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YOUNG PEOPLE IN MEDIA. Programs created by young people.

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2 Programs created by young people


4 5-10-15 …



7 Popularity of programs created by young people

8 Diagram shows popularity of programs:

9 What think about teenagers other people?

10 What said the questionnaired …

11 An article: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MEDIA AND YOUNG PEOPLE The media's representation of young people's participation in society is important given the significant role the media plays in influencing society's concept of youth and it's perception of what young people are capable of. Young people are the subjects, consumers and producers of media. Although the relationship between young people and the media is multifaceted, discussions often focus on young people as subjects, that is, the way young people are represented in the media. The media's portrayal of young people is an important issue for both young people and those that work with them because the media plays a critical role in shaping concepts of 'youth' and influencing the development of public opinion and policy. …

12 There is a general consensus that the media portrayal of young people is unbalanced with too much emphasis on the problems of youth. This results in stereotypes that do not reflect the diversity of young people and their experiences but rather places young people into simplistic categories. Young people believe stereotypes are created because the media largely ignores the views of young people in discussions about social issues. Young people see a clear link between the way they are portrayed in the media and the way they are perceived in the community. Stereotypes can lead to fear and suspicion of young people among other members of the community and young people often feel misunderstood and discriminated against. For this reason young people have called for reporting to be 'more accurate, realistic and positive' and for more opportunities to be involved in the media. Just as young people are not a homogenous group, the media is not a single entity. 'Media' can incorporate news and information media, advertising, internet and digital media, television dramas and soaps etc. The focus of this report is news and information media, primarily print, television and radio. …

13 An interview with John Force:


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