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Connecting UK to Baltics and CIS countries. Full loads, groupage

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1 Connecting UK to Baltics and CIS countries. Full loads, groupage
Baltic Rail Connecting UK to Baltics and CIS countries. Full loads, groupage and out-of-gauge shipments. 4. November 2014

2 Rail World Group Private railway investment and management company based in Chicago, US Involved in many freight railway privatisations over last 20 years Mr Edward Burkhardt led successful privatisations of English, Welsh & Scottish Railway in UK, railways in New Zealand and Estonian Railways Current operations in Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, US and Canada Progressive, investment-led approach Introduction of technical innovations and best management practices More information about Rail World at

3 Baltic Rail AS general information
Baltic Rail was established in the year 2008. Baltic Rail is a container-train operator and container forwarding company inside Rail World Group, active in both European railway gauge 1435mm and Russian railway gauge 1520 mm. We run rail services in the Baltic-Adriatic rail corridor between North and South Europe. Being both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Rail World, Baltic Rail works very closely with Rail Polska – private railway operator in Poland. In Estonia Baltic Rail main activities are 1. Forwarding of own rail 40HCPW containers inside 1520mm gauge across Estonia / Russia / Kazakstan / Mongolia; 2. Multimodal shipments of general and out-of-gauge cargo from America and Europe via Baltic ports to CIS countries using rail waggons, containers and out- of-gauge shipments on rail platforms, 3. consolidated cargo shipment from Europe to Russia and Kazakhstan via Estonia.

4 Existing regular container trains of Baltic Rail
Baltic trains 1) Gdynia/Gdansk – Slawkow and v.v. Run since May 2012 Frequency by now 4-5 times per week 2) Gdynia/Gdansk – Brzesko and v.v. Run since July 2012 Frequency by now 1-2 times per week Adriatic train services 3) Koper – Wroclaw and v.v. Run since August 2013 Regular schedule 1 times per week Please request for a space and rate quotation from Time-table:

5 Transport volume 2000 TEU per month
Since started in the second half of 2011 Adriatic trains and Baltic trains have achieved level of 2000 TEU per month transported by rail TEU per year transported by rail in Adriatic trains and Baltic trains

6 Baltic Rail transport services provided on UK market
FCL/Full Container Load shipment of 40HCPW rail containers owned by Baltic Rail from doors UK to Estonia/Russia/Kazakstan/Mongolia, FTL /Full Trailer Load shipments from doors UK to Baltic States LCL/Less Then Container Load service between UK&EE. Cargo to be picked up in UK&Ireland and upon arrival to Estonia to be spread among the Estonia / Latvia / Finland / Russia / Kazakstan. Shipment of OOG/out-of-gauge commodities ex UK&Ireland by sea to Estonia with further on-rail/on-trucking to Russia and CIS countries,

7 Marine shipping lines used by Baltic Rail from UK to Estonia
Transfennica offers weekly servise between Tilbury port, UK and port of Paldiski, EE. Shipment of vehicles, containers and out-of-gauge shipments. Transit time 5 days on UK/EE bound and 7 days EE/UK bound. Mann Lines offers weekly servise between port of Harwich, UK and port of Paldiski, EE. Shipment of vehicles, containers and out-of-gauge shipments. Transit time 4 days on UK/EE bound and 4 days EE/UK bound. Tschudi Shipping Line offers weekly container shipping servise between port of Immingham, UK and port of Muuga, EE. Transit time 12 days on UK/EE bound and 4 days EE/UK bound.

8 Baltic Rail LCL SERVICES
•Baltic Rail offers cargo freight consolidation services connecting UK market to Baltic states, Finland, Russia, Kazakstan and Mongolia. •Agency network in UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Kazakstan. •Regular service from port of Harwich, UK to port of Paldiski in Estonia. Baltic Rail LTL SERVICES •Consolidation of trucks as from Estonia to Finland, Latvia, Russia (StPetersburg&Moscow), Kazakstan and Mongolia. •Cargo documents control according to destination countries customs authorities demands. •Customs broker’s supply in destination coutries.

9 Baltic Rail Railway registered containers
Baltic Rail AS owns a fleet of railway registered 40’HCPW (High-Cube Pallet-Wide) containers with stock in Tallinn, Estonia. Registration with EVRU prefix means numbers fixed to Estonian Railway system and has the following advantagies: better railway rates in comparison to non-railway containers, no drop-off fees or empty container return charges, railway tariff is constant and does not depend on cargo weight. 40'HCPW internal dimensions: Length inside 12,025m x Width inside 2,426m x High inside 2,694m  / doors opened Height 2,585m x Width 2,337m / internal volume totally 78.6cbm / payload 29.7 tons

10 Out-of-gauge shipments to Baltic states and CIS countries
Good co-operation to UK agents provides transportation on low-bed trailers across UK and after trans-shipment by sea to Estonia Baltic Rail trucking or rail shipment to CIS countries. This technical drawing of maximum cargo dimensions which match to fitting rail platform with flooring of Estonian RailRoad origin.

11 Transport for Finnish Army Helsinki (FI) - Pabrade (LT) and back

12 Shipment of Barrier Transfer Machine with dims 1282 см х 254 см х 353 см / kg from Kent, UK to Moscow, Russia

13 Shipment of harvesters to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

14 Bookings invited! Booking e-mail
Booking office Poland desk mobile  302 Booking office international desk mobile  945 Booking More info at

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