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A world class Tourism Centre & its host community

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1 A world class Tourism Centre & its host community
P.G. Padmanabhan & Kence Georgey The Socity for Socially Responsible & Eco Friendly Tourism Kumarakom, Keral, India –

2 KUMARAKOM in Kerala India.
An exploration of the impact of Tourism in a recently developed small village. KUMARAKOM in Kerala India.

3 Kumarakom Village – A Backwater Tourism Hub Host Community Population > 25,000 Mainly cultivators, fishermen, shell collectors, toddy tapers etc.

4 Main Tourist Attractions
Vast sea sized lake Vembanad – a Ramsar site supporting more than 20,000 water fowls, many varieties of tasty fishes Bird Sanctuary – Home to 91 species of local & 50 species of migratory birds. Mangrove Belt Vast Paddy fields below sea level Houseboat Cruise

5 Arrival of Tourism 1989 Taj Group started a heritage resort on the bank of the Lake. Followed by 14 Big operators 9 Medium type Hotels 100 Houseboats & Homestay.

6 Growth of Tourist Arrival at Kumarakom
360% in Six Years form 2002 Occupancy rate – 55% to 85%

7 Socio Economic Impact Land Price – Skyrocketed 20 to 30 fold in 10 years. Conversion of agricultural land. Land made a commodity in Real Estate market Agriculture Production & employment diminished.

8 Socio Economic Impact Agricultural workers & traditional fisher men lost Job. Census Figurres for 1990 and 2000 say 432 men & 645 woman lost Job in the agriculture sector. Overall labor participation diminished by 1.4%

9 Employment in Tourism 10 to 12 percent of total work force in the village now employed in tourism sector.

10 Government Intervention
Tourism (conservation & preservation of areas) Act 2005 – declared Kumarakom a Special Tourism Zone A draft guidelines for Tourism industry published, but not implimented. Collection of heavy taxes

11 Tourism Digs Its Own Grave
Polluting backwaters & neglecting its preservation. Denying local people’s participation

12 People’s Intervention
People’s charter & guidelines on sustainable tourism for Kumarakom 2002 call for increased participation, economic & social benefits for the host community. Initiated the practice of Responsible Tourism.

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