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‘Dyslexia,socially excluded adults and homeless people’ Steven O’Brien Chief Executive.

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2 ‘Dyslexia,socially excluded adults and homeless people’ Steven O’Brien Chief Executive

3 24 Edward Pavilion Albert Dock Liverpool






9 Its not a new trend..!!! Athenian Gazzette (London, England) Saturday, August 26 1693 issue 14 C.Collinson, ‘Strange Beings’ and ‘Extraordinary Creatures’: the conceptual model of ‘Lexism’ and its English historical evidence, 1694-1896


11 Dyslexia Research and Milestones 1877 Kussmaul 1892 Dejerine 1896 Morgan 1917 Hinshelwood 1924 Orton 1970 Newton & Mills & Miles 1990 Singleton & Galaburda 1995 Reid Lyon


13 Social Cost……… Truancy initiatives between 1997-2006, worth £650m increased truancy by 50% The average response cost in dealing with the behaviour of a young offender around £52,000 Young People & Crime (1996) estimated that public services spent around £1 billion a year on processing and dealing with offending 84,000 in Prison £35,000+ a year Living in poverty increases the likelihood of children having a learning disability by 30%.

14 Learning issues (learning disabilities) may represent a significant contributing factor to high rate of birth to school-age girls in the United States The Audit Commission has concluded, of the £3.6 billion special needs budget, 70% is spent on preparing and implementing statements for the most needy 3%

15 Changing View of Disabilities The LD affects other disabilities… The adult with LD has protections under the DDA. The LD affects AD/HD… The LD affects social skills… The LD affects problem solving skills… The LD affects workplace skills… The LD affects child care… The LD affects transportation… The LD affects mental health and depression… The LD affects literacy skills… The LD affects the family… The LD affects employment…

16 Co morbid Learning Disabilities Dyspraxia Dysphasia Dyscalculia Dysgraphia Asperger syndrome ADD ADHD Bi Polar Social Skills Disorder ODD

17 Engaging Socially Excluded adults Train advocates Advocate Network Free Dyslexia Computer Screening Free Dyslexia Adult Assessment Dyslexia Advice Information and Guidance Dyslexia Mentoring

18 Skills Funding Agency Small Steps Project 15 people pre basic skills Free screening & assessment Foundation Course Degree 14 Complete with 2:2 or above



21 Bin Man


23 Single Mum

24 Civil Servant


26 Technologies & Funding Screen Reader Speech Input Mind Maps Coloured lens/overlays 1-1 teaching Prescriptive technology ALN & ASN Employment Advisors fund Access to Work Disability Students Allowance Remploy




30 24 Edward Pavilion Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AF Employment Help line 0800 077 8764 Education Help line 0800 077 8763 Administration number 0151 709 0545 Skype: ste-obrien Facebook: Dyslexia Foundation

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