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Chapter 12 “Learning About World Religions: Judaism”

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1 Chapter 12 “Learning About World Religions: Judaism”
Essential Question—What are the central teachings of Judaism and why did they survive to modern day?

2 Lesson Objective: What am I learning?
I will learn about key Jewish teachings. I will also discover how Judaism was preserved after most Jews were driven from their homeland. *I will not sue Ms. Brown or The SAE for any inaccurate information about Judaism. I understand that Ms. Brown is doing her best and she is not an expert on religion.

3 Vocabulary Polytheism—the belief that there are many gods
Monotheism—the belief that there is only one god

4 Vocabulary Continued…
Talmud—the collection of ancient Jewish writings that interpret the laws/teachings of the Hebrew Bible Ethics—a set of moral principles (values)

5 Vocabulary Continued…
Exile—to banish from one’s own country or home Jewish Diaspora—scattering of the Jewish people outside their homeland (began ~586 BCE)

6 Vocabulary Continued…
Yavneh—an ancient city in Israel that became a center for Jewish learning

7 Background Information: Divisions, Invasions, and the Start of the Jewish Diaspora
Kingdom of Israel split into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah after King Solomon died. The division weakened the kingdoms Assyria conquered Israel and took its leaders Babylon invaded Judah Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to the city of Jerusalem Nebuchadnezzar burned down Solomon’s great Temple. Most people were exiled Jewish Diaspora begins

8 The Central Teachings of Judaism
Judaism—World’s oldest monotheistic religion. Judaism teaches that God is the source of morality (standards of right & wrong). *Ethics In your opinion, how do you know what is right and wrong? Is it ethical (right) to steal from someone rich and give to the poor? Or is that bad? Jews learn about their religion by studying sacred texts. Jews feel that God is close to them in their daily lives through study & prayer.

9 The Central Teachings of Judaism
The commandments tell how to lead upright and honorable lives. You shall not murder, you shall not steal, etc. Do you believe humans need reminders to be good? OR can we be good on our own?

10 Equality & Social Justice
Two important values that have influenced societies are equality & social justice. What is equality? What is social justice?

11 Equality & Social Justice
Many sayings in the Hebrew Bible, teach about treating everyone fairly. Do you agree with this? Is this possible? Is it possible for a teacher to treat everyone fairly?

12 Learning & Studying Studying the Hebrew Bible, is very important to Judaism. The Talmud, contains oral tradition along with academic analyses. The Talmud became a basic source of Jewish law. Throughout history, Jews have emphasized the importance of studying and learning. How has this helped this religion thrive and prosper?

13 Foreign Rule The invasion of Judah, the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple threatened the survival of Judaism. How would you feel about being exiled, scattered, and returning to your land to find it dominated by foreign rulers? The Jewish captives lived in Babylon for about half a century. From then on, Jews outside their homeland prayed to return. In 539 BCE, the Persians conquered the Babylonians. Persian king (Cyrus), ended the Jews’ exile.

14 Foreign Rule Many Jews returned to Judah, where Cyrus allowed them to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and to practice their religion. For nearly 400 years, Judah was ruled by foreigners. After the Persians came the Greeks. The foreign rulers were often harsh. Eventually, the Jews rebelled and started a war that spanned more than 20 years. They drove the Greeks from Jerusalem and reclaimed their Temple. (Jews today celebrate Hannukah in honor of this victory).

15 Think-Pair-Share How far would you go to defend your beliefs?
Would you go to war? Would you rebel?

16 To Be Continued… Lecture will be continued at our next class.

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