1 through 6 ) – Collecting user feedback – Document standards and guidelines – Collating user data – Helping run the analytics and heuristics Core team will require FDA consultant, Reichert product experts, possible data analysts. – Resource discussion

12 Risk management activities

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