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Life Coaching Services Ajay Vishwanath Master Spirit Life Coach Certified Career Coach

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1 Life Coaching Services Ajay Vishwanath Master Spirit Life Coach Certified Career Coach

2 Agenda Introduction to Life Coaching Importance of Life Coaching Coachable Areas in One’s life About the Coach My offering Value proposition Credibility as a Coach

3 Introduction to Life Coaching Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

4 Introduction to Life Coaching…. Contd. Coaching typically takes place on one to one basis, and occurs either face to face or can also be successfully accomplished through telephone and email contact. To help people attain results they want, life coaches use a variety of tools. Life Coach will ask powerful questions that will help one focus on what is most important for that person A Coach often acts as a partner, providing clients with tools, support and structure to achieve more than they might be able to do by themselves Life Coach typically assists clients to discover their inner resources and other alternatives which can reduce or eliminate such barriers

5 Importance of Life Coaching Some situations/presenting problems people deal with when life throws challenges …. These may be people’s negative trends that can affect their performance, health and well being almost in all areas of their lives !! Unable to cope up with professional and personal pressure Some kind of frustration in personal and professional life of an individual, may be due to increasing demand from them to perform in all areas of their lives and this increases as they grow in life! Reactive approach (Thinks about health and wellbeing only when something happens instead of taking preventive course of actions) towards Health and Wellness and generally towards life Continuous Negative thinking that become negative trends ! Lack of understanding about their own self, negative and demotivating perspectives towards life, etc....and so on… problems are the same around the globe. ….

6 Importance of Life Coaching… Contd. A Life Coach can help their clients or people find what they may have lost in their life ! (work, personal life, etc..) The Life coaching process helps clients, both define and achieve their goals in life, faster and with more ease than would be possible otherwise Life coaching with an appropriate blend of metaphysical or spiritual coaching can help people recognize and drop negative trends that they may be carrying from the past that could be hindering them from moving forward in their lives! Through Coaching, it is possible to work a win-win approach for the Clients or people and also other persons associated with them.

7 What would you work on with a life coach? Setting and achieving goals and objectives Planning — business, career and life Blasting through blocks and fears Clearing clutter Financial security and independence Balancing business/work and personal life Making key decisions and designing strategies for success (personal and professional) Communicating powerfully and succinctly Becoming a problem-free zone Building powerful relationships and many more …

8 About your Life Coach – Ajay Vishwanath Has 12 years of IT industry experience and an Entrepreneur since 5 years on IT, HR Training and Consulting and at present into Life Coaching Worked with various people across the industries and in the public domain ICF (International Coach Federation) certified with identified niche in and as “Master Spirit Life Coach” and “Certified Career Coach”– Certificates provided at the end of the presentation

9 My offering One to One Coaching sessions – To help Clients be comfortable with themselves and be assured that the session will be confidential and coach them on areas they want to transform in their life Group Coaching sessions – Organization, Institution or College identifies a set of people for a specific business objective to be achieved effectively through Coaching Group Coaching sessions – Coaching small and big groups on common areas like “Positive Thinking”, “Overcoming Fear”, “Building Relationship”, etc..

10 Value Proposition Clients feel good about the coaching as they would discover many insights about their own life and this helps them change their lives for better Coaching by an ICF Certified Professional would bring to the table best coaching practices appropriate to the situation Your Life Coach is a catalyst for you to change or transform your life the way you want it. Internationally approved concepts and tools will be delivered just for you and help will be provided in applying these to your own life to make it more meaningful so that you are contended/satisfied with your own life Your Life Coach brings with him a good blend of technical expertise, spiritual context and coaching principles combined as a package to deliver a purposeful and meaningful coaching for you

11 Credibility – MasterSpiritLifeCoach

12 Credibility – CertifiedCareerCoach

13 Thank You

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