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The Case of the Flying-Saucer People

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1 The Case of the Flying-Saucer People
Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. My friend completed a Spanish _________ of one of my favorite stories. advanced piercing translation decoration

3 Vocabulary 2. The new announcer has black, _______ eyes that seem to look right through you when he speaks. piercing features publicity measuring

4 Vocabulary 3. The author appeared on television and talked about her new book because she wanted ______. translation publicity feature commotion

5 Vocabulary 4. Next year, I will take an ______ Spanish class. atoll
advanced energy embers

6 Vocabulary 5. Which of the _______ in the new house do you like best?
features piercing advanced weird

7 Comprehension 1. Einstein enjoys using words out of order, but others find this habit to be _______ . funny confusing annoying sincere

8 Comprehension 2. Einstein is not his real name; ______ .
his mother calls him Adam his brother is called Dennis other people like his name it’s his brother’s name

9 Comprehension 3. Why does Mrs. Anderson invite Mr. janus to dinner?
She wants her family to meet him. She wants to buy is translation machine. He is new in town and doesn’t know anyone. She is interviewing him and wants Einstein to check his story.

10 Comprehension 4. In the selection, what evidence leads you to think Mrs. Anderson may doubt Mr. Janus’s story? Mr. Janus sounds very sincere. She doesn’t believe in flying saucers. She wants Einstein’s opinion about Mr. Janus’s adventure. She has been to the base station but did not meet Mr. Janus.

11 Comprehension 5. According to Mr. Janus, it was not difficult to climb the hill on the moon because ______ . the hill was small of the moon’s high gravity of the moon’s low gravity there was a comfortable breeze

12 Comprehension 6. One way the moon is different from earth is that the moon ______ . is hotter than earth has no atmosphere is colder than earth has lots of dust and rocks

13 Comprehension 7. Why are the saucer people destroying their base?
The saucer people are planning to enlarge the base. The saucer people think Earth people are too advanced to move there. Earth people are not advanced enough to belong to the Galaxy Federation of Intelligent Beings. Earth people already belong to the Galaxy Federation of Intelligent Beings.

14 Comprehension 8. In this selection, the word whopper refers to a big, fat ______ . hamburger fiction book lie scientific error

15 Comprehension 9. In order for sound waves to travel and be heard, there must be ______ . land sunlight water air

16 Comprehension 10. According to this selection, at one hundred degrees Celsius, water will ______ . begin to boil be a little warm be at room temperature turn to ice

17 Comprehension 11. This selection mostly takes place ______ .
in a modern-day home at the newspaper office on the moon in the flying saucer

18 Comprehension 12. This selection is a mystery because ______ .
it gives instructions for making something it tells a true story about someone’s life the action focuses on solving a mystery it solves a word puzzle

19 Comprehension 13. What does Einstein think he will be in two years?
a very important detective fourteen an interviewer one of the flying-saucer people

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