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2 climate In Greece winter is wet and cold and summers are hot and dry! Greece is the hottest time between February and August and is coldest between January and March. A warm temperate Mediterranean climate prevails in southern Greece, while the north is wet and cool.

3 Geography Greece has many islands (almost 1,500) that extend southward from the European continent into the Aegean, Cretan, Ionian, Mediterranean and Thracian seas. Most of Greece is made up of rugged hills and mountains. The Pindus mountains are in the western half of the country. They can be as high as 2,500 meters. There are many lakes , rivers and wetlands.

4 Food In Greece people eat different kinds of food such as lamb, seafood, olives and cheese. People also eat potatoes, rice, beans, bread, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Olives are one of the main crops that grow in Greece. Garlic, onions and spices are also very popular in Greece.

5 Money Greek money is called Euro. In Greece they don’t accept other kind of money. Its better to exchange money in a bank or in an official exchange shop where you get the best running rates. 100 Canadian dollars equals 77 Euros.

6 Government Karolos Panoulias is the president of Greece. Karolos was re-elected on February 3rd, Greece is a democracy, you can vote if you are 18 years and older.

7 POPULATION There are 11.3 million people in Greece total. The population of Athens is close to 5 million .

8 Famous landmarks There are a lot of land marks in Greece like The Acropolis, Delphi, Palace of Knossos, Heraclius. There are many places in Greece that are ancient! Delphi Acropolis

9 Languages In Greece people speak a lot of languages but the main language is Greek. People also speak Turkish, Arvanitiki ,Tusk, and Romanian. There are sixteen languages spoken in Greece!

10 Sports Basketball Soccer ball
The national sport in Greece is soccer or as they call it football. In Greece they play all kind of sports. Football (soccer) is really popular just like hockey is popular here. People really like to go windsurfing , swimming and golfing as well. Soccer Basketball

11 Beliefs 98% of the people in Greece are Greek orthodox. In 2005 a Eurobarometer polled Greek citizens about their beliefs . It was found that 81% believed that there is a god, whereas 16% of people believed in some sort of spirit or life force. 3% of people responded that they don’t believe that there is any sort of god, spirit or life force. Other religions in Greece include Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, Hellenic Neopaganism, Greek Catholicism and Roman Catholicism . Greek Jews Greek orthodox

12 Education The Greek education system is mainly divided into three levels. It starts with primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary education is divided into kindergarten lasting one or two years. In Greece you have to wake up at 7:00 am and get ready to go to school. You get home at 1:30 pm. You only need a pencil, eraser and a note book that’s all you need to go to school. Girls and boys both go to school and they are even in the same class just like here! 97.8% of men are literate and 94.2% of women are literate.

13 Uniforms Greece has uniforms for everything such as school and police. Greek people are very stylish so they wear pretty clothes for regular days These are festive clothes. These are police uniforms. These are school uniforms.

14 Animals Greece is home to a lot of mammals found nowhere else including the Cretan Spiny Mouse , the Cretan Shrew , the Cretan Wild Goat or Kri-kri . Cretan Spiny Mouse Cretan Shrew

15 Games Greek games are so similar in fact they’re the same! Games like Hide and Go Seek and Hop Scotch and much more! Hide and Go Seek Hop Scotch

16 GREECE GREECE God Bless Greece Greece Greece Greece Greece Greece

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