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Age Friendly Communities Workshop [Council Logo can be added here]

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1 Age Friendly Communities Workshop [Council Logo can be added here]

2 COTA New South Wales Outline of the Day Setting the scene Older people - Who are we really talking about? Interacting with the built environment Where do older people fit in the strategic plan? Actions from the day

3 COTA New South Wales Project Background Council on the Ageing (COTA NSW) funded by Office for Ageing, NSW Department of Family and Community Services Follow on from Local Government and Ageing Report (O’Brien and Phibbs) To develop a resource to help local government prepare for an ageing population This workshop is part of that resource package

4 COTA New South Wales Introduction Population ageing is a pressing international policy and budgetary issue In Australia – 2010 Intergenerational Report gives a national perspective State level – NSW Ageing Strategy Little work has been done at a local government level

5 COTA New South Wales Local Government and Ageing The University of Western Sydney O’Brien and Phibbs study in 2011 was specifically concerned with local government The study covered 13 rural and 10 metro councils and focused on senior staff

6 COTA New South Wales Overall Findings Across NSW, only community service staff seemed to be across the issues, although other staff “got on board” after they were walked through the issues New strategic planning process in NSW is providing opportunities for the issue to be given greater prominence in Council

7 COTA New South Wales Overall Findings A common concern for Councils was the high level of social isolation amongst older Australians

8 COTA New South Wales Policy Implications Better transport is a key issue Co-ordination between levels of government and NGOs Sharing of resources and ideas between councils Collect better data to measure the impact of ageing – not just relying on anecdotal evidence

9 COTA New South Wales [Council Name] Population Pyramid – 2011-2036 change Insert Council pyramid on this slide. This is an example

10 COTA New South Wales Increase in older population for [Council Name]

11 COTA New South Wales Increase in proportion of population in [Council Name] aged 65 and over 2011 - ??% 2021 - ??% 2036 - ??%

12 COTA New South Wales Ageing is everybody’s business Want older people to be active and involved Good for health Good for economy Not just a social services issue Cuts across all aspects of Council work Sometimes it’s in the detail, not big picture

13 COTA New South Wales Myths and Stereotypes All older people – don’t work – are frail – have nothing left to offer All older people need – special accommodation – special and separate products – need care

14 COTA New South Wales But older people Provide family support Are active consumers Mostly look after themselves Volunteer in community organisations Only 5% of older people are in supported accommodation – this does not characterise all older people

15 COTA New South Wales There are lots of Guidelines Healthy Spaces and Places ALGA, PIA and Heart Foundation Checklist of Essential Features of Age-friendly Cities World Health Organisation Built Form Guidelines and Open Space Guidelines Landcom Age-friendly built environments Australian Local Government Association Building Dementia Friendly Neighbourhoods Alzheimer’s Australia Development and Active Living Premier’s Council on Active Living (PCAL)

16 COTA New South Wales Guidelines and older people Assuming general liveability factors are a given – specific aspects for older population: – Footpaths – Seating – Lighting – Wayfinding – Toilets – Parking

17 COTA New South Wales What are the issues for [Council Name]? (room here to insert a graphic or logo if desired)

18 COTA New South Wales Introduction to Activity 1

19 COTA New South Wales Archetypal Older Person Create a person and their story using information about people you know. Some things to think about: – Where are they living, and who with? – Do they have family connections? – What activities are they involved in? – What are their aspirations? – What would they like to do but can’t?

20 COTA New South Wales Review the Archetypes View the other archetypes What thoughts and ideas are most important or relevant? Are there any thoughts and ideas new to you? Give these a star

21 COTA New South Wales Introduction to Activity 2

22 COTA New South Wales Example for Activity 2

23 COTA New South Wales Every Picture Tells a Story Look at the picture and view it through the eyes of an older person Make notes in the space beneath the picture When ready, discuss the pictures together Identify the common themes in the pictures

24 COTA New South Wales What did other people find?

25 COTA New South Wales Summary of Activities Population is ageing – more older people than younger people in 50 years Older people are not all the same Still contribute – child care, paid work, volunteer hours, study and learning Mostly want to age in their own home Reluctant to move house

26 COTA New South Wales What we’ve realised … Built environment not very age friendly Disability access standards not sufficient Attitudes play out in everything from policy development to putting down concrete We have to think more inclusively about everything It’s not all about aged care – it’s aged LIVING

27 COTA New South Wales What does it mean for local government? Approach to all things needs to be age- friendly Have to think now about 10-20 years time Has to be inherent in Community Strategic Plan

28 Age Friendly Communities Workshop Council Logo can be added here

29 COTA New South Wales Joining the Dots Policy focus on: The public built environment Special accommodation Separate housing But where will most people grow old? At home in their local community This is where most say they want to age BUT…

30 COTA New South Wales Joining the Dots Focus is on aged care not aged living Shortage of everyday housing to suit older people Homes as well as public domain needs to support people – join the dots Going to residential care before they need to IS THIS SUSTAINABLE?

31 COTA New South Wales Introduction to Activity 4 [Council Name] Community Strategic Plan [Can insert graphic or logo]

32 COTA New South Wales [Council] Vision [Put vision in centre of slide]

33 COTA New South Wales CSP Goals [List goals here]

34 COTA New South Wales Example 1 People Goals: What are the particular issues for older people in accessing cultural, recreational and sporting events? Are older people encouraged to participate in arts and sporting events? What can Council do within current constraints?

35 COTA New South Wales Example 2 Economic Goals: What role can older people play in economic development and tourism? What can Council do to make the area more appealing to older tourists? What can Council do to support older residents to spend their money locally?

36 COTA New South Wales What can Council do? Read the goals assigned to your group Decide by consensus 2 or 3 goals to work on How does the goal translate into a liveable community for older people? – Write down specific actions Council could implement that relate to an older population – Write down specific actions other agencies might need to implement – Write down what you think Council could do, but is unable

37 COTA New South Wales What did other people find?

38 COTA New South Wales Activity 6: What can I do?

39 COTA New South Wales What can I do? Reflect on the work so far. You’ve been Looking through the eyes of older people Seeing what Council can do Sharing ideas with others … IDENTIFY ONE THING YOU CAN DO IN YOUR JOB TOMORROW

40 COTA New South Wales Thank You!

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