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A Proposal for a Rewarding Partnership. WMF Britain has a proud history of high-quality partnerships. But that’s not surprising when you get to know us..

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1 A Proposal for a Rewarding Partnership

2 WMF Britain has a proud history of high-quality partnerships. But that’s not surprising when you get to know us..

3 The World Monuments Fund is based in New York City. It’s the world’s largest independent architectural preservation organisation.

4 WMF has affiliate offices in Paris, Lisbon, Madrid and London. WMF Britain, based in London, is the largest of them. We’re the only independent affiliate, with a separate board of trustees. Our Patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent, and our Chairman is John Julius, Viscount Norwich..

5 We believe the World’s built heritage represents the greatest legacy of human life on Earth. We say our historic environment not only delights and amazes us, it can teach us about the civilizations that made us what we are. But its survival depends on active support… It’s a priceless resource for humankind.

6 WMF Britain has well over a decade of experience in conserving important international monuments, sites and related applied arts. 20022007 We recently completed the largest restoration in the organisation’s history, at St George’s Bloomsbury.

7 But we don’t just work in Britain. Our projects reach across the globe…

8 The Chinese Palace St Petersburg, RUSSIA

9 Osmania Women’s College Hyderabad, INDIA

10 Cambodia Portugal Ireland

11 Every two years, WMF presents the WORLD MONUMENTS WATCH It’s a highly visible list of the World’s 100 Most Endangered Sites. BBC Evening News ITV London Tonight The British launch of the 2008 list was at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. Media coverage included: The Guardian Guardian Unlimited The Times What’s on Stage London Evening Standard The Independent The Daily Telegraph World of Interiors

12 raises awareness of imperilled heritage through PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS WMF Britain

13 Our members enjoy a wide variety of cultural events… Antony Gormley presents a private view of Blind Light to WMF Britain members

14 …with tours across the World

15 But the events aren’t f u N forfor just

16 They all help to finance our work.

17 And there’s a LOT of work to be done.

18 World Monuments Fund Britain is the most dynamic global heritage charity in the British Isles

19 Each of our projects creates a global network of partnerships and is reviewed by millions of people. We invite you to become a partner in our mission to secure the world’s heritage.

20 Create a partnership with WMF Britain 1: The Challenge Fund Challenge funds constitute an investment over a number of years toward a portfolio of projects managed by WMF Britain. Their selection may be approached on the basis of individual merit, or chosen to constitute a thematic group. Challenge funded projects may reflect the desire to invest in a region or to demonstrate a philanthropic contribution to a particular audience or cultural group. The challenge lies in the condition of finding two or three funders to match each grant, or matching a grant through a variety of smaller contributions. Challenge funds are excellent value because they encourage match funding and present the opportunity to build a tailored portfolio with high publicity value. They also facilitate visible partnership building. WMF Britain levy a 12.5% fee for the administration of the grant and match fundraising, with further project management duties charged as required. A typical investment would be over a five or ten year term, with grants of £1 million per year. Over ten years, this would usually provide a return of £20 or £30 million of completed project work, a substantial philanthropic achievement with global visibility.

21 Create a partnership with WMF Britain 2: The Lecture Series Sponsors’ fees are essential in harnessing the best known and most respected speakers in high-quality surroundings. Corporate sponsorship to a captive, entertained audience can be conspicuous and effective. WMF’s lectures attract large audiences- typically 600 people, with plenty of potential for growth in major venues. Lecture series offer partners a means to publicise their brand: most importantly, through supporting the intelligent analysis of the world around us. Themes can be discussed with WMF Britain. WMF Britain would arrange all aspects of the event including web, print and broadcast publicity, and provide a reception and dinner for executives, the speaker and guests at each event. WMF Britain would be able to divert profits from ticket sales to related projects, which can in turn be publicised as a success of the sponsor. A typical investment would be sponsorship of a lecture at a principal venue at £10,000. A series of six lectures is recommended.

22 Create a partnership with WMF Britain 3: The Challenge to Save Canterbury Cathedral’s Stained Glass Canterbury Cathedral’s stained glass is some of the earliest and finest in the world, and is indisputably one of Britain’s finest artworks. But it is corroding at an alarming rate. Because of its chemistry, medieval glass is soluble and vulnerable to high winds, rain and pollution. Climate change threatens it further. The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral have asked WMF Britain to assist in raising £2.4 million to conserve and protect this priceless glass. This project is urgent. WMF Britain is seeking a matching sponsor who would provide £1 for every £1 raised to provide leverage to meet the challenge quickly. The maximum investment is £1.2 m. Please listen to the Chief Executive of WMF-B’s campaign for Canterbury Cathedral on BBC Radio 4:

23 Dr Jonathan Foyle Chief Executive World Monuments Fund Britain 2 Grosvenor Gardens LONDON SW1W 0DH Telephone: 020 77305344 Fax: 020 77305355 Web:

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