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Alaska By: Ella Jennings.

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1 Alaska By: Ella Jennings

2 State Nickname The Last Frontier

3 State Flag

4 Statehood Date January 3, 1959
Alaska is the 47 state to enter the region. 47th state January 3, 1959

5 Bordering States Alaska is in the West Region. None
Alaska doesn’t have any bordering states because it is connected to Canada.

6 State Plants State Tree State Flower Forget-Me-Not Sitka Spruce

7 State Animals State animal - Moose State fish - King Salmon
State bird - Willow Ptarmigan

8 State Seal

9 State Motto North to the Future is Alaska’s state motto.

10 State Mineral and Gemstone
Jade-state gemstone Gold-state mineral

11 State Capital Juneau is Alaska’s state capital.

12 State Population 722,718 in 2011 722,718 people

13 Largest City Anchorage 291,826 people

14 Sources

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