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Safeguarding the ‘Oldest Old’ Richard Powley Head of Safeguarding Age UK.

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1 Safeguarding the ‘Oldest Old’ Richard Powley Head of Safeguarding Age UK

2 England’s changing demographic

3 “Life is not over once you hit 85. In fact, most people over this age are rather independent, feel that their health is good, enjoy a good quality of life, and have more than a few years of life left” (Understanding the Oldest Old - Age UK 2013).

4 Why do old people always sit by me on the bus?! I'm peado bate I swear I hope I don't smell like old people when I'm old hate when old people smell of wee Old people that win money should be forced to hand it over Eastbourne we are over run with old people

5 Old people remind me of cute little pugs Find old people so cute Old people are so nice and chatty, aww These sick f***s who abuse old people need to be shot!

6 HSCIC: 2012-13 Adult Safeguarding 18-64:40% 65-74:12% 75-84:22% 85 and over 26%

7 Men over 85: Increased risk of physical and financial abuse Women over 85: Increased risk of neglect (UK Study of Abuse and Neglect of Older People Prevalence Survey Report)

8 Physical abuse Physical abuse can be especially serious because older people’s bones are thinner and take longer to heal Even minor injuries can cause serious and permanent damage

9 Hillcroft Nursing Home

10 Financial abuse & scams

11 Scams prevalence 70% of older people routinely targeted by rogue traders over the telephone 40% of older people in the UK with dementia regularly targeted by scam mail 62% approached by unscrupulous cold callers or doorstep sales people

12 Neglect

13 Domestic Abuse

14 Local Domestic Abuse policies should specifically include older people The needs of older people who experience domestic abuse are different Be aware of, and understand the new definition of domestic abuse and understand potential remedies such as Domestic Violence Protection Orders

15 Draft Care Bill

16 What can we do? Abandon the ‘deficit conception of ageing’ Make sure dignity and respect for the oldest old are part of any services Identify what makes the difference between services for the oldest old that effectively prevent abuse and those that fail to do this

17 What can we do? Consider Domestic Abuse. For many older people this will be the first contact they have had with social services. Be sensitive.

18 What can we do? Think about the positive outcomes that the draft Care Bill may have Support your local Age UK – they have great resources and access to great insight!

19 Gabriel Garcia Marquez “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams”

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