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Université d’Ottawa University of Ottawa November 19-21 2010.

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1 Université d’Ottawa University of Ottawa November 19-21 2010


3  President of Engineering Student Society  CEO of Engineers Canada  CEO of National Capital Commission  University of Ottawa’s Board of Governers

4  “If you want to grow, you need to leave your comfort zone”  Multitasking is a great skill  Engineers need to lead change  Listen to people who do not think like you  Diversity is important (male/female)  Get involved in the community

5  First woman to become partner at Morrison Hershfield  Women make great leaders because:  They are persuasive  Learn from adversity  Are inclusive, and team-building  More than half of women quit their engineering jobs due to 5 main factors 1. Hostile, macho workplace 2. Isolation 3. Mysterious career paths (hard to find a role model to follow) 4. Extreme work pressures 5. A culture that rewards risk-taking and last-minute saves over preventing problems women can’t typically stay at the office as late (they have to pick up the kids, make dinner etc)

6  Words of advice  Do the best you can and work hard  Don’t get involved in the politics of the office  Don’t have a passive aggressive behaviour  Interview back – find a company that respects women  Do not take anything personally

7  Be willing to change  Able to convince others to see your way  Solid with your arguments  Viewed as credible  Speak to people who are doing what you want  Foresee issues and plan  Future issues need engineers  Human experiences change your perspective

8  Peace vs. War engineering  Redefining engineering:  Peace  Social  Eco  Sustainable  Multidisciplinary  Business, public policy

9  Need to make yourself different through advancing your skill sets:  Business  Communication  Leadership  Adaptable  Interdisciplinary  Multicultural



12  More engineers in politics/visible (public) roles  More women staying in engineering  More girls enrolling in engineering  HOW/Where to start?  Promote problem solving skills in addition to technical skills of a B.Eng to young girls & their parents


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