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Our History is our Strength Women’s History Month, March 2011.

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1 Our History is our Strength Women’s History Month, March 2011

2 Our History is Our Strength  Why I like this theme…  Issue of women & power… What does one do with this? Women warriors were weird & even odder.. Warrior queens Every age struggles with this…

3 Outside the Classical World Cartimandua of Brigantes

4 Celtic & Roman Britain  Boudicca/ Boadicea/ Bodicca Description of Dio Cassius Rape of Her Daughters Attack on Romans at Colchester, St. Albans Destruction of Londinium Paulinus returned from Anglesey  Boudicca’s forces of 120,000 Celts 70,000 Romans Dead? Tactics of Paulinus Boudicca’s end at Mancetter Reaction of the Romans  Wales & England subdued by 78 AD

5 Zenobia of Palmyra

6 The Legends & Reality Semiramis Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

7 Warrior Queens  The answer of the Ancient World The Amazons Lysistrata “No people who place a woman over their affairs prosper” -- Mohammed on a Persian princess  How do you explain/ cope with this?

8 Warrior Queens  Voracity Syndrome  Chastity Syndrome  Holy Armed Figurehead  Appendage Syndrome “Well did she show, great Harry was her sire, Whom Europe did for valour most admire.”

9 Warrior Queens  Shame Syndrome  “Only a Weak Woman” Syndrome  Tomboy Syndrome  What if she is unsuccessful? Empress Matilda (Maud) Violated her the confines of her sex Question of Boudicca/ Boadicea

10 Feminist Theory & Female Rulers?  Christine de Pizan More inclined “to make peace and avert wars.”  Joan Kelly “And I know in the depth of my being and in all my knowledge of history and humanity, I know women will struggle for a social order of peace, equality and joy.”  Honorary Male Theory  Lynne Segal “I accept that women are gentler at the moment, but if they had the same amount of power as men, they wouldn’t be more virtuous.”  We’re still sure what to do with them.

11 Still Fairly rare 11 Prime Ministers 10 Presidents 3 Queens Regnant 3 Governors General 11 with no women in government at all

12 In American Politics Victoria Woodhull, 1872 Gracie Allen, 1940

13 Playing with Big Boys  Supreme Court  Women of the Cabinet 1933, Frances Perkins

14 Female U.S. Governors Red (Rep.), blue (Dem.) and purple (both) represent states that have had female governors; white represents those that have had none Currently: Arizona, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Washington

15 Women in Congress  535 Members of Congress  39 Female Senators Currently 17  235 Women in the House 74 Currently  Succession issue? 46 directly followed husbands 12 followed fathers

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