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World Art Games “Connecting Hearts”

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1 World Art Games “Connecting Hearts”
WAG USA National Committee Invitation Open Call for USA-Based Visual and Performing Artists Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Ceramics | Glass Artists Jewelry, Literature, Theater, Film, Music, Dance, Fashion Designers, Street Art, Architecture & Design 2nd World Art Games Games 2015 Bratislava, Slovakia September 1 - 9, 2015 THERE ARE NO COSTS FOR ARTISTS TO SUBMIT THEIR WORK TOP AWARD WINNERS WILL BE SPONSORED BY WAG USA TO ATTEND GAMES 2015 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: APRIL 30, TO:

2 Introduction to World Art Games (WAG)
VISION Being the world's leading independent organization in the field of modern arts, art and culture MISSION To establish committees in all Nations and States and therefore to connect artists of all artistic disciplines into a powerful NET, which will enable them larger recognition, professional development, education, etc. To create, synchronize, manage cultural activities for the benefit of: Members (enabling them to increase the value of their work), Art Lovers (by increasing available intangible wealth by providing artistic flow), Children, young people and thus future society (by dispersive representation of the world of art and culture, maintaining art projects and exchanges, we will early and permanently establish a framework of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differences, concerning art and people, for the young generations) VALUES Life, Person, Humanity, Arts, Education, Tolerance, Development, Unity, Love and Freedom. PRINCIPLES The WAG Association stands open to all Nations and people who respect Human Rights, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, social status or political persuasion.

3 Message to Artists from the President World Art Games USA – WAG USA “Connecting Hearts”
Thank you for taking a look at what has quickly become an organization known for celebrating visual and performing artists from around the world - the WORLD ART GAMES. Originating as an idea by Croatian artists, Peter Wiesz and Jasminka Paunović, the organization was chartered in 2011 and now has 86 Countries and States participating. Please take a few minutes to watch the WAG videos on YouTube and Facebook. I find them to be inspirational and heartwarming. As I only speak English I do not understand everything the artists are saying, but the love is evident and substantiates the WAG theme of “Connecting Hearts”. WAG is not yet operating in the United States. We have accepted the challenge by WAG HQ to create a National Committee known as WAG USA. Our immediate goal is to select US-based artist representatives for the 2015 WAG Games in Bratislava September 1-9, It is our strong belief that no artist should have to pay anything to participate in WAG sponsored activities, whether as a professional or a student. WAG USA will conduct major fundraising campaigns to cover those artist costs. In all cases, participating artists maintain ownership of their art. I ask for your help in networking this unique opportunity to those you feel might have an interest in showing their art on an international stage. Further, we request your suggestions and nominations of those you believe should serve on the USA National Committee. Ideal candidates for the National Committee are respected in their chosen art discipline or who have exceptional entrepreneurial experience in Donor, Foundation and Commercial Sponsor Solicitations; Public, Media and Governmental Relations, Grant Writing or Staging Events at local city, university and institutional venues. Although we are starting at ground zero today, we have a wide open slate to create the future of WAG USA as a solid organization that models the structure and harnesses the enthusiasm and pride that Americans have shown to the USA Olympics. WAG Games 2017 are scheduled to be held in Las Vegas with WAG HQ and WAG USA as co-hosts. WAG USA successes will be correlated to the leadership we can enlist that takes the platform to the 50 US States and integrates it into the local communities, schools and universities. Two years ago at the first Games in Croatia 150 artists from 52 Nations/States attended and 300 non present artists participated. WAG HQ anticipates a great show in Bratislava. WAG USA’s 2015 goal is to send a modest contingent based upon funding that WAG USA has secured. There is no limit on our submissions of Not Attending participants. Please submit your art electronically by for consideration. --John R Kazanjian, President

4 Games 2015 - Categories and Artistic Disciplines
PAINTING DISCIPLINES: All works have to arrive to the Games framed. The maximum number of exhibits per artist is 2 pieces. Easel painting - oil / acrylic on canvas Mixed Media Graphics Water color Pastel Landart Performance Textile art Illustration SCULPTURE DISCIPLINES: The maximum number of exhibits by artists, in one discipline - 1 art work. Sculptures – Choice of materials available Installations Relief Medals / Plaques PHOTOGRAPHIC DISCIPLINES: Photos should be prepared for exhibition (framed or on kapafix). The maximum number of exhibits by an artist in one discipline is 1 photo. Black and white photography Photography in color Poster CERAMICS / GLASS DISCIPLINES: maximum number of exhibits by an artist in any discipline - 1 exhibit. Artistic usable items Artistic decorative items

5 Games 2015 - Categories and Artistic Disciplines
JEWELRY DISCIPLINE: Art Jewelry - up to 3 exhibits by artists LITERATURE | LITERARY DISCIPLINES: Poetry - Poets / participants during their stay at the Games will present their poems to the audience. (Poets can take a CD for background music while reading.) Novel / Short Story - meet and chat with the audience and read short passages THEATER | THEATER DISCIPLINES: Performance in original language, the participants themselves provide the necessary props and soundtrack CD Drama / Comedy Pantomime Puppet show Recital Mono drama "Stand Up" comedy FILM | DISCIPLINES MOVIE: Film directors or actors to talk with the public, after their film is presented. Feature film Documentary film Animated film Video Art STREET ART | DISCIPLINES Street Theater Acrobats / Jugglers Clowns Graffiti Artists

6 Games 2015 - Categories and Artistic Disciplines
MUSIC | MUSIC DISCIPLINES: Musicians perform, must bring their own instruments. For the vocal point of the musical accompaniment, the performers themselves must provide a matrix. Instrumental Solo Solo singing Jazz bands Opera / operetta / musical Duo/Trio/Quartet Ethnic / Folk Pop music - Rock, Pop, Ballads, romances, chansons DANCE | DANCE DISCIPLINES: The dancers themselves provide costumes for the show, and musical accompaniment. Solo spot Ballet (classic) Modern Ballet Ethno Dance Dance couples / free style ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN | DISCIPLINES of ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: Artists can present own works using videos or printed material. Public buildings Private houses Parks Industrial design Furniture design Design in general FASHION Clothing design Artistic lifestyle designs of products for daily use

7 Games 2015 – Conditions and Instructions
ORGANIZER World Art Games - WAG Organization, Head Office in Croatia CO-ORGANIZERS City District of Bratislava - Stare Mesto, Department of Culture WAG National Committee of Slovakia PATRONAGE Croatian Embassy in Slovakia ARTISTS of all Art disciplines can participate in the GAMES 2015 EXHIBITORS can exhibit maximum 2 art works PERFORMERS will have at least one performance DEADLINES USA Artist Registrations will be accepted until April 30, 2015 AWARDS WAG USA Committees will choose the winning Artists in each Art discipline to represent the USA at the WAG Games 2015 where the international winners will be announced. HQ will award them. WAG USA will award its national winners with: PAID Registration Fees, Travel Costs and Accommodations. Accommodations: at Park Inn Danube Hotel, a 4* Star hotel at the center of Bratislava – Stare Mesto Meals: 8 half boards (breakfast and dinner) - September 1st - 9th All winning artists will be celebrated and published in the “Book of the Games 2015“ (2 pages per artist) and will receive one Book and Certificate. The best artist from each discipline will have a special place in the Book.

8 Games 2015 – Conditions and Instructions
RECOMMENDATION FOR TRAVEL Take a flight to Vienna airport. Bus runs every hour from Vienna airport to the Center of Bratislava. Ticket cost is 7 EUR ($9 USD). ARTIST EXHIBITOR All works submitted to WAG and WAG USA remain the property of the artist. Artists may elect to donate their art submission to WAG, as a part of the NEW WAG COLLECTION, which will be exhibited until the Games Artists should hand carry their art submissions with them to Bratislava. REGISTRATION: Registration Form for download: . Complete the form in English and send by to along with: ARTIST BIO and CV PERSONAL PHOTO (minimum 1 MB) PHOTO OF ART WORK which will be exhibited (or photo from performance) - 1 MB minimum Review WORLD ART GAMES 2013 PUBLICATION to see how 2015 WAG Artists will be publicized. USA NC will select the artists who will be invited to participate on the WAG USA Team. FEE PAYMENTS required from Artists will be paid by the WAG USA Trust. On notification of acceptance to participate, the Artist Nominee will inform the NC of his/her intent to attend the 2015 Games or participate as a Non-Attending USA Team member.

9 How You Can Help WAG USA Help us Communicate the opportunity to the artists, galleries, institutions and foundations that you feel would be interested in learning about the World Art Games. Network with us. Share and re-post the WAG USA Posts via all social networking channels. Consider a role with our National Committee (NC) or with your State Committee (SC). In addition to artists, performers and educators, the USA team will benefit from advisors well versed in building national organizations, event planning, public relations, fundraising, government politics and lobbying, and soliciting art institutions and foundations for their endorsements of World Art Games. NC Executive Team (10-12) to execute WAG Fundraising and advise State Committees. NC Advisory Board (12-16) to set policies, procedures and jury artists’ submissions. NC Honorary Board of Major Foundations, Patrons and Commercial Sponsors. NC WAG Games 2017 Committee to be held in Las Vegas, NV USA SC Committees (50 states x 5-12) to fundraise and execute local WAG events statewide. Join us in this land marking Journey of “Connecting Hearts”! Please direct all inquiries to: Please follow our progress and growth on the World Art Games USA Facebook Page and

10 Must See YouTube Videos & Press
WORLD ART GAMES (WAG) INTRODUCTION (1:31): WORLD ART GAMES 2015 (4:22): WAG-CONNECTING HEARTS (4:33): WORLD ART GAMES - Games 2013 and Izmir Conference (14:31) WORLD ART GAMES 2013 Intro film (3:10): MIXTECH CULTURE at the World Art Games 2013, Croatia (1:49): VIDEO of the 2013 GAMES - by Leon Strous (4:33) WAG LOGOS (1:44) WAG Charter: WAG Head Office: Press Coverage - Croatia: Press Coverage – Member Countries: Annual Report for 2014: WAG Member States: WORLD ART GAMES 2013 BOOK PUBLICATION: Follow our progress and growth on the World Art Games USA Facebook Page and

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