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Hunters and Gatherers of the World

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1 Hunters and Gatherers of the World
Chapter 1 Lesson 3

2 Objectives Identify the locations where early people were living during the later years of the Ice Age Describe the ways in which these people adapted to a variety of environments

3 Vocabulary Nomad – people with no settled home; wanderers
Society – group of people living and working under a set of rules and traditions Role - responsibility Culture – ways of life shared by members of a group

4 Around the WOrld About 15,000 years ago, the world grew warmer and water levels rose People began to migrate to different regions Communities of hunters and gatherers began to develop more complex ways of life

5 Africa As Earth’s climate changed, early Africans began migrating across the continent As they lived in new environments, they learned how to use different resources

6 Europe At the end of the last Ice Age, early Europeans adapted to a forest environment They developed new tools and ways of living Became less nomadic

7 Asia and the Pacific Between about 14,000 – 12,000 years ago, people began populating Asia and the south- western pacific islands Some began to stay longer in areas that had plentiful food

8 North AMerica People in North America adapted to a variety of environments, ranging from deserts to rain forests They adapted their technology to available resources Clovis people were one of the first cultures in North America

9 South America People who first settled South America adapted to the rain forests, mountains, and other environments Used trees and animals to make houses with wood frames, covered with animal skins Scientists have uncovered a 12,500 year old site in Monte Verde, Chile

10 Summary Groups of hunters and gatherers around the world found ways to survive in a wide range of environments Among there environments were deserts, grasslands, forests, coastlines, and rain forests As early people learned to adapt to their local environments, they developed ways of life that were different from one another Even by 10,000 years ago, unique cultures existed around the world

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