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WF SEM I Describe Factors that Motivate People to Participate In/Attend Sports/Events Powerpoint 1.05 B.

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1 WF SEM I Describe Factors that Motivate People to Participate In/Attend Sports/Events Powerpoint 1.05 B

2 Explain the importance of understanding why people participate in/attend sports/events.
Understanding motivations, or the "internal factor that arouses, directs, and integrates a person’s behavior" leads to better planning and marketing of festivals and events, and better segmentation of participants

3 Describe techniques for identifying sport/event motivators
Techniques:  Interviews, Observations or research based on customer's feedback of the events. Motivators:  Fan Motives (loyal fans), Host-destination (travel motivators (where the event is held) and Entertainment value (including the festivities around the event)

4 Factors Influencing Attendance (External)
Popularity of the sport Game attractiveness Promotions and give-a-ways Game entertainment Physical contact Convenience and accessibility Facility Costs

5 Motives Significant others and what they want (emotional buying motive) Affordable ticket prices (rational buying motive) entertainment value (rational buying motive)

6 8 Basic Motives for Watching Sports (Internal)
1. Self-esteem enhancement 2. Diversion from everyday life 3. Entertainment value 4. Eustress 5. Economic Value 6. Aesthetic Value 7. Need for affiliation 8. Family Ties

7 1. Self Esteem Enhancement
Fans are rewarded with feelings of accomplishment when their favorite player or team wins 2. Diversion from everyday life Watching sports is seen as a means of getting away from it all. 3. Entertainment Value Sports serve as a form of entertainment to millions of people 4. Eustress Sports provide fans with positive levels of arousal 5. Economic Value A subset of sports fans are motivated by the potential economic gains associated with gambling of sporting events 6. Aesthetic Value Sports are seen by many as a pure art form

8 7. Need for Affiliation Research has shown that reference groups, such as friends, family, and the community, influence game attendance 8. Family Ties Some sports spectators believe attending sporting events is a means for fostering family togetherness

9 Factors that influence our decision to attend sporting events
1. Fan Motivation 2. Game Attractiveness 3. Economic Factors 4. Competitive Factors 5. Demographic Factors 6. Stadium Factors 7. Value of sport to the community 8. Sports Involvement 9. Fan Identification

10 1. Fan Motivation Underlying reasons or needs that are met by attending a sporting event 2. Game Attractiveness Refers to the perceived value and importance of the individual game based on what teams or athletes are playing 3. Economic Factors Economic factors that can affect attendance can be at the microeconomic level (personal income) or at the macroeconomic level (state of the nation's economy) 4. Competitive Factors Either attend sporting events or observe them though another medium 5. Demographic Factors Age, ethnic background, income, sex, etc.

11 6. Stadium Factors Stadium Atmosphere is critical in attracting fans 7. Perceived Value of the Sport More value attributed to sport, more likely people were to attend 8. Sports Involvement The consumer's perceived interest in and importance of participating in the sport 9. Fan Identification The personal commitment and emotional involvement customers have with the sports organization

12 Additional Terminology
Participants and Spectators Although there are many people who both participate in and observe sports, research suggests that there are two distinct segments of consumers. Participants tend to me male, better educated, and younger than spectators Sportscape "The Sports Landscape." It's the physical surroundings of the stadium that affect spectators' desire to stay at the stadium and ultimately return to the stadium. Multiple Dimensions of Sportscape The multiple dimensions of sportscape include stadium access, facility aesthetics, scoreboard quality, seating comfort, and layout accessibility

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