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Presented at the International Learning Workshop

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1 Presented at the International Learning Workshop
Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater Systems (APFAMGS) Project, India Presented at the International Learning Workshop 31 July 2007, Hyderabad, India Somasekhar Rao P, FAO

2 Scheme of presentation
New Modality Goal & Location of Project Project Organization

3 New Modality NEX Project Technical Back-Stopping by FAO
All responsibility for choice of approaches, technology, etc is responsibility of local partners FAO only adds value addition Local institutions are responsible for their finances

4 Project Organization

5 Goal and Location Goal:
“Stage is set for enabling the farmers to manage their groundwater systems by the year 2008” Location: 62 delineated Hydrological Units, covering 650 habitations, in seven districts of the State of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India

6 Categories of activities
Four categories : Physical Financial Process Impact

7 Levels of activities Four Levels : Habitation Hydrological Unit PNGO

8 Photographs of review meetings

9 Reporting SN Reporter Reporting to Report form Periodicity 1
Farmer Volunteer Secretary, GMC Verbal/Written Daily 2 Village Coordinator Weekly 3 PNGO Coordinator Written 4 Facilitators PNGO Coordinator, Subject Experts 5 NGO Coordinator NGO Head, Subject Experts Monthly 6 NGO Head Project Leader, ED-BIRDS 7 Manager–Process Monitoring Project Leader, Subject Experts 8 Subject Experts Project Leader 9 Consultants 10 ED-BIRDS, MD-PRIYUM 11 Executive Director, NNGO National Programme Coordinator, FAOIN Half-yearly

10 Photographs of some Reports

11 Thank U

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