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Definite and Indefinite Articles

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1 Definite and Indefinite Articles
Capítulo 1B – Apuntes #2 Definite and Indefinite Articles

2 In English, the definite article is “ ” and the indefinite article is “ ” or “ ” THE A AN In Spanish, the definite articles are “ ” and “ ” and the indefinite articles are “ ” and “ ” EL LA UN UNA

3 The Spanish Definite Articles:
is used with masculine nouns; is used with feminine nouns They are equivalent to in English. El La the modelo: the book el libro the family la familia the pen el bolígrafo the folder la carpeta the eye el ojo

4 The Spanish Indefinite Article:
Un is used with masculine nouns Una is used with feminine nouns a an They are equivalent to or in English. modelo: a book un libro a family una familia a pen un bolígrafo a folder una carpeta an eye un ojo

5 Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles
Summary Chart: el (masculine) the la (feminine) un (masculine) a; an una (feminine) a; an Note: 1. There are exceptions to the rule: el día the day la mano the hand 2. When you learn a new noun, learn it with the definite article and repeat it as often as possible. Eventually, you will find that words just “sound right” with the correct article.

6 Actividad #6: 1. el libro 5. la escuela un libro una escuela
*You will hear 8 words you already know. Write them down with the definite article THE in Spanish EL (masculine) or LA (feminine). *Change the definite article to the indefinite article. 1. el libro 5. la escuela un libro una escuela 2. la carpeta 6. el chico una carpeta un chico 3. la chica 7. el sábado una chica un sábado 4. el profesor 8. la amiga un profesor una amiga

7 Now do: 1. Actividad #18 página 61 2. Practice Workbook 1B-6

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