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The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE “The World Games are bound to play an increasingly important role in modern society.” TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert.

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2 The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE “The World Games are bound to play an increasingly important role in modern society.” TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here

3 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS People Involved in the Project In the final tally and with (nearly) everyone considered, well over 10,000 people were involved in organizing and delivering what was the most successful edition of The World Games to date. In terms of leading the project, 30 people representing the International World Games Association (IWGA), an IOC- recognized organization made up of 32 International Sports Federations, assisted another 50 full-time staff of the Kaohsiung Organizing Committee (KOC) from 2005 in the preparations for the first international multi-sport games to be held in Taiwan or – politically correct – in Chinese Taipei. With the execution phase of the project starting in 2008 – with nine pre-events taking place throughout the year in and around Kaohsiung City – the number of permanent KOC staff was increased to more than 100. Altogether 2000 volunteers were regularly deployed for stints of one to two weeks from that point too. 250 people worked full-time for KOC from March 2009. During the games in the second half of July, 4,652 volunteers helped IWGA and KOC to make the most ambitious sports-related project ever taken on by Taiwanese organizers an unqualified success. 1,000 employees of the Kaohsiung City Government and more than 5,000 security personnel were assigned to tasks related to The World Games 2009 during the same period.

4 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Budget Not including the construction of two new venues and the improvements to public transport systems, the overall budget of The World Games 2009 was 2.4 billion Taiwan New Dollars (more than 50 million Euros). Contributions to the budget were equally divided between subsidies from the Taiwan Central Government and the Kaohsiung City Government, and the revenues generated through sponsorship programs, ticket sales and merchandising.

5 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Context and Origin of the Project The International World Games Association (IWGA) is a non-governmental international organization constituted under Swiss law. It administers a quadrennial and multidisciplinary sports event: The World Games. The principal aim of IWGA is to develop the popularity of the sports governed by its 32 Member Federations, to improve their prominence through The World Games and, in particular, the outstanding performances of top athletes, and to conserve all the traditional values of sport. The port city of Kaohsiung had submitted an excellent bid for The World Games 2009 with many well defined objectives. Sustainable urban development, civic engagement and community building were among the priorities. Ultimately, Kaohsiung reinvented and transformed itself to be the perfect host to 5,994 athletes and officials from 103 nations taking part in the eighth edition of The World Games.

6 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Project Description Sporting competitions at the highest level were once more the mainstay of The World Games. 3,393 athletes contesting medals in 37 sports joined in their common quest for excellence from 16 through 26 July. As the pinnacle in the 2009 competition calendar, and as a highly visible stage for sportsmen and women to perform on, the games succeeded in generating unprecedented worldwide exposure. At the same time, they provided the perfect setting for athletes and officials from different sports as well as countries to join in a true celebration of friendship and peace. Just as the Beijing Olympics did in 2008, The World Games were able to transcend the barriers of politics, even of the frequently strained Cross-Strait relations, emphasizing the unique ability of sport to bridge all divides. The World Games 2009 were again held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, and their protocolary conduct was in strict compliance with the very formula which the latter had established in 1981. All stakeholders – governments, patrons, sports governing bodies and organizers – ensured that “Excellence, Friendship and Respect” were the core values of The World Games 2009 too.

7 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Social Impact The local hosts and organizers – both, Taiwan as well as Kaohsiung – can take pride in having delivered the best games to date. Beyond that, they can continue to reap benefits from lasting legacies. The results of the significant urban transformation are there to stay! If not forever, at least for decades citizens will use the Rapid Mass Transit system and flock to an ecological 55,000-capacity stadium which is powered by solar energy, or to a shopping mall which has an impressive indoor arena for sports and culture incorporated. The benchmark for volunteer mobilization will serve as reference for similar projects in the future. And the new and much broader civic appreciation for sports will certainly benefit this and the next generation.

8 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Future of the Project In Kaohsiung the International World Games Association (IWGA) attained all of its objectives and upped the profile of The World Games further – in spite of the global economic downturn affecting sports and their events. It was also able – together with the International Olympic Committee – to anchor the games more firmly within the Olympic Movement. A record number of National Olympic Committees was actively involved in the support and administration of the multi- sport delegations to The World Games. Competitions saw an unprecedented 62 nations making it onto the medal table. No other edition of The World Games had ever united as much variety and universality in as compact a program! The World Games 2013 were officially awarded to Cali, Columbia, on 17 July. The next hosts and organizers are equally committed to collaborate with IWGA in putting on an outstanding event. They, too, are prepared to seize the opportunity to promote the full breadth of sports – to the world as well as to a new continent – and to bring about significant change to their nation, region and city. Organizers of large-scale multi-sport games once before – Cali and Columbia hosted the Pan-American Games over 30 years ago – the hosts bring experience plus an overall budget of 208 billion Colombian Pesos (nearly 70 million Euros) to The World Games 2013. And an appropriate slogan has been found already: “Fair Play for the Planet!”

9 TOP SPORTS – HIGH SPIRITS Insert your logo here Other Information As they go into their ninth edition, The World Games continue as an up-start of sorts. While other multi-sport games may surpass them in terms of general awareness and global impact at this point, The World Games are bound to play an increasingly important role in modern society. Most sports recently added to the program of the Games of the Olympiad had premiered in The World Games first: triathlon, beach volleyball, trampoline and – most recently – rugby. Their world governing bodies were/are full members of the International World Games Association (IWGA). Trampoline, for instance, features with individual events in the Olympics and with synchronized events in The World Games. Wakeboarding and skydiving, World Games sports for over a decade already, best exemplify the vanguard policy of IWGA when it comes to keeping the program up-to-date and in trend. Other World Games sports – such as DanceSport, korfball and ultimate flying disc – have a singular trait which should make them irresistible by definition: they are the world’s only dedicated mixed team sports, promoting gender equality to its fullest extent. IWGA President Ron Froehlich points out: “Safeguarding diversity is vital to the culture of the 21st century.” The three most recent editions of The World Games (2001 Akita, JPN; 2005 Duisburg, GER; 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE) have done exactly that – and much more. The World Games 2013 Cali will build on it!

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12 Annexes Insert your logo here Sport Beats Export Blues in Kaohsiung Not long ago, this southern Taiwan port city was a shipment center for the island's booming exports. Today, many of Taiwan's exporters have moved their plants to mainland China. Those still around have been hurt by a global downturn in trade that shrank the region's exports in June by 30% from 2008. The vacancy rate for property is in the double-digits, the highest among Taiwan's major cities … So a city known for distress is enjoying a moment at the center of the global sports movement by playing host to The World Games. Officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the games highlight non-Olympic sports such as rugby, parachuting, billiards, canoe polo and DanceSport … It's not just athletes and fans who are winning from all the goodwill and buzz wafting over the blue-collar city of 1.5 million. Businesses are basking in Taiwan's rare day in the sports sun. Many of the event's biggest corporate supporters are government-controlled Taiwan companies, including New York Stock Exchange-listed Chungwa Telecom and Kaohsiung-based China Steel, one of Asia's largest steel makers. … article (20/07/2009) by Rusell Flannery

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