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Welcome to Maskam Water! Matzikama means “Give us water”

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1 Welcome to Maskam Water! Matzikama means “Give us water”
Maskam is the northern tip of the Matzikama Mountains in Namaqualand, a semi desert area 300km north of Cape Town. Matzikama means “Give us water” We provide our customers with turn-key solutions, by importing a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe. Maskam Water Dealers in each country are trained to sell these products, design systems to their customer’s needs and provide the necessary backup service. This is for background information to the company only

2 Our range of products: Air purification equipment: Reduces the effect of air borne Allergens, Hay fever & Sinusitis Drainage and de-watering equipment: Including solar options Pumps and controls Variable Speed Drives Sewage lifting stations On-site sewage treatment plants: Good quality effluent, lowest running cost Water purification: Potable & waste water Water feature equipment: Including solar pumps Floating fountains Solar fridges and freezers Swimming pool water treatment without chlorine or salt Surface Solar pumps: Runs directly off PV panels, no controllers needed. We have a full range of products specifically for the green building industry

3 Maskam Water is geared to make life easier for everyone in Africa.
Some of the brand names that we import: We are also distributors for: The above mentioned are available through our dealer network. For more information on all these products, please visit our web site or contact your nearest dealer. Contact details of your nearest Maskam Water dealers is available on our web site. This is for background information to the company only

4 Clarus Fusion Sewage Treatment Plant
The Clarus Fusion is a factory-built activated sludge sewage treatment plant. It follows the exact same treatment process as municipal activated sludge plants. It is NOT a package plant.

5 What differentiates the Fusion from other plants?
Low power consumption – up to 90% less than most other plants Single tank construction Tank installed completely underground Low noise factor Easy installation Low maintenance No downtime during service / maintenance Alarm panel – self monitoring Full nitrification / de-nitrification cycle Effluent meets South African DWA General Limit Small Footprint Solar options available

6 Fusion Series Treatment Systems
Collaboration between USA and Japan, now available in Africa Fusion Series Treatment Systems

7 Fuji in Japan Designed in 1911
10 million installed and regularly maintained “Jokaso Law” requires 90-95% reduction in BOD5 (BOD5 <20) Japanese factory builds 40,000 units a Year 28 Staff on full time R&D ISO9001 Certified

8 Clarus in the USA Part of the Zoeller family
2007 – Received Class1 Certfication from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for Fusion system Ongoing research and development

9 The Fusion System Treatment plant Diaphragm blower 2 3 1 Alarm Panel
Treat your sewage from as little as 60 watts Solar options available. Different models available, from 1 person to 100 people Effluent is good for irrigation or to discharge to nature NO pumps in the system No electricity in the tank – only float switch Only Non-corrosive material used in tank No metal in tank Tank installation is completely underground Alarm Panel

10 1. Sedimentation Chamber
Raw sewage enters this chamber Solids settle to the bottom Fat and grease float on top Bacteria breaks solids and fat down to suspended solids Water from the “clear zone” (middle of chamber) flows up behind the baffles to the anoxic chamber

11 2. Anoxic Chamber Water from first chamber gravitates to this chamber
Sewage is treated by anaerobic bacteria “Bio Balls” (filter media) creates maximum surface contact area for bacterial growth Media is suspended in a cage, allowing non-degradable solids to fall through Non-degradable solids can be pumped out by lowering a suction pipe through the baffle.

12 3. Aeration chamber Air is introduced into this chamber 24/7 by means of diaphragm blower Moving media bed ensures maximum growth and contact area for aerobic bacteria while it breaks off pieces of activated sludge to prevent blockage 2/3 is Aerated. During this cycle water is air lifted from the clarifier and returned to the first chamber – constantly reseeding first chamber with bacteria & de-nitrification takes place Backwash twice per day. Chamber is aerated from the bottom and sludge is lifted (by means of air lift) and returned to first chamber for re-digestion. Aeration stack Filter media

13 Aeration chamber in operation
Filter media Aeration chamber in operation

14 Aeration cycle (click on the play button below)

15 Backwash to First Chamber

16 Backwash cycle, see how all filter material is stirred up

17 4. Clarifier Treated water flows from the Aerobic zone into the clarifier, sludge settles at the bottom, reduces suspended solids and the effluent exits the system for post-treatment with Chlorine, ozone or UV (disinfection) Treated water from this chamber is air lifted and recycled to the first chamber during the aeration process, where de-nitrification takes place and reseeding the first chamber with bacteria, enabling the plant to cope with variable- and peak flows.

18 5. Disinfection Treated effluent from the plant needs to be disinfected to kill e-coli, faecal coliforms and other harmfull bacteria UV, Ozone or chlorine can be used for disinfection UV is safe, reliable and has very low running costs Only use good quality stainless steel UV systems

19 Diaphragm Blower & alarm panel
Aerates Fusion 24/7 Air lift water for internal recirculation Air lift sludge during backwash cycle Very low power consumption (from 60watts) Monitors system 24/7. Warning light and siren will notify user if a problem occurs GSM module optional

20 Dual Air Supplying System
Distance between blower and unit must not exceed 10m

21 Actual test results in South Africa
* COD not tested since sample only arrived at laboratory after 2 days ** No chlorine was added by the user, hence our preference for using UV.

22 Sample of effluent of ZF450 after 15 months of operation, Franschhoek South Africa
45 cm visibility

23 Installation... Delivery ZF2400 ZF450 ZF450

24 Excavation & Gravel bed
Use gravel to level the base. The unit must be installed 100% level. Do NOT use sand or in situ soil to level the hole. For unstable soil or high water table, cast a concrete slab with four anchor points. Tie the steel hooks of the Fusion to the anchor points.

25 Lifting Use only the steel hooks to lift the unit. The unit might be damaged if lifted any other way.

26 Placement Ensure the unit is 100% level

27 First fill all the chambers with water and then backfill with in situ soil

28 Piping Connections Outlet Inlet Air lines

29 Blower & control panel Installation

30 PVC pipe with cap provides access to service UV
UV installation Always have up flow through UV. That way the UV can never run dry and overheat Only use Maskam Water recommended UVs PVC pipe with cap provides access to service UV

31 Final Grade ZF450 (1700 lpd) ZF2400 (9000 lpd)

32 ZF600 (2250 lpd) ZF450 (1700 lpd)

33 Applications Sewage treatment – domestic, farms, guest houses/lodges
New developments Retrofit for conservancy tanks Retrofit for septic tanks Rural areas Re-use of water Pollution control – where raw sewage pollute water sources Secondary treatment of industrial effluent COD reduction of industrial effluent before discharging to municipal sewer line (prevent high COD penalties) Informal settlements Temporary installations Pre-treatment for municipal plants Mobile ablution facilities (can be built into container)

34 Do’s and Don’ts Do: Have water tested as per local authority requirements Service plant every 6 months & send service report to Maskam Water Replace UV lamp every year Replace Blower Diafragm & Air filter every three years Use enviro-friendly detergents & chemicals (Biodegradable) For commercial kitchens / restaurants, use a good quality oil / grease trap Below are some important notes to keep in mind whenever using a biological treatment plant, irrespective of the kind of treatment process followed, or who the manufacturer is. Don’t: Use harmful chemicals, i.e. Bleaches, chlorines, anti-bacterial detergents & -soap. It will kill the bacteria in any biological plant Introduce petrol / oil / grease / engine cleaner into the system Flush paint / thinners down the sewer line Overload the system

35 For black water only, reduce capacity by 50%

36 Lifting stations available (if needed)
We have a wide variety of options when gravity flow is not possible... Applications: New construction or additions Sewage removal from locations lower than gravity sewer mains Sewer main is not accessible Lifting sewage into Clarus Fusion STP Dewatering Features: 100% preassembled Durable polyethylene or poly-structure foam construction basin Cast iron pump with non-clogging vortex impeller Pre-manufactured inlet for easy installation Rubber seal gasket on cover reduce odours Bolt-down lid on 24” x 24” model Wide range of pumps available, from dewatering to 50mm solids handling Wide range of basins and rail systems available, up tot 2.4m deep

37 Screen out non-degradable items in gravity fed systems
Effluent filter Multizone Valve WW1 & WW4 Mechanical diaphragm valve change to new zone each time pump starts 2 – 6 zone Valve Actuator 24 volt AC Accessories Screen out non-degradable items in gravity fed systems Bull run valve Use actuator to operate your 2 & 3-way valve STEP system Pump from a tank to the Fusion, screen out non-degradable items Perfect for gravity fed systems

38 Visit our web site or contact your
local for more details Contact details: International Tel: SA Telephone: WATER (92837)

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