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You Really Can Change the World

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1 You Really Can Change the World

2 What Change? Why do we need to change? The present state
The desired state How will you monitor?

3 Why Change? Things are good now It’s too much trouble
We’ve always done it this way People might not want to change My friends will think I’m weird They aren’t feeling the “pain”

4 The Vision A picture in your mind of the future
Simple Understandable Desirable Attainable Realistic Focused You’ll never get there if you don’t know where you are going Plan the course

5 The Plan Define the change Players / Roles Sponsors Communication
Rewards Resistance strategies Actions / Steps Monitoring and tracking

6 It Takes a Team The Agent The Dreamer The Sponsor The Organizer
The Cheerleader Co-Conspirators

7 Tell Everyone A simple message to share the vision
Say it more than one way Say it over and over and over and over Walk the talk Listen Let them know they are part of the vision

8 Rewards Reward behavior that helps the change
Change what people are rewarded for Make rewards meaningful Reward frequently Reward small accomplishments

9 Resistance to major change is inevitable
It does not matter whether the change is perceived as positive or negative. Resistance to major change is inevitable

10 The Barriers No need for change The Status Quo / Inertia
It’s overwhelming Not my problem Uncertainty Management Ego Compliance vs commitment The “Black Hole”

11 Break On Through We CAN do it! Explain in context Listen
Admit negatives along with positives Reinforce progress Small steps Empowerment

12 Small Steps Plan is a series of small steps Steps understood
Steps achievable Steps show progress Know when a step is complete Reward results

13 Small “Wins” Along the Way
Build small successes into your plan Stay motivated Get / keep support Show staff they can do it Show critics they were wrong Tune the plan

14 Look Back, Look Ahead, Keep Working
See how far you’ve come Still on the right track? Is the destination still right? Tune the plan Can’t coast, you aren’t done yet!

15 Know when you’re there Recognize the goal Proclaim victory
Celebrate the change Thank all participants Put sustaining organization in place

16 It’s A New World, Baby! Make your change part of the “culture”
Build the support structure Will your work stay in place when the team disperses?

17 Review Define the change – now, vision, why
Players / Roles – understand the team Sponsors – critically important Communication – frequent, varied Rewards – reward small wins Resistance strategies – expect it Actions / Steps – small steps Monitoring and tracking – know when you are making progress Institutionalize – make it stick

18 Leave your footprints in the sands of time.
“You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt...And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?” (Bob Moawad)

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