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People are People & Ads are Ads Perspectives on B2B Copy Testing March 19, 2007.

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2 People are People & Ads are Ads Perspectives on B2B Copy Testing March 19, 2007

3 My Perspective 15+ years experience Testing ads Briefing ads Making ads Developing ad strategies 1000’s of ads Mostly B2C, but lots of B2B Still on a journey of discovery

4 People Are People

5 Ads Are Ads

6 Therefore... Testing B2B ads is the same as testing B2C ads

7 People Are People B2C Passive mediums Looking to be entertained While some media are active (online and print, it’s still entertainment that driven) Claim not to be influenced by advertising Still buy based on ads B2B Fundamentally the same perspective on creative More of an obligation to review materials It’s my job syndrome Fun stuff breaks through to the top Ads drive consideration It comes down to understanding the target

8 Targeting Purchaser End User Influencer

9 Targeting Hands up if you making purchasing decisions for a business? Who has a cell phone for work? Who has kids? Who is currently involved in testing B2B ads - i.e. a supplier of research? Who needs B2B ads tested - i.e. a buyer of research?

10 Ads Are Ads

11 What Makes Great Ads?

12 They Get Noticed

13 They’re Unmistakably Ownable

14 They Say Something

15 They Influence People

16 Great Ads Need to get noticed –Entertaining and enjoyable Be about the brand Tell me something important –Rational –Emotional Make me want to buy, or consider

17 Let’s Look At Some Ads Who are they talking to? Would they gain attention? How unmistakable are they? What’s the message? Is it motivating?

18 How Do You Test Ads?

19 Start With The Creative Brief Figure out the advertising objectives Ask why they are advertising Ask who they are trying to influence Ask what makes them think the ad will influence them Is it supposed to be funny Will it remain animated What’s it all about Ask everyone to tell you how it works –marketing, agency, creative, media. whoever Make Sure You Understand the Ad!

20 How Do You Test Ads? B2C Identify the target audience Find a representative sample Figure out what you need to measure and what the tolerances are in your organization Then: –Rely on your gut –Ask your friends and peers –Do some focus groups –Conduct one of many copy tests available –Post track –Sales Evaluation B2B Fundamentally the same Usually much harder to find a sample of the audience in a cost effective manner Often rely on qualitative

21 Remember Targeting Is this a: –DM piece to a very limited list of people –Print ad in an industry vertical –Print ad to a wide end user audience –Mass TV commercial for influencers and end users

22 B2B Qualitative Avoid groups, consider one on one’s –Business types don’t want to share trade secrets –They want to be heard right away and feel important –They can tend to brag in groups –You are paying a lot for their time so you might as well focus it If using groups –Get them to right their responses down –Don’t ask them about likes and dislikes, ask them about the objectives outlined in the brief –Don’t be afraid to cut someone off, it’s business

23 B2B Qualitative Allow for much more rational responses, but break through them Use non-verbal techniques and projection to measure the emotional impact of ads Allow respondents to project to the opinions of others in their firm, avoid the ‘we only want to hear what you think’ Their skepticism is natural, the purchase cycle is much longer and they really do need time to review

24 B2B Quantitative Consider the opinions of influencers and end users in the make up of the sample, not just purchaser decision makers Press for norms or benchmark against another ad or competitor Consider more in-depth post media interviews - i.e. contact people on subscription lists For cost effectiveness, consider on-line

25 B2B Market Tests Seed different response channels Measure response rates Test matched lists Test matched cities Conduct post interviews among magazine subscribers Solicit participation from your media partners

26 Reconstruct / Deconstruct

27 Transcontinental DM

28 No testing Go big mentality Small target Huge cost Measured response Won an award!

29 Amex Small Business

30 Focus groups with small business owners DM Testing –Multiple cards offers –Multiple DM packages –Several creative pieces –Tested over many cities

31 Air Canada Print

32 Product development work with corporate travel specialists Qualitiative research with frequent flyers Brand and product awareness tracking

33 Microsoft Vista Launch

34 Strategic development research Testing among –tech community –buyers –influencers –users Multi counrtry Benchmarking against norms

35 Discussion

36 Thanks! You’ve been great people Now here’s my ad...

37 Contact Anik Karimjee Rank Research Group Inc. 688 Richmond Street West, Suite 204 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 1C5 Phone Office: 416-322-2224 Fax: 416-366-9890 Internet

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