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Los Adjetivos/The Adjectives

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1 Los Adjetivos/The Adjectives
Realidades 1 Capítulo 1B Apuntes #1: Los Adjetivos/The Adjectives

2 What is an adjective (adjetivo)?
Adjectives are words that describe people and things, in other words, NOUNS! for example: the pretty girl the blue pen

3 Rules for adjectives in Spanish:
In Spanish, most adjectives have both masculine and feminine forms. The masculine form ends in an and the feminine form ends in an : -o -a

4 a. Masculine adjectives are used to
describe masculine nouns and usually end with the letter -o modelo: Marco es ordenad y simpátic o o (Marco is organized and nice)

5 Feminine adjectives are used
to describe feminine nouns and usually end in the letter -a modelo: Marta es ordenad y simpátic a a (Marta is organized and nice)

6 Adjectives that end in an describe both masculine and feminine nouns.
modelos: Anita es inteligent . Pedro es inteligent también. e e (Anita is intelligent. Pedro is intelligent, too.)

7 Adjectives whose masculine form
ends in have a feminine form that ends in -dor -dora modelo: Juan es trabaja Luz es trabaja dor dora (Juan is hard-working. Luz is hard-working)

8 Some adjectives that end in , such as, deportist (athletic) describe
BOTH masculine and feminine nouns. -a a modelo: Tomás es deportist Marta es deportist también. a a (Tomás is athletic. Marta is athletic, too.)

9 Spanish Adjectives Summary Chart
MASCULINE FEMININE ordenado ordenada paciente paciente trabajador trabajadora *deportista *deportista

10 Now do: Actividad 7 página 55 Actividad 8 página 56 Roberto Yolanda
artístico atrevida Actividad 8 página 56

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