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STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Introduction World-Check tracks the identities of individuals and businesses from over 230 countries that are known to represent.

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2 Introduction World-Check tracks the identities of individuals and businesses from over 230 countries that are known to represent a money laundering, fraud, compliance or reputational risk. World-Check’s database of high-risk entities is derived from hundreds of thousands of public sources, and is updated daily in real-time by World-Check’s international research team. World-Check products then enables an organization to very efficiently — even automatically — screen, and regularly re-screen, an entire customer base or data-file for the presence of these high-risk entities. WORLD-CHECK HAS STREAMLINED DUE DILIGENCE

3 Product Choice In just seconds per name, screen unlimited number of names and document effort as proof of due diligence. ONLINE SERVICE automatically screen your entire record file whenever and as often as you want with immediate alerts to individuals or entities known to be high-risk. FILTERING SOLUTION

4 jokitmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolion nomnsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolio jlopsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolionjohnsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolion jolnsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgoliongurnsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolio johnsmithgeorgelanterjackfrintalexandregolichtfritsmanroviposgolion Customer names Filter Solution RESULTS screen every new name for risk regularly audit every existing name for risk log every search as proof of due diligence OKMore Due Diligence

5 Market Pioneer & Leader SOLUTION OF CHOICE Market pioneer—pre-9/11 company Largest & fastest-growing client-base Over 2,000 clients in over 130 countries, including 100s of government agencies Gartner-recommended: “Use World-Check Now, Avoid Embarrassment Later” 46 of the 50 largest financial institutions in the world are clients

6 A closer look at the World-Check database

7 (Nothing is added to the database unless it is sourced online) The World-Check Profile The World-Check Database consists entirely of CONSOLIDATED PROFILES. onot a random collection of sources & documents odata is collected & reviewed — key information is then summarized in a neatly organized profile on each entity oprofiles feature 2-dozen different fields, including aliases, alternative name spellings, case synopses, locations, dates of birth, associate links oWorld-Check proactively identifies & researches known high-risk entities from around the world ooriginal sources provided as hyperlinks

8 Database Coverage ovirtually every sanction list, plus 500,000+ other sources, including law enforcement, regulatory actions, watchdog groups and international media o2-dozen categories, including sanctioned entities, PEPs, shell banks, money launderers, fraudsters, terrorists, narco-traffickers, organized crime o1o12,000 – 15,000 new profiles added every month o1o18,000 – 20,000 existing profiles updated every month owe will conduct additional research or add any publicly available source at no cost upon request International Research teams update the database everyday in real time

9 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL WORLD-CHECKOFAC + UN + EU+ BOE Unparalleled Terrorism Content 17000 15000 13000 11000 9000 7000 5000 3000 1000 No. of Profiles World-Check’s Terrorism and Insurgency Research Unit (TIRU) has to date identified and profiled over 17,000 terrorism-related individuals and entities. OFAC + Bank of England + EU + UN, have only listed approximately 800 unique terrorism-related entries -- making up only 5% of World-Check’s overall terrorism-related content.

10 OECD, Wolfsberg Principle Group, FATF, etc. PEPs: Politically Exposed Persons SENIOR POLITICAL FIGURES ranging from the mayor of a significant city, up to diplomats, members of parliament and heads of state THOSE EXPOSED TO THEM family members, businesses, bankers, frontmen DEFINING PEPs It is critical that your vendor’s coverage be set to the same definitions by which you will be judged.

11 THE REAL RISK LIES WITH THE UNNAMED ASSOCIATES DOING THE DIRTY WORK It’s not Ali Baba that you need to look out for IT’S HIS 40 THIEVES ! oPolitical figures are too high profile and have too much at stake to launder illicit funds directly. oFamily members are less-than-ideal fronts as the high-risk entity does not want to see his wife or children go to jail anymore than he does. oEntities appearing on sanction lists naturally use frontmen knowing that these lists are public and enforced. Tracking Associates

12 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Tracking Associates Front Men Advisors Associates Family ? ? ? ?

13 Heidi Marchetti Customer Support

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