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Marketing & Outreach for Food Cooperatives

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1 Marketing & Outreach for Food Cooperatives
Mid-Atlantic Food Cooperative Alliance Meeting: 10/25/14 Cynthia Blayer/Park Slope Food Coop

2 It’s All About Community
Gather a community of people who want a co-op Set up Facebook page & simple website Find interested people Find volunteers Discuss problems Events to gather a community: Pot luck dinners (Bethlehem) Public meetings Tabling

3 Start Committees From Queens Harvest:
“If you’d like to volunteer, considering joining a committee list to hear about how your skills (and willingness to acquire new skills) can help open the first food co-op in Queens!”

4 Variety of Committees From Greene Hill: Outreach Committee
Tabling at local farmers markets, community centers and events; canvassing throughout the surrounding neighborhoods; and collaborating with local community organizations.   Events Committees Marketing Committee Education Committee Reaches out and educates the Greene Hill community about healthy and sustainable food practices and lifestyle through healthy food store tours, on-site food demos and presentations

5 Tabling On streets near co-op
At events like street fairs, food festivals Give out flyer include an or website Prepare pitch engage people as they walk by Having a give away like some cookies could help! Windsor Terrace— partnered with local café

6 Flyers Leave at local businesses: just ask! Coffee shops Yoga studios
Libraries Schools Places of worship Chiropractors Health clubs Book stores Dry cleaners

7 In the News Windsor Terrace:
Up-and-Coming Windsor Terrace Food Co-op moves Closer to Reality  dnainfo, 12/17/2013 Co-op plan gains support of Windsor Terrace Residents  New York Daily News, 10/24/2012 Windsor Terrace Residents Planning a Food Co-Op  Grub Street, 10/19/2012 Group looks to bring food co-op to Windsor Terrace  Brooklyn Downtown Star, 10/10/2012

8 Find Community Partners
Greene Hill Food Co-op’s Win Win Win Discounts in exchange for website mention Leave flyers with them

9 Thank Community Partners
Community partners can help start- ups or established co-ops Queens Harvest Food Co-op thanks: Maggie Wood of Maggie Wood Design and Golden Earthworm Organic Farm for her beautiful photographs in the header of our website. All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunnyside has graciously donated meeting space for the co-op for the past few years.

10 Realtors as Community Partners
Creekside: Providing realtors with maps of co-op location and flyers Your local food co-op is so close! Creekside!

11 Get Personal With Facebook
Emphasize that your co-op is a friendly community From Doylestown: We caught up with Gloria Hall, founder of The Friends of the Farmstead, and passionate leader of the Save the Farms campaign, shopping at the store with her granddaughter, Caroline Webb.

12 Hear from Members From Ambler Food Coop’s Website:

13 Farmers are Part of Your Community
From Doylestown: The sweetest couple, two hard working farmers, in the store NOW - if you have not yet met Linda and Eric of Barefoot Gardens, what are you waiting for? Here until 7 pm.

14 Community Partners who Shop
From Doylestown: Meet Hannelore, proprietor of Hannelore Healing, and a Co-op eco-system partner. Hannelore says: “I enjoy the experience of community and friendly service when I shop the delicious products at the Doylestown Food Co-op. I always feel like I'm visiting with friends, not just shopping.”

15 More Community Partners Who Shop
Doylestown: Here's what Molly Mitnick, Studio Director of Bikram Yoga Doylestown and eco-system partner has to say about the Co-op: "It feels good to shop local, to support another small business and to role model for my son the importance of taking good care of ourselves by choosing yummy whole organic foods . . .!:

16 Get to Know the Staff Creekside crew member: Dawn - our new Front End Manager! Embracing all that is CreekSide

17 Staff are Part of Your Community
From Greene Hill: Say hello to our lovely new(ish) store coordinators! Nadia and Lauryl are the two friendly smiles that greet you on your visits to the Co-op. Thanks for all your great work, ladies!

18 What’s in the Store Now From Mariposa: Can also do new item alerts

19 (Challah)day Items From Doylestown: Now available for the upcoming holidays - Round challah from Le Bus Bakery.

20 Learn about Products Creekside: Know Your Local Apples Demo

21 Learn More About Products
From Weavers Way: Picture and link to Winter Squash Guide on Facebook

22 Post Recipes Bring people to store for ingredients:
From Queens Harvest : Under the weather? Check out these five soup recipes from around the world for comforting a cold.

23 Events to Bring People to Co-op
From Park Slope: Valentine’s Card Making Party Game Night Kids’ Variety Show Band Night Film Nights Kids’ Clothing Swaps

24 Film Screenings Ambler Food Co-op (with other local Co-ops)

25 In-Store Events Doylestown Food Co-op and Carlow Cookery cooking class happening now: Black Bean Cakes and Pico de Gallo prep --- great learning and so much fun!

26 Educational Events

27 Outside Co-op Events Park Slope: Camping!

28 Raffles and Prizes From Common Market: Goody Bags, Prizes and Ownership, oh my! Riley wants to sign you up! Tomorrow is the last day of our Owner Drive. Join now to receive your free EcoSac Goody Bag and be entered to win one of ten prizes!

29 Special Discounts From Doylestown: Save 25% on all varieties of Field Day popcorn as we celebrate Non-Gmo Month!

30 Tastings & Demos From Common Market: We've been celebrating fair-trade all week and right now! Our friends from Equal Exchange are showcasing their fabulous fair-trade coffee and chocolates, while supplies last!

31 Owner Appreciation Day
From Friendly City Coop: Guess what's hitting our shelves this Friday on Owner Appreciation Day? Locally roasted coffee for great cause! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each 8oz. bag of coffee supports HDR's revitalization efforts in our Downtown. Stop by the co- op between 9am and noon on Friday October 24th for a taste, and Owners enjoy a cup on us to-go!

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