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The World State The Revolution Continues By Pedro Muniz Leaflet.

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1 The World State The Revolution Continues By Pedro Muniz Leaflet

2 The World Crisis, the Causes and the Organizational Solutions

3 A planet with 7,0 billion people. More than 4 billion people in poverty and destitution (UN report). This is the most shameful bankruptcy of our economic, political and social systems. They need to be urgently replaced by new systems, which are adequate to the new world realities. To the 21st century.

4 Urban and water pollution. Greenhouse effect. Deforestation. The drying out of rivers and lakes. Desertification. Water stress. Polar ice cap melt down. Ocean level rising. The world being destroyed by the combined action of greedy and irresponsible governments and enterprises. Only the combined action of the people can avoid environmental collapse. In a new world order.

5 The people need energy. But the world is dependent on fossil fuel, which is the source of 80% of all consumed energy. There has been attempts to impose nuclear energy as an alternative. Both can destroy the environment and life with pollution and radioactivity. Men has already achieved the scientific and technological know-how and the money to develop clean and safe energy sources. But the governments of the economic powers, together with the interests of large corporations, impede solutions. The community of the world's peoples, through the UN, can bring about the final solution for the energy question.

6 The Second World War alone consumed 30 trillion dollars in military expenditure and destruction. It generated 28 million mutilated people and left 56 million dead. It devastated thousands of cities and whole nations. There were no less than 14,000 wars in 10,000 years of History. What is the tragic balance-sheet of their results? The insanity of the heads of government delay History, civilization, the development of the people. Due to the destructive action of wars, the human kind is at least 1,000 years behind in their evolution. The integration of the peoples in the World State will bring the war tragedy to an end. The resources destined to war will be used for the development of the human kind. If there is still time.

7 In 10,000 years of History, 14,000 wars. Each one causing millions of dead people. The grand total could come to 2 billion people either dead of mutilated. Mass produced mega massacres. The extermination of entire populations. Young healthy people destroying and dying, while they could be working, studying, building factories and hospitals, producing culture, art, health and civilization. The true development of the human kind will only be possible with the end of wars. All nations integrated in one single State. Governed by a common government, shared by all the peoples in the world. A single world population. An era which is very close.

8 The White House, The Kremlin, La Casa Rosada, The Planalto Palace. In the 19 th and 20 th centuries, the Executive Power grows out of control and gathers superpowers. The national governments become disastrous, a threat to the people and Democracy. An anachronistic, jammed and oppressive institution. The executive superpower must be modernized. Its functions must be redistributed. New powers of State must be created in each country.

9 The USA, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil. All over the world, the parliament of countries. Beautiful buildings. Expensive and ancient institutions. Do they represent their people? Or are they instruments of the powerful, means of domination, oppression, corruption? The representative regime is bankrupt. It does not accomplish Democracy. It accomplishes the domination of the people by the powerful castes. The world needs democratic, efficient and fair parliaments. And it needs a new Democracy, which is now possible.

10 England. The Queen's Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the seat of the Executive Power. Institutions from the Middle Ages and the British Empire. A picture of political backwardness. The 21 st century, the pillars of Parliamentarianism should be substituted by modern, efficient and democratic institutions.

11 Russia, the USA, Brazil, India. Federations. The age of horse carts at the time of the Global Village. Nations internally divided, while there is already the integration of the world peoples at a planetary level. The political irrationality causing costs, delaying progress and penalizing societies. The Federation, the disintegration, can already be substituted by modern and rational political forms. People can go to the Third Millennium.

12 Corruption. Grand corruption. Widespread corruption. Giant corrupt state. The dirtier side of politics. Involves the rich and poor. All countries. All people. The owners of power took possession of public money. Kings, presidents, ministers, judges, parliamentarians, secretaries, governors, mayors, civil servants... The government controls are very weak. Former political organization. The people ruled by murderers and thieves. No money for children, education, health, agriculture, development. More than 1.5 trillion dollars per year worldwide are sucked into the corruption. Loss of one year would be enough to solve major global problems. And form the basis of a new civilization. The redistribution of powers, the modernization of States and Governments, can eliminate this crime forever from the earth. Forever.

13 Each country with its Army. In combination, a world mega army. Twenty million soldiers in arms. Six times more than it is necessary for the safety of nations. More than 1.6 trillion dollars in annual costs. Spending just 1 year could eliminate the poverty and misery on earth. But there is no food for the children. The madness of heads of state with their war factories. Peace is possible. The safety of the world as a common and sole duty of the United Nations.

14 The Pentagon, USA. The biggest war machine of all time. More than 1.25 million soldiers with modern and powerful weapons. Nuclear weapons. A budget of over 700 billion dollars per year. More than 40% of all military expenses in the world. More than the GIP of 183 countries. It is the military support for former economic imperialism. The union of the people can overcome the domination machine and free the world.

15 The top 500 enterprises in the world already dominate 48% of the global economy. The tendency is for a growth to levels of 60% to 70%, or more. The smaller companies of the more fragile countries are being swallowed by the actions of the great capital of the rich countries. It is the neo-imperialism. Built from neo-liberalism. The actions of businessmen and heads of state from poor and emerging countries can save their wealth. In a common action, preferably through the United Nations. In the same way that the governments of the powers support and protect their mega corporations.

16 G-7 Summit. The USA, Germany, Japan, England, France, Italy and Canada. The richest countries in the world. This small group already dominates more than 60% of the world economy. Less than 40% is left to be shared by the remaining 184 countries. It is the G-7 who now rules the world. Outside the UN and against it. And it dictates orders to the rest of the world. It is the continuation of the world European imperialism, enlarged by the presence of the USA, Canada and Japan. The community of the people, in self- defense, at the heart of the United Nations, can undo this domination.


18 Throughout History, the world has witnessed an endless succession of disastrous heads of state and leaders. A crazy mixture of vain, ambitious, insensitive, dishonest, alcoholic, oppressive, murderous, psychopathic, corrupt, maniac and reckless people. The constant and inevitable results were crises, war, starvation, environmental destruction, oppression and domination. Throughout the ages and in all countries. What can the world expect from the heads of state and leaders of our era? Personalism, charisma, was never the solution, but eternal source of crises. Our age is institutional. The solution is institutional. Institutions appropriate to the 21st century. The progress of the law, political and administrative sciences already allows for the construction of new types of State, finally democratic. And forever abolish the insane leaderships from the lives of the people.

19 The huge and century long world crisis can no longer be solved by no country in isolation. Nor by a group of countries, G- 7, G-20 or any insane thing of the kind. And it cannot be solved by injecting more and more money in surpassed, bankrupt, ancient national and international structures. The great crisis is of a organizational nature. The new era requires a modern organizational profile. New types of State. New forms of Government. New political and economic regimes. And a true World Order. Only through the actions of the peoples, working together, can the world overcome its vital problems and build a new era. And only the UN is the instrument of the peoples for a life together. It alone can exercise the world rule, in a World State which is in formation since the 19 th century, grew in the 20 th century and is to be completed in the 21 st century.

20 The World State The Revolution Continues By Pedro Muniz Leaflet printed by Editora LivroRápido Adress: Rua Dr. João Tavares de Moura, 57 / 99 – Peixinhos 53230-290 – Olinda – PE – Brazil. A tribute to Professor Pedro Muniz This Leaflet was produced by León Costa, under the supervision of Alberto Gui and Jota Mendes. Graphic project by Andrei Quirino. Titles and text in Calibri (corpo) and Tempus Sans ITC. Images researched and scanned by Ded Gui and CopyShop. Printed in workshops of Editora LivroRápido in December, 2009, and upgraded in 2013. English version: Gustavo Gouveia – English teacher. - Telephone: (***) 81.9616.5657

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