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What’s in it for Section 1104? S. Douthat, L. El-Shall AQS Section meeting 08-Sep-2014.

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1 What’s in it for Section 1104? S. Douthat, L. El-Shall AQS Section meeting 08-Sep-2014

2  Member Leader Events – (Saturday & Sunday) ◦ Community Leadership Institute ◦ Section Affairs Council ◦ Annual Business Meeting  World Conference – (Monday – Wednesday) ◦ Key note speakers ◦ Theme and focus areas for talks ◦ Exhibit Hall

3  Focus – to provide member leaders access to ASQ leadership and visibility for the strategic planning of ASQ  Panel Q&A – open forum for questions  Café – allows for group discussion around ASQ’s strategy  Section Benefit – awareness; ability to provide input to senior leadership

4  Build stronger rapport among senior leaders and member unit leaders  Engage members in the understanding and implementation of ASQ strategy  Enhance commitment to collaborative efforts between and among all ASQ stakeholders  Provide member leaders’ input to ASQ’s strategy

5  State of the Society – Chairman ◦ Metrics on membership (~80K), countries active (~136), Certifications awarded annually (~150K)  Past-Chairman & CEO comments  2014 Strategic Plan  2014 Business Plan / Strategy Overview

6  Q&A  Member leader stories  Café – small group discussion topics ◦ Making Global ASQ a reality ◦ Value of being a member ◦ Support ASQ leadership  Section benefit – collaboration with other member leaders

7  ASQ Mission ◦ To increase the use and impact of Quality in response to the diverse needs of the World.  ASQ Vision ◦ By making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative and personal ethic, ASQ will become the community of choice for everyone who seeks quality concepts, technology and tools to improve themselves and their world.  Values ◦ Providing value to Members of the Community ◦ Innovation and Quality ◦ People with passion and commitment ◦ Teamwork and Partnering

8  Transformation Imperatives ◦ Customer Engagement: providing value to our members and enabling their success ◦ Aligned, empowered leadership throughout ◦ Global voice – more singing the song ◦ Impact – giving the gift of quality

9  Objectives ◦ Increase impact ◦ Grow MoC ◦ Grow means ◦ Improve process & operations ◦ Improve workforce engagement

10  Strategies ◦ Increase the value of being a member of the ASQ community ◦ Support ASQ leadership and their efforts to serve members of the community and ASQ’s mission ◦ Make Global ASQ a reality for the benefit of all members of the community ◦ Leverage technology to deliver an even higher level of value to the global quality community ◦ Grow ability to serve the needs of organizations to increase their use/impact of quality ◦ Support the use of quality to make the world a better place – quality is a gift

11  Releasing Leadership Brilliance  Keynote Speaker – Simon T. Bailey  Message: ◦ Be a storyteller  Leadership brand, connect with members ◦ Be sticky  Hi touch; member interactions ◦ Be a sustainer  Who are you and where do you want to be?

12  Positioning Strategic and Business Planning in your Member Unit  ASQ’s Guide to #Going Social  Be a Bookkeeping Boss: Financial Controls for Member Units  Designing the Future of Member Service  SharePoint Power Hour

13  Mastering Your Connected Community: ASQ’s Online communities  Voice of the Customer: A Hands-on Application of the Qualtrics Survey Software  Achieving Excellence: PAR and You  Section Benefit – more detailed information on topics of interest; opportunity to ask questions

14  Overview of purpose and function of SAC / membership  Strategic Planning Exercise ◦ Increase impact ◦ Process improvement (policy review) ◦ Improve workforce engagement ◦ Grow means (revenue)  SAC business meeting ◦ Minutes ◦ Project approvals ◦ Section internal controls update ◦ Member leader training committee report ◦ Section minimum requirements status report  Section benefit – understanding of governance model

15  Keynote Speakers: ◦ Erik Wahl, Graffiti artist – disruptive innovation ◦ Robert Pence, President & CEO Freese & Nichols, Inc. – continuous improvement using Baldrige criteria ◦ Mike Abrashoff, Former Commander, USS Benfold & author – engagement & culture; leadership story ◦ Alicia Boler-Davis, Sr. VP, Global Quality & Global Customer Experience, General Motors Company ◦ Michell Rhee, Founder & CEO StudentsFirst – DC School system improvements

16  Customer Relationships  Risk Management  Building & Sustaining a Quality Culture  Making the Case for Quality  Quality Fundamentals

17  ASQ Divisions ◦ Audit, Lean, Statistics, Quality Management, etc.  Vendors ◦ Minitab, Northrop Grumman, Quality Council of Indiana, JMP Software, Gemba Academy LLC, etc  Bookstore  Social / Networking Events – meals, coffee breaks

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