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World War I review The Great War, 1914-1918.

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1 World War I review The Great War,

2 What was the name of the group that conspired to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand?

3 Who was the “Black Hand”?

4 What three nations made the Triple Alliance?

5 What are Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy?

6 What alliance was formed by Great Britain, France and Russia?

7 What was the Triple Entente?

8 These were councils composed of representatives from the workers and soldiers in Russia.

9 What are Dumas?

10 This was the Red secret police.

11 What is the Cheka?

12 World War I was a ___, meaning that it involved a complete mobilization of resources and people.
Modern conflict Mobile conflict Trench war Total war

13 Answer: D World War I was a total war.

14 True or False. France came to the 1919 peace talks prepared to help Germany recover.

15 False. They wanted REVENGE!

16 Name the assassin of Archduke Ferdinand.

17 Who is Gavrilo Princip?

18 Agreements or promises to defend and help another country.

19 What are alliances?

20 Trying to build up an Empire.

21 What is Imperialism?

22 Building up armed forces, getting ready for war.

23 What is Militarism?

24 Having pride in your country, willing to defend it.

25 What is Nationalism?

26 These two French territories were lost to the Germans in 1871 and caused much resentment.

27 What are Alsace and Lorraine?

28 Capital city where the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand took place.

29 What is Sarajevo, Serbia?

30 Name three WWI battles. (3 Points!)

31 Any Three: Ypres (west) Marne (west) Somme (First and Second) Masurian Lakes (east) Cambrai (Italy) Jutland (sea) Tannenberg (east)

32 This country came to the aid of Serbia when Austria declared war against her.

33 Who is Russia?

34 Name the military strategy for fighting a two-front war in Europe
Name the military strategy for fighting a two-front war in Europe. Defeat the French first and then turn east.

35 What is the Schlieffen Plan?

36 The German advance toward Paris was halted at
The Battle of Marne The Battle of Tannenburg The French-Belgian border The German-Belgian border.

37 Answer: A Battle of Marne

38 Who was the Czar of Russia during WWI?

39 Who is Czar Nicholas Romanov?

40 He became the leader of the Bolsheviks, a party dedicated to violent revolution.

41 Who is Vladimir Lenin?

42 Who became the spokesperson for a new world order based on democracy and international cooperation?
Woodrow Wilson Rosa Luxemburg Karl Liebknecht Georges Clemenceau

43 Answer: A Woodrow Wilson

44 Name given for a German submarine.

45 What is a u-boat?

46 This British passenger ship was torpedoed by a German sub in the Atlantic.

47 What is the Lusitania?

48 Austria-Hungary feared that Serbia would
Create a large Slavic state. Kill Archduke Ferdinand. Invade Russia Invade Germany

49 Answer: A Create a large Slavic state.

50 Germany viewed the Russian czar’s full mobilization of the army as an
Act of kindness Act of bad judgment Act of war Act of support for Austria-Hungary

51 Answer: C An act of war!

52 Name the “Big Four” at the Paris Peace Conference.

53 Woodrow Wilson – United States
Woodrow Wilson – United States. Georges Clemenceau - France Victorio Orlando - Italy David Lloyd George - Britain

54 Britain declared war against Germany in August 1914, because Germany violated the neutrality of this country.

55 What is Belgium?

56 He was the emperor of Germany in WWI.

57 Who is William II?

58 American president Wilson argued at the Paris Peace Conference most strongly for
Forgiving Germany Restoration of Russia’s czar to end communism. A League of Nations to prevent future wars. The outright annexation of territories by the Allies.

59 Answer: C A League of Nations to prevent future wars.

60 Air warfare in WWI involved all of the following EXCEPT
The first long-range missiles Spotting enemy positions Attacking ground targets Shooting down enemy aircraft

61 Answer: A The first long-range missiles.

62 To maintain high morale and maintain support for the war among their citizens
The democratic states never resorted to exaggeration Only the authoritarian regimes used propaganda The democratic states used propaganda Only the authoritarian powers allowed peace rallies.

63 Answer: C The Democratic states used propaganda.

64 In this 10 month WWI battle, 700,000 men lost their lives over a few miles of land

65 What is the Battle of Verdun?

66 Britain used its superior navy to impose this on the Germans in the Atlantic.

67 What is a blockade?

68 This cable sent by the German ambassador to the Mexican embassy promised to return lost land to Mexico in exchange for Mexico entering the war with the Central Powers.

69 What is the Zimmerman Telegram?

70 A military draft.

71 What is conscription?

72 What was the new name for the Bolsheviks after they seized power?

73 What are the Communists?

74 This clause in the Versailles Treaty declared that Germany and Austria were responsible for starting WWI.

75 What is the War Guilt Clause?

76 Name three new weapons developed during WWI.

77 Machine Guns Zepplins Gas

78 Type of war fought in WWI.

79 What is Trench Warfare?

80 This type of war is fought when one side tries to wear the other side down.

81 What is a War of Attrition?

82 Land between the trenches.

83 What is “No Man’s Land”?

84 What year did the U.S. enter the War?

85 April 1917

86 True or False? The U.S. Senate enthusiastically supported the League of Nations.

87 False. Congress rejected it (Afraid of losing power and respect)

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