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Dundee Dementia Information Service Maureen Hood Library and Information Officer.

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1 Dundee Dementia Information Service Maureen Hood Library and Information Officer

2 Facts & Figures Predicted figures indicate that by 2030 the number of people living to aged 65 and over will rise by 30%, aged 75 and over by 40%, aged 85 and over by 93% With this ageing population in mind, levels of dementia diagnosis will invariably increase. 87,772 People are living with dementia in Scotland (2014) 2,694 in Dundee alone. 63.5% live in the community 36.5% live in care

3 Project Background We recognise continued worldwide increase in dementia diagnosis Dundee City Council’s Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2017 reports that people living in Dundee with ill health and frailty are more likely to experience long term conditions associated with ageing at an earlier stage From a user perspective dementia information can be “confusing and difficult to navigate” (Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy: 2013- 2016) Libraries have potential to become major partners in public management of the condition Expands our existing health and wellbeing service portfolio

4 Project Aims Assist people living with dementia and their carers to easily access relevant materials Train staff and volunteers Increase understanding and self management of the condition Contribute towards a dementia enabled, dementia friendly community Support patients and families to adjust to diagnosis and its likely impact Provide opportunities for group interaction to reduce social isolation

5 Project Delivery Dedicated area in Dundee Central Library offering a safe, welcoming, non- clinical, bright, dementia friendly environment Build a quality collection of materials offering advice and information Trained library staff Raise awareness and understanding Develop links with local organisations Programme of themed sessions and activities Support volunteers

6 Participants/Partners NHS Tayside Social Work Department Dundee Carers’ Centre Alzheimer Scotland Volunteer Centre Dundee University Care Homes and Sheltered Housing Complexes

7 Outcomes Give ease of access to relevant materials to improve health and wellbeing Increase access to health information and resources to help people live better, healthier lives Create a safe, welcoming, non-clinical environment Assist and inform people adjusting to diagnosis Support carers Reading for pleasure tailored to suit dementia context Group activities Counteract loneliness and eliminate perceived stigma relating to the condition

8 “People living with dementia are part of our community, permanently. Placing books in libraries, signposting and providing opportunities for literary therapy for people with dementia plays an enormous role” (Stephen Dalton, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network) “People living with dementia often feel they have to adapt to peoples’ attitudes and make other people feel comfortable – it should be the other way round. We should be raising awareness of what it’s like living with dementia, not dismissing the life lived as if it’s all over” (Dr Helen Gregory, Social Scientist & Psychology Lecturer, University of Brighton)

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