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Dream world The best accommodation centre in Europe.

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1 Dream world The best accommodation centre in Europe

2 At general We made a mixed accommodation centre for family`s, uma`s, singles. 100 beds, 20% uma`s, 30% singles, 50% family`s In a middle sized town, about half an hour from a big city. Then people have direct access to daily needs and are not to far from special needs.

3 Special needs We want special accommodation for disabled people Small medical clinic. With a nurse who can screen and, if necessary, send people to a specialist or dentist or psycholigist etc.

4 Privacy We find it important that each room has private toilet and bathroom. People in our centre can choose what kind of accomodation they want. Single room or double, or a family room. Appartments for familys have their own kitchen. Everybody needs privacy.

5 Facilities Internet facilities Wifi Outside playground for children Nursery Indoor recreation room (for creative and artistic activities) Room for maintenance and woodwork, bicycle shop Television in every room

6 Facilities outside School, supermarked, sportclubs, library, pharmacy, religious service Walking and bicycle distance.

7 Security The accommodation units for single women and UMA`s can be locked. These units are close to the offices, they have their own staff. Everybody has a locker for his/her private things.

8 Security for staff Personal alarm First aid training Anti conflict training Psychological first aid Fire fight training

9 Other organisations For them we have always offices available with a bureau, computer, internet acces etc. Also we have rooms to have face to face conversation with inhabitants, if necessary with a translator Organisations can be: Foreign police, IOM, legal council/ representatif, immigration service, volunteers

10 Flexibility Flexibel size of rooms You don`t close down if not all the beds are filled. In the village nearby we have appartments/houses where people can live if they are able to take care of themselves

11 Sustainability We will use all new technology available. We want to be a green centre We learn our inhabitants to be careful about the enviroment

12 Necessary specifications We need good facilities for staff. We need a car

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