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A day in the life of two deaf people. A day in the life of.... Ineedo Help & Ivor Gadget 2.

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1 A day in the life of two deaf people

2 A day in the life of.... Ineedo Help & Ivor Gadget 2

3 06.45 hours Ineedo Oversleeps, he doesn’t hear his alarm clock – oh whoops! but…. Ivor is woken by his Vibrating alarm clock 3

4 Vibrating Alarm Clocks They are very, very loud Designed to even wake up teenagers !! 4

5 08.00 hours Ineedo Misses the train – the boss will not be happy, it’s not the first time Meanwhile... Ivor Is at the station on time and listens to his mp3 player using a personal stereo direct input lead. 5

6 Personal stereo direct input lead Superb sound quality Direct input connection to hearing aid from any 3.5mm headphone socket, including mp3 player, iPod, mobile phone etc. 6

7 Personal inductive listening Connect using the ‘loop’ program on your hearing aids 7

8 09.00 hours Ineedo Is still running from the station. while…. Ivor Is at work on time, ready to start his working day. It’s time for coffee! 8

9 09.20 hours Ineedo Misses a phone call, he is unaware that his no.1 customer has been trying to contact him. across the city…. Ivor Listens to the answerphone messages on his amplified phone received while he was away at the weekend 9

10 10.00 hours Ineedo Looks out of the window. Why is everybody out in the car park? but…. Ivor is in the car park during during the monthly fire drill. He was alerted by his pager. 10

11 12.00 hours Ineedo Takes a phone call, not an easy experience. Ineedo used to be able to use the phone easily until a new phone system was installed. It looks very smart and even shows the time and who is calling, but the system phones are difficult to hear, it is very frustrating for everyone. meanwhile…. 11

12 12.00 hours meanwhile …. Ivor Takes a phone call using an fmGenie radio aid connected to his hearing aids and his work telephone. It leaves his hands free and he can easily use his computer while he talks. 12

13 13.00 hours Ineedo Time for lunch – what will Ineedo’s girlfriend be doing tonight? Ivor It’s Ivor’s lunch break too. Using his mobile phone Bluetooth Neckloop, he calls his friend ‘Vera Nice’ to ask for a lift home and to join him for supper. 13

14 Bluetooth neckoop Use with the loop programme on hearing aids Pair with bluetooth enabled mobile phones Rechargeable with USB, mains and car charger options 14

15 14.00 hours Ineedo Ineedo is sitting eating his lunch... Ivor It’s important that Ivor talks to his boss straight after lunch. His smart new watch vibrates to remind him that he has to be there in 5 minutes... 15

16 Vibralite Vibrating Watches Good vibration Daily alarms and countdown timers Range of different styles and colours 16

17 15.00 hours Ineedo There is a presentation by his new boss who he would like to impress! Although Ineedo has a special seat at the front it is still not easy, especially when the new lady turns around. however…. 17

18 15.00 hours however…. Ivor Is also attending a presentation but listening using his fmGenie radio aid with his hearing aids both for the presentation and with a conference microphone for the group discussions that follow. 18

19 17.00 hours Ineedo The train is on time for a change. Ineedo watches dusk falling as the train winds its way home through the suburbs. Ivor Ivor can find listening in the car difficult so he uses his fmGenie radio aid to catch up on the latest gossip with Vera. 19

20 18.00 hours... Ivor Home at the end of a busy day, Ivor picks up his PPS pager from the hall table. The pager has trigger units for the door bell, telephone and smoke alarm system to help keep Ivor in touch with the world around him. 20

21 18.10 hours Ineedo While at the kitchen sink Ineedo was frightened out of his life when he saw Harry from next door knocking at the window. Harry had guessed that Ineedo had not heard him ringing the front door bell. but our other friend…. 21

22 19.00 hours Ineedo Dinner was tasty, but Ineedo was not too pleased. He had missed the start of the James Bond film because Harry from next door was knocking at the window again. This time it was to ask for the TV sound to be turned down – the train crash was just too realistic !! Meanwhile, on the other side of town…. 22

23 19.00 hours on the other side of town…. Ivor and Vera are using the DVD player to watch their favourite film with subtitles. Ivor is also using a Digital headset to help him listen to the TV, without deafening his very nice girlfriend! 23

24 22.00 hours Ineedo Time for bed, Ineedo hopes that by getting an early night he will wake on time. elsewhere…. Ivor Kisses Vera goodnight. She is off home as she has an early start tomorrow. 24

25 22.30 hours Ineedo Ineedo has left his hearing aids in his jacket pocket Ivor Ivor takes off his hearing aids and puts them in his Dry and Store, so they’ll be ready for the morning 25

26 Dry and Store Designed for home use every night Removes moisture Dries earwax Kills germs Deodorizes hearing aids Many other items also available keep hearing aids in great condition 26

27 22.45 hours Ineedo We are not sure what would happen to Ineedo if there was a fire during the night.. Are you ? Ivor Time for bed, safe in the knowledge that his interlinked smoke alarm with bed shaker will wake him if there is a fire. 27

28 Smoke alarm with bed vibrator and strobe Bed vibrator with strobe Wireless system with DIY installation Interlinked smoke alarm heads so that if any sensor is activated the whole system alerts Option for Carbon Monoxide detection 28 Hearing aid users do not wear hearing aids at night and would not hear a conventional smoke alarm

29 Solutions to improve the quality of life Technology will never solve all problems but…. there is a lot that it can help with. Goodbye from us and goodbye from them. Thank you for listening. 29

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