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References 2004 Arsenal Stadium - London n. 196 Colosseum 2000W ENGLAND.

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1 References 2004 Arsenal Stadium - London n. 196 Colosseum 2000W ENGLAND

2 References 2004 Arsenal Stadium - London. ENGLAND

3 References 2004 Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 - London n. 236 Colosseum 2000W ENGLAND

4 References 2004 Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 - London ENGLAND

5 References 2004 The Heathrow Airport is the world's busiest international airport, and the world's second busiest cargo port handling approximately 1.3m tonnes of cargo. Opened in 1946, it has very interesting statistics: 2 runways, 4 terminals, 63 million passengers per year, over 80 airlines, 180 destinations. Gewiss UK Ltd has successfully supplied Colosseum fittings to floodlight the entire New Terminal 5 construction site at Heathrow Airport. The site, one of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe, has many difficult and unusual requirements, but thanks to Gewiss Prolite design software and the use of the Zero Upward Light Cowl the needs of the contractors AMEC T5 and the stringent conditions necessary for the worlds busiest airport were met. Gewiss also supplied low level floodlighting with the award winning Horus floodlights, up to 400 watts all fitted with photocells to ensure high levels of lighting through the winter months. Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 - London

6 References 2004 World of Golf (Goteborg - Sweden) The direction of the "World of Golf", a golf course in Goteborg, has chosen GEWISS products to lighten the golf course, the practice area, the car park and the entrance of the golf club. The shooting positions were lighted with the polycarbonate high performance weatherproof luminaries of the ZNT Range, which guarantee optimum distribution of light flux and less glare. The golf course was lighted with the Colosseum Range, which fully meets lighting requirements of large service and sports areas. The external car park was lighted with the City Range, which assures resistance to thermal shock, corrosive agents and saline mist higher than as required by the CEI EN 60068-2-52.

7 References 2004 World of Golf By careful design, it is often possible to successfully over come Light Pollution, Glare, Sky Glow and Overspill. - The key is to understand the problem and tailor the lighting system to meet the planning requirements.

8 References 2004 2006 IF Product Design Award - Category: Lighting GEWISS Avenue Gewiss is proud to announce that Avenue, the glare-free street light, has won the 2006 IF Product Design Award in the Lighting Category. The new Avenue street light provides an excellent solution to market requirements in terms of: –Light pollution: is in compliance with the most demanding specifications towards the sky. –Glare-free lighting: it does not dazzle drivers or the surrounding area (annoying lighting on adjacent buildings). –Energy savings: Avenue incorporates intelligent switch on/switch off and power adjustment systems. A self-diagnosis system reduces consumption warning of possible lighting faults and maintenance operations. Besides a patented self-diagnosis system allows service engineers to find faults quickly and easily thanks to the special multi-coloured indicator. Finally the versions fitted with centralised management systems facilitate maintenance on street lighting. Especially innovative is the street light’s perimeter guard which eliminates glare to drivers as well as possible harmful effects to surrounding housing. In addition, the guard ensures that light pollution limits towards the sky are observed. Since its inauguration in 1953, the iF design award has existed as a prestigious trademark for outstanding design. Today, this award is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide, attracting over 1.800 entries from 30 different countries every year. The jury is composed of a board of top international designers, who examine and select the award-winning entries. For buyers of design-oriented products, the iF seal serves as a decision-making tool in the marketplace. An iF award is a symbol of a company's commitment to innovation and its willingness to face the competition.

9 References 2004 Electrical Products Award 2002 Horus Range, spotlights in thermoplastic On 27 June 2002, the spotlights in thermoplastic from the Horus Range by GEWISS won the Electrical Product Award for the innovation category. Horus was voted ‘the most interesting product’ for the special thermoplastic material that, unlike die-cast products, makes it particularly suitable for use out of doors in all weathers. This type of material also ensures that products are extremely lightweight so that they can be installed in even the most difficult places. Horus also guarantees a high level of safety: the technological solutions used make it possible to apply the insulation class II to all the versions, leading to savings in overall costs of a complete system.

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