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Famous People from our Hometown Alcino Simões Lopes.

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2 Famous People from our Hometown

3 Alcino Simões Lopes

4 Dr. Alcino Simões Lopes Alcino Lopes was born in Brazil on the 9th November 1894. He came to Lousã when he was still young. He studied Medicine and in 1922 he concluded his degree. He worked as a municipal doctor in Lousã, but he didn’t charge any money for his appointments with the poor patients. That’s why he was so admired by the people of Lousã.. In 1979 his name was given to one of the ambulances. He died on the 29th February 1980. For 50 years he worked as a doctor, helping the ones in need. He was called “The poor people’s doctor” or “The poor people’s Father”.

5 Town Hall This statue was built in honour of Dr. Alcino Simões Lopes. It was a way to show the gratitude of Lousã’s people to this great doctor.

6 Álvaro Viana de Lemos

7 Álvaro Viana de Lemos Álvaro Viana de Lemos was born in Lousã on the 28th March 1881, and died in Coimbra, on the 21st August 1972. He was a famous pedagogue.The arts were also one of his passions, so he left several works, such as drawings, oil paintings, watercolor and pastel paintings. He introduced in Portugal the techniques of engraving on wood (linoleogravura). As for the actions promoted, he was involved in several cultural issues and events, most of them included in the Town Hall’s planning. A few years ago his name was given to one of the groups of nursery and Primary schools of Lousã (Agrupamento de Escolas Álvaro Viana de Lemos).

8 João Oliveira Ramos

9 Commander João Ramos was an important firefighter that had and still has a great influence in Lousã’s people; this famous commander lived in Lousã his entire life. The street where he lived with his family (Guiné-Bissau Street) was called Comandante João Ramos street, after his death on the 12th April 1992. During his firefighter career, Commander João Ramos has been the commander of Lousã fire brigade for two times. On the day of his death, there was a huge morning in Lousã and his name still remains famous. João Ramos wasn’t only a firefighter, he was also a primary teacher in Lousã.

10 Carlos António Rodrigues dos Reis

11 Carlos Reis 1864-1940 Carlos Reis was a Portuguese painter, born in Torres Novas, Fine Arts professor who was awarded a lot of times in several national and international exhibitions. He lived in Lousã and here he found different issues that provided the inspiration for his works. His paintings portray legends and beautiful landscapes of Lousã, as well as its inhabitants’ lifestyles. The last painting Carlos Reis has done is in now at the Town Hall. Our group of schools will be named after this famous painter.

12 The End Work done by: Mónica; Francisco; Paulo, Pedro Daniel; Ricardo 9th A class “Welcome to Europe” an eTwinning Project June 2008 Escola Básica 2,3 da Lousã, Portugal Music : Medieval Babes - “ The Lament”

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