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Schools Around the World

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1 Schools Around the World
by Margaret C. Hall Harcourt Story Town Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade

2 chores Chores are small jobs that you need to do, but may not enjoy.
Julia has to do her chores at home every day. What would be a chore you wouldn’t want? A. Taking out the trash. B. Teaching a dog a new trick.

3 certain A certain thing is one particular thing.
Cindy wants a certain kind of candy. What would be another word for certain? A. Specific B. General

4 resources Resources are materials, money, and other things that can be used. Water resources are important to cities. What resource would you rather have? A. Money B. A flower

5 culture A culture is made up of a group’s customs and traditions.
In North American culture, people shake hands when they meet. Which of these is a good example of culture? A. Celebrating Christmas. B. Eating ice cream on a Saturday night.

6 tutor A tutor is someone who helps another person with schoolwork.
Carlos has a Math tutor to help him after school. Who would be a good tutor? A. a baby B. Your teacher

7 uniforms Uniforms are clothes that all the people in a group wear so that they are dressed alike. Sam could tell where his teammates were because of their uniforms. What would be a better color for a uniform? A. Blue B. Rainbow stripes with black polka-dots

8 proper When something is proper, it is appropriate or correct.
He used the proper tools to fix the bike. What would be proper to hold? A. An elephant B. A fork

9 boarding If you were boarding, you would be staying somewhere for a certain period of time. Tom attended a boarding school last year. Which place is best for boarding? A. A hotel in Europe B. A cot in the desert

10 literacy Literacy is the ability to read and write.
Reading and Language Arts are two subjects that help us learn literacy. Who would be better at teaching literacy? A. A teacher B. A mountain lion

11 diverse When something is diverse it is unlike any others, or different. The United States is a nation of diverse people. You would use the word diverse to describe… A. Student desks B. Students

12 Schools Around the World
by Margaret C. Hall Harcourt Story Town Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade

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