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© CITB Positive Image Campaign 2014. © CITB What is the Positive Image campaign? The Positive Image multi-media campaign aims to: Change stereotypical.

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1 © CITB Positive Image Campaign 2014

2 © CITB What is the Positive Image campaign? The Positive Image multi-media campaign aims to: Change stereotypical perceptions of the construction industry Promote the construction industry as a progressive career route Attract quality talent into construction, to meet the existing and future needs of the industry Promote both careers in construction and apprenticeships.

3 © CITB Why do we run the campaign? Construction in the UK is growing By 2018 we need: 182,000 construction workers; and 120,000 apprentices 500,000 construction workers set to reach retirement age by 2018 11% of the construction industry workforce are female compared to nearly 50% of the total workforce Less popular industry to work in than manufacturing Perceived to be a risky/dangerous industry to work in We need to recruit quality talent into the industry

4 © CITB Target Audience Groups There are a number of key target audience groups: 14-16 year olds – making decisions about what GCSEs to take 16-18 year olds – taking A-levels and considering what to do after finishing Influencers – parents, carers, school teachers, careers advisers, peers Individuals who are considering construction as a career option, whether it’s young people entering the industry as an apprentice or focusing their education subject area as a path into construction, or individuals looking for a change in their chosen trade. Research is used to identify trends and changes in the market place along with new opportunities to reach the target audience.

5 © CITB The Positive Image campaign reaches young people through: Identifying where they are Identifying what they like doing Talking to them in their language The campaign has adapted to follow the habits of young people. Activity has ranged from advertising in magazines and on television in 2000, through to online and social media today Target Audience

6 © CITB 210 YEARS OF INFORMATION People have changed the way they access information

7 © CITB

8 16-24 Year Olds - Their Time Spent Online

9 © CITB Media activity 2014 ACTIVITYTARGET AUDIENCE Digital Pay Per Click (PPC) – consistent presence on search engines, e.g. google, targeting construction career and apprenticeship related key words Young People, All Influencers, Individuals considering a construction career Display – banner advertising on targeted websitesYoung People, Parents, Carers, Individuals considering a construction career Sponsorship of specified section within (job search website)Young People Twitter – targeted sponsored tweetsYoung People Facebook – An app within the corporate CITB Facebook page targeting young peopleYoung People Spotify – audio ad and displayYoung People – specifically female Out of home Radio advertisingYoung People, Parents, Carers Bus back advertisingYoung People, Parents, Carers Posters at bus stops near schoolsYoung People, All Influencers In-school media; bookmarks and posters in secondary schools and sixth forms across the UK Young People, All Influencers

10 © CITB Bus back advertising Bookmarks in schools Posters at bus stops and in schools Spotify Pay per click

11 © CITB Media Activity Highlights 430,000 people visited our web pages in 2013 Construction Careers Twitter account gained over 1,000 followers within the first month 312 likes on Facebook CTR – plan 0.5% v actual 0.9% Over 12% of Apprenticeship applications generated by the Positive Image campaign are female “This is a positive poster for our students! It provides a positive feel among the students as it confirms that work is coming to our area. It is also inspiring them to consider the construction field when they discuss or think about careers.” Hartsdown Academy Great feedback from schools An Award Winning campaign!

12 © CITB Project Activity 2014 ACTIVITYTARGET AUDIENCE CREST Award - CITB have worked with the British Science Association to develop a bronze CREST Award for our activity ‘Sustainable Communities’ Teachers, Young People Career Adviser E-news - updates on current topics, activity and eventsCareer Advisers National Careers Guidance Shows – providing information on careers in construction and how to promote them to young people Career Advisers SkillBuild - UK’s largest construction skills competition, sees over 1,300 competitors take part annually Young People, Teachers Construction Ambassadors – industry professionals who act as the face of the industry, inspiring young people Young People, Teachers, Careers Advisers Inspire Scholarship Scheme - the scheme provides sponsorship to undergraduates who want to work in the contracting sector of the industry Young People, Teachers, Careers Advisers Construction Careers Advisors - offer careers advice and support to all those interested in joining the industry throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Young People, Teachers Skills Shows – regional and national skills shows in England and Scotland.Young People, Parents, Carers, Teachers Collateral – English and Scottish Careers brochures, progressions bookletCareers Advisers, Young People Partnerships – Military, DWP, National Careers ServiceInfluencers

13 © CITB Career Adviser E-news SkillBuild CREST Award Skills Shows Military project

14 © CITB Project Highlights Construction Careers Advisers speak to over 130,000 young people at events across the UK every year Careers Guidance Shows attract around 3,000 Careers Advisers a year In 2013 Construction Ambassadors engaged with over 1,000 schools Careers Information And Guidance e-news is distributed to nearly 5,000 Careers Advisers In 2013, two SkillBuild competitors went on to win gold awards at WorldSkills in Leipzig. The duo headed the list of 23 awards won by Team UK in an event stretching over four days, involving more than 1,000 apprentices from 54 countries in 40 different disciplines CREST – an additional 25 schools will undertake the CREST Award in 2014 Military – within the first two months of the project event, over 20 work placements were made

15 © CITB Thank You

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