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It’s the End of the World As We Know It Roy Tennant.

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1 It’s the End of the World As We Know It Roy Tennant

2 Presented at the LITA National Forum September 30, 2005 15 minutes from the Googleplex

3 1995 AltaVista proves web searching can be effective

4 1995 Yahoo! Proves the solution to cataloging the web is to not catalog it at all

5 1995 Amazon proves finding books need not be painful

6 1998 Google Incorporates

7 2002 Google releases its first Search Appliance, soon replaced by the mini

8 2002 Google releases the Froogle shopping portal

9 2003 Google buys Blogger

10 2003 Amazon releases the “Search Inside” service

11 2003 Google introduces Google Print

12 2004 Google introduces GMail

13 2004 Google buys the image managing and editing software Picasa

14 2004 Google introduces Google Desktop

15 2004 Google raises billions of dollars through an initial public offering

16 2004 Google announces a massive library digitization project

17 2004 Google releases Google Scholar

18 2005 Google releases Google Video

19 2005 Google releases Google Maps

20 2005 Google quietly begins buying up “dark fiber” – unused telecommunications capacity

21 2005 Google begins offering free wireless access

22 2006 Google buys Reed Elsevier

23 2006 OCLC, RLG, LC, DLF, and many large libraries create the Library Alliance

24 2008 Google and Amazon merge

25 2013 After a botched merger, bad investments, and copyright lawsuits, a weakened Googlezon is bought by Microsoft

26 2014 Microsoft puts formerly free content into a premium paid service for MSN subscribers

27 2015 The Library Alliance releases WorldLibrary, an easy to use portal to all the information to which you, personally, have access

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