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Linda Orso, Former Executive Director Down Syndrome Association Angie Thomas, has sister with Down syndrome Barbara Lagoni, Nutritionist, Cornell University.

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1 Linda Orso, Former Executive Director Down Syndrome Association Angie Thomas, has sister with Down syndrome Barbara Lagoni, Nutritionist, Cornell University Nutritional & Behavioral Support for People With Down Syndrome… Ideas for Improving: Immune System Cognitive Ability Muscle Tone and Slow Metabolism & More

2 To provide life skills and whatever support we can so that our children can :’ Fit into society Be happy And accepted as a valued member of the community The purpose of this presentation is : To share ideas on guiding and teaching people with DS. To understand the role diet and vitamins can play in supporting their health, their behavior and their cognitive development linda/barb The Goal for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities

3 Incidence of Down Syndrome From 1 in 800 children (2000 ) to 1 in 750 ( 2009) …. Today --1 in 691 400,000 people in US with Down syndrome 5000 to 6000 born each year Incidence is increasing DESPITE the fact that 90% of women end the pregnancy if pre-natal testing indicates Down syndrome. If moms know they will be giving birth to a child with Down syndrome, they may want to do everything they can to give their child as much nutritional support as possible.. To help their bodies be as strong & as healthy as possible. linda

4 Lydia’s Story 35 years old Graduated from a community college Employed full time at the county government Enjoys writing, cooking, reading, music, movies, playing basketball, playing the piano and swimming and dancing Made several presentations about her life and about having Down syndrome to local schools and parent support groups. Married in April 2013 linda

5 Health Challenges With Down Syndrome Weakened immune system Respiratory and allergy issues are common Slower recovery Cognitive impairment Early dementia Slowed metabolism – creates issues with weight and obesity Poor muscle tone (hypotonic) Joint /arthritis Constipation.. Digestive issues (gluten intolerance, food sensitivities ) Sleep (apnea, poor sleep habits, difficulty sleeping, tired) Dry skin/ eczemalinda

6 Dietary Recommendations Just like everybody else, sugar and refined carbohydrates tend to deposit fat, especially around the waist. Ideal diet includes 6 to 9 vegetables a day. --the primary source of essential vitamins and minerals (very little in bread, cookies, meat, dairy …and refined --carbs and sweets will deplete nutrients at an astonishing rate diminishing brain function and weakening the immune system) barb

7 Start with the Basics -- Vita Lea Multi Vitamin/Mineral Cognitive Support B Complex – for the brain and nervous system & for healthy skin Omega Guard (fish oil)– essential for brain & natural anti-inflammatory & healthy skin Immune Support Optiflora (probiotic) – for intestinal health & immune system Vita C – sustained release Muscle Strength & Weight Management Protein shakes with muscle building amino acid leucine Shaklee 180 Smoothees and Bars, barb Basic Supplement Program for Children/Adults with Down Syndrome

8 B Complex Essential for the brain and nervous system Depleted by sugar, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol, medications, stress Water soluble so must be continually replaced Deficiency can cause mood swings, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, depression, mental confusion, headaches, anxiety attacks, cracks at corner of the mouth, hair loss, joint pain. Helps reduce sugar cravings Found in dark green vegetables, organ meats and whole grains barb

9 Omega Guard/ Mighty Smarts Essential for the brain, eyes and joint health Helps with ADD/ADHD Helps prevent memory loss and depression Helps reduce inflammation Helps reduce triglycerides and cholesterol Helps raise HDL ( good cholesterol) ) Helps lower blood pressure Helps reduce plaque and risk of blood clots Helps improve eczema, colitis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, migraines and macular degeneration barb

10 DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that affects early brain and eye development Studies show that many kids do not get enough of this important nutrient Foods high in DHA—such as sardines, tuna, and organ meats such as liver—are not kids’ favorites Eating large amounts of fish can lead to unhealthy exposure to mercury and other environmental toxins, which can be especially harmful to children barb DHA-Powered Mighty Smarts™ Dagim

11 Supersmart: High in DHA Omega-3s for BrainPOWer DHA helps support concentration, memory, and vision 100 mg per serving—A level clinically proven to increase blood levels of DHA in children ages 4–12 Supersafe: Certified organic by Quality Assurance International † 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives Gluten free † 75% organicbarb Great Tasting, Kid Tested, and Kid Approved! Yummy Orange Chew MIGHTY SMART™ Dagim

12 Omega 3 Research Study Improvements in: attention vocabulary behavior concentration less impulsive calmer dyslexia depression 60% of the brain is fat Univ of S Australia 145 children 2005 barb

13 Omega 3 Fatty Acids… Shaklee Omega Guard Ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade, full spectrum of 7 Omega 3 fatty acids Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke But that’s not all… Also improves eczema, colitis, arthritis, MS, psoriasis, migraines, reduces C-reactive protein, Important for brain, eyes, joints, helps ADD & ADHD, memory loss and depression barb

14 “Lawsuit: Disclose PCB Levels in Fish Oil. Group Finds Amount of Contaminant Varies Greatly Among Popular Supplement Brands” - CBS May 2, 2010 Omega 3 Fish Oil ALWAYS SAFE Industrial Pollutants –PCB’s

15 Optiflora Probiotic System Restores beneficial micro-organisms to lower intestines – lost from antibiotics, diarrhea, chemotherapy, steroids, and other medications Keeps undesirable bacteria and yeasts in check Strengthens the immune system Triple encapsulation protects acidophilus, bifidus, and other probiotics from stomach acids angie

16 Unique, Patented “Triple Encapsulation” Technology Protects “Live” Microflora OPTIFLORA™ completely survives stomach acid. Microflora are then released in the intestine. OPTIFLORA™ completely survives stomach acid. Microflora are then released in the intestine. barb “Live” microflora Water and oxygen barrier Stomach acid protection Only Shaklee has it!

17 Who Benefits from Optiflora flatulenceabdominal cramps bloatingdiarrhea constipationdigestive disorders candida yeast issuescolitis allergies/sinusacid reflux antibioticssteroid medications bottle-fed babieslow fiber/poor diets irritable bowel syndromeear infections Nutrition and You Vita Books

18 Sustained Release Vita C 500 mg Sustains whole Vitamin C Complex in the blood stream over 5 hours ( water soluble ) Depleted by stress, alcohol, smoking, birth control pills, infections, illness, pollution Natural anti-histamine, frequently used in prevention and treatment of colds & viruses Cataracts, ligaments and connective tissue, varicose veins, wound healing, nosebleeds and bruising barb

19 Protein – Builds Healthy Cells & Stabilizes Blood Sugar Good protein sources, low in fat & cholesterol, balanced nutrition 1/3 of all essential nutrients Soy or whey Clinically proven to stabilize blood sugar levels Great tasting barb Energizing Soy or Shaklee 180 Smoothees Or Mealshake Creamy Whey Shakes Peanut Butter Fudge ( 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup Energizing Soy Protein, 1/3 cup honey )

20 Additional Supplements Vita D -3 – for bone, immune, heart & brain health. Herb Lax – 9 herbs to improve elimination, naturally and gently Joint Health Complex – glucosamine and Boswellia helps repair cartilage and reduce inflammation Joint and Muscle Pain Cream-- for immediate pain relief in sore muscles or achy joints. Nutriferon – helps body produce interferon naturally, a key component of the immune system … natural herbal formulation … popular with people with allergies and weak immune systems. barb

21 What is cute at 6 is not cute at 16 People with DS often don’t pick up on social cues, so they must be told directly, kindly and respectfully what behavior is expected and appropriate Explain the behavior you DO want … and not just tell them “ NO or don’t do that” ( this is true of all children ) … regarding eating with good table manners, using acceptable language, teach modesty, manners, inappropriate hugging, picking their nose, etc People with DS have feelings and self esteem just like everybody else … ( Lydia’s presentation to school age kids) ( People with developmental disabilities are more likely to lose their job due to inappropriate social behavior on the job and not lack of skill.)angie Age-Appropriate Behavior is the Goal.

22 Parenting Tips Partner with the teachers, therapists, family so messages and corrections are consistent and the same language is used. -- a child who interrupts excessively ex --“ Johnny, give me just one minute so I can finish talking to Mary. Please wait patiently.” -- “ escape artists” – very common with DS. Ex child who runs out of classroom.. After school when no friends to be embarrassed in front of.. No distractions …. And role play what you want.. With teacher, parent, therapist present. Be the model….in everything you do. They are imitators so be sure they are imitating behavior you want. ( if you want them to wipe their mouth when eating or walk around the table while eating or remove their shoes in the house … then you better also ) Behavior may reflect a medical condition. ( celiac, stomach aches, ear aches, etc.. And they may not be able to communicate it to you ) linda

23 Seek First To Understand Undesirable Behavior … If they throw things, or hit you or others or refuse to put their shoes on …. Won’t hold your hand when crossing the street …Or act out in any way.. Refusing to comply… Parents first reaction often is to say …” Just do what I say, behave yourself or time out or punishment, etc “ But --- if we want the behavior to change, we need to understand what is causing it. Behavior happens because they have limited options for communicating and they are expressing an emotion.. frustration fear confusion sadness ( have difficulty understanding the passing of time ) linda

24 Behavior is a form of communication about…. – Health issues – Sensory issues – Fears (“stubborn”) – “The Groove” – Transitioning – Lack of problem solving skills – Low muscle tone (oral-motor issues) linda – Lack of self-care skills – Environmental changes – Lack of appropriate social skills – Difficulty with auditory processing – Lack of ability to communicate the problem / wants / needs

25 Why I Trust My Family To Shaklee Loved concept of “ Living in Harmony With Nature “ Felt products were safer because of the commitment to science Later learned how different Shaklee is because of the quality testing they do for potency, purity and safety.. Way beyond what typically occurs in the marketplace. Angie

26 People with DS Often Called Stubborn Alert Them Ahead of Time -- Because it sometimes takes a little longer to process information, people with DS function better when they are notified long before a transition to the next activity occurs… or before any major change. Processing information takes longer …so decisions come slowly especially if it is a new thought … Be patient and give them time … 10 second rule … If no response, repeat the question or ask “ Do you need some help”? This creates trust and helps eliminates anxiety and frustration for them. Resistance occurs from fear of the unknown linda


28 Lydia’s Current Supplement Program Vita-Lea with Iron Nutriferon Metabolic Boost Joint Health Complex B-Complex Optiflora Vivix Mental Acuity GLA Complex Vitamin D Osteo-Matrix OmegaGuard linda

29 Build Healthy Bodies for Happy & Productive Lives Clean, healthy diet - Food choices that are habit-forming, energy building & immunity building Adequate, quality sleep – sleep apnea, restless Exercise daily – limit TV & sedentary activities Avoid toxins – natural cleaners Empower with knowledge - to make healthy choices independently Supplement – with quality to provide the additional nutritional support needed. barb

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