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PRESENTATION FOR June 30th 2004 S.O.M.O. I R A Q.

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1 PRESENTATION FOR June 30th 2004 S.O.M.O. I R A Q

2 2 SYNOPSIS 1.Introduction 2.Information on A. Makzume Group

3 3 Antoine Makzume International Transport and Trading Ltd. Co. Established in % family owned company, managed by its managing partners Erol Makzume and Semih Baki. Own offices in Iskenderun, Mersin, Istanbul, Izmir, Gemlik. Employing 276 personnel all duly enrolled in the company's payroll Our new web-site adress is: 1- Brief Introduction

4 4 2.A - Yearly Performance Business turnover exceeding Usd 30 Mil. Thousands of full truck loads carrying all kinds of commodities are carried domestically and internationally by ANTOINE MAKZUME transport offices. 2.B - Land Transport

5 5 2.B.I - Transport Projects for IRAQ; Past & Present Transport projects in the past –LPG, oil and other petroleum products’ transport from Iraq to Dortyol/Turkey several years –Saipem Mosul/Yumurtalık pipeline project min tons –Bekhme Dam project – Transport effected about 2 years –Humanitarian aid cargoes of WFP transported to Iraq for several years –Al Khaima Cement factory –Umquasr refinery project –Several containerized and conventional cargoes transported to Iraq Present transport projects –Food oil transportation of WFP to Iraq –Several mobile laboratory units to Sulaymaniyah/Iraq –Several passenger cars to Iraq –Dando drilling equipments to Dohuq, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah (transported for 5 years) –Various containerized and conventional cargoes to Iraq

6 6 Turkish Maritime Chamber Turkish Shipowners and Agents Association Turkish International Transporters' asscociation BIMCO Baltic International Maritime Conference ITIC, London (Agency insurance) CMR Insurance - LUTZ Munchen 2.C - Members of

7 7 BVQI ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate TSE -Turkish Standard Institute quality certificate 2.D - Awarded Quality Certificates

8 8 2.E - MAKZUME Co. Organigram

9 9 2.E.I - MAKZUME ISKENDERUN Yalıevleri Cengiz topal Cad. No. 19 İskenderun Tel : Fax :

10 10 Iskenderun (Head Office)

11 11 /Mersin ismet İnönü Bulv. Liman Karşısı Makzume iş Mrk. P.O. Box 156 Mersin Tel : Fax : E.II - MAKZUME MERSIN

12 12 Mersin Office

13 13 Atatürk Cad. 378/1 Soyhan Apt. Kat : 4 Alsancak / İzmir Tel : Fax : E.III - MAKZUME IZMIR

14 14 Koca Çukur Mevkii Azot Sanayi Yanı, P.O. Box 101 Gemlik / Bursa Tel : Fax : E.IV - MAKZUME GEMLIK

15 15 Iskele Meydani, Albay Faik Sozdener Sk., Iffet Gulhan Is Merkezi No. 9/12 Kadıkoy Tel: +90 (216) Fax: +90 (216) E.V - MAKZUME ISTANBUL

16 16 2.F - Makzume Offices Internet Network

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