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World Hunger CGW-4U.

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1 World Hunger CGW-4U

2 Hunger Scenario Remember a time when you have been hungry Symptoms:
Missed a meal, Delayed dinner or sick and unable to eat Symptoms: felt the gnawing pain of hunger being tired or cranky as your body adapted to the lack of energy Feel this feeling now

3 Hunger Scenario Situation: Symptoms:
Imagine you are unable to get food and this feeling continues for the whole day Symptoms: How has your feeling of hunger changed? How has it impacted your body? How has it impacted your mind? How has it impacted your emotions? Imagine the consequences of a day without food

4 Hunger Scenario Situation: Its been 1 week Symptoms:
You have eaten a small amount of food and water You have lost weight Symptoms: Imagine what the hunger feels like now How is your ability to perform simple tasks? How much energy do you have? Imagine the consequences of 1 week without food

5 Hunger Scenario Situation: Its been 1 year …. Or a lifetime
Without adequate food or water Any thoughts, feelings, or consequences of hunger that you mentally visualized?

6 Global Hunger Approximately 925 million people do not receive adequate daily food supplies One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished 15,000 children die each day from diseases related to lack of food During this class 478 people will die of starvation

7 Definitions Chronic Persistent Hunger: Undernutrition: Malnutrition:
Long-term and consistent conditions of poor nutrition. Has little to do with food shortages Undernutrition: Caused by not getting enough food to eat – poor food availability Malnutrition: Caused by poorly balanced diet – not receiving enough nutrients Famine: rapid and severe under nutrition – food shortages occur due to natural conditions. 1/10th of hunger related deaths

8 Did you eat breakfast today?
Yes No

9 There is simply not enough food produced to feed everyone...
True False

10 Overpopulation is the direct cause of world hunger....
True False

11 True False Poverty, corrupt economic systems and armed conflict are the major causes of world hunger....

12 Increasing agricultural land use will solve the crisis....
True False

13 True False Free trade and free markets will decrease the cost of food and increase global food sharing...

14 True False Developed countries could alleviate world hunger by providing food aid to suffering countries

15 Perceptions on Global Hunger
There is simply not enough food produced to feed everyone Incorrect: Current enough food to provide a 3200 calorie diet for every person each day. Global food production is not the cause of global hunger Overpopulation is the direct cause of world hunger Incorrect: there is no correlation between population density and hunger. Often significant food resources per capita coexist with hunger

16 Perceptions on Global Hunger
Increasing agricultural land use will solve the crisis Incorrect: Small scale farming using land more efficiently and produce larger yields compared to commercial farming Free trade and free markets will decrease the cost of food and increase global food sharing Incorrect: large corporations produce food at lower costs and benefits from free trade agreements. Developed countries could alleviate world hunger by providing food aid to suffering countries Incorrect: cannot provide long-term sustainable support by providing aid. Instead, local food economies are impacted.

17 Causes of World Hunger Poverty Corrupt Economic Systems
Lack of resources and unequal distribution of wealth (land, tools or money) Corrupt Economic Systems Control over resources and income is based on military, political and economic power Conflict Surrounding Cause/Importance of Hunger Receives less media attention and little accountability Armed Conflict War disrupts agricultural production, and governments often spend more on arms than on social programs

18 World Hunger and the Economy
The Global Food System based on large scale commercialization. domination by large transnational corporations control trade and pricing of food commodities Increasing emphasis on growing cash-crops for export Developing Countries Are economically dependent on single commodities Commodity and food prices have not risen significantly while the cost of input has risen dramatically.

19 Poverty and World Hunger
Malnutrition Energy Decreased Ability to Learn Ability to Work Poverty Shortened Life Expectancy High Death Rate for Children Low Disease Resistance

20 Effects of World Hunger
High Infant Mortality Rates Malnourished women are more likely to be sick, have smaller babies, and die earlier Where infant and child mortality is high, birth rates are also high Vulnerability to Common Illnesses A malnourished child often lacks the strength to survive any common illness Increased Risk of Infection Weakened immune systems and inability to fight off recurrent and lingering infections

21 Effects of World Hunger
Impediments to Physical Development Deprived essential proteins, micronutrients and fatty acids they need to grow adequately – stunted growth, poor brain development Impediments to Economic Growth Impacts educational levels, social services and industrial development Acute Vulnerability during Disasters Lack of supplies, resources, planning causes almost immediate death

22 Considered Solutions Creating More Cropland Using More Fertilizer
Urbanization Soil degradation Consider productivity of land Using More Fertilizer Ground water contamination Cost Lack of effectiveness

23 Considered Solutions Using More Pesticides Genetically Modified Foods
Costs Harm humans Pest become immune Genetically Modified Foods Seed control Additional costs Fewer jobs Human and environment threats

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