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2 D: Delivery : Reduce delivery time
What is the World Class Manufacturing ? WCM (World Class Manufacturing) is prepared for increasing the shopfloor standards to a world class level with improvement and development in a systematic way. Focus Areas: S: Safety : to eliminate accident Q: Quality : to way to reach the best production quality in worldwide C: Cost : Reduce production cost by reducing waste and loss D: Delivery : Reduce delivery time E: Environment : Reduce environmental accidents to zero and reduce negative environmental effects Fiat Grup’da Yalın Dönüşümün adı Dünya Klasında Üretimdir.

3 WCM in Industry WCM is a methodology used by many companies of automotive and various sectors worldwide: Fiat Group Chrysler Royal Mail Volvo Ariston Thermo Group Sistema Poland Tarkett Elica List of the firms involved in WCM Award Ceremony held in London in October

4 Factory WCM Program in Fiat World
The WCM studies are carried out in about 150 factories of Fiat and Chrysler Group. Factory

5 WCM Program in the Suppliers
Since 2008, the strategic suppliers of FIAT Group companies have been integrated into the WCM Program. Program 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 FIAT GROUP (Worldwide) 3 16 60 170 350 475 565 TOFAŞ 2 7 10 23 28

6 WCM Basic Structure and Objectives
Safety Quality Workplace Organization Maintenance Logistic Cost Deployment Total Quality Control (TQC) Total Industrial Eng. (TIE) Total Productive Main. (TPM) Just in Time (JIT) Method & Standards Quality Improving Productivite Technical Efficiency Service Level Focus 0 Defect 0 Waste 0 Breakdown 0 Stock Target 0 Accident

7 Improvement and Expansion
World Class Manufacturing Approach What is the Problem? Where? What is the priority? Waste/ Loss Analysis Right Methods Implementation Improvement and Expansion Evaluation of Results Benefit / Cost Implementation with Discipline Participation of all employees

8 World Class Manufacturing Structure

9 TOFAŞ WCM Road Map TOFAŞ, which has been selected as the the first ‘Silver Factory’ of FIAT Group in 2009 with a 62-point WCM audit score, is trying to be the first ‘Golden Factory’ surpassing the 70-point in this year.

10 Improvement in Accident Frequencies 97 %
TOFAŞ’s gains within 5-year WCM Journey Improvement in Accident Frequencies % Reduction in Transformation Cost % Improvement in Hours per Vehicle % Improvement in Quality Indicators % Proposal per Person



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